How to become a lawyer?

One of the most popular at all times waslegal profession. The peak of popularity in Russia, she experienced in the mid-90's. The state needed literate people who would help build a civil society and a rule-of-law state. Young people understood this and the fashion for law schools spread quite quickly. However, even now good lawyers are in demand on the labor market. Therefore, quite often young people have a question about how to become a lawyer.

How to become a good lawyer

First, to become a lawyer, you need to choosethe corresponding educational institution. In Russia, more than 300 institutions of higher education produce specialists in the field of "jurisprudence". Some of these universities are specialized, but more often there are universities with law faculties and departments. In addition, in recent years, the training of jurisprudence in addition to the main specialty has become very common: a lawyer-manager, an economist-lawyer, etc. At such faculties, you will be made a good manager or an economist, but not a lawyer.

The form of education also plays a big role. As you know, the most complete information can be obtained with a full-time education. Working people, as a rule, choose the correspondence and evening forms.

Secondly, in order to become a successful lawyer, you needas early as possible to determine the specialization. To study all the right is impossible, therefore, the earlier you decide on the specialization (civil law, criminal law or public law) and begin to study it in depth, the better. But this does not mean that one has to go into the study of, say, civil law, forgetting about other specializations. All branches, one way or another, are interrelated.

Third, you need to be able to filter out information. It is important to understand what is actual in the profession today and tomorrow, to monitor changes in legislation.

Fourthly, a lawyer should be accurate. However, this does not mean that you need to know by heart the numbering of articles in the codes and the wording of the laws. It is necessary to learn systemic thinking, which allows you to navigate in a variety of laws quickly and accurately. A good lawyer never talks about. If you are confident in yourself, boldly quote the legislation, and if you do not know the answer for sure, then better bypass the general wording or do not say anything at all.

And, finally, even if you are "excellent" masterright in theory, take the rule to keep track of the latest information and will use it accurately, you will not be able to become a successful lawyer without practice. It would be good to start "joining" the profession when studying at the university. Work in the bodies of inquiry, an assistant to a lawyer or a notary, a secretary in court is what the beginner lawyer needs as air. After all, it is one thing to study the procedure for concluding a service contract in theory and quite another - to try to make it in practice. Work experience will play a big role after graduating from high school to start a full career as a lawyer.

During training, do not miss the opportunityget the experience of public speaking. A lawyer is a public profession. You will have to speak a lot and often to a large audience. More often speak at seminars, conferences, prepare reports on interesting questions and work for the public, learn how to convince her of your rightness.

Remember, the main thing is to set a concretegoal and begin to move towards its achievement. So dare, become lawyers, notaries, prosecutors - whatever you want to be. Especially as how to become a good lawyer you now know.

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