How to activate the tariff plan "Call your Mom" ​​(MTS)

Today, your attention will be paid to the tariff"Call your Mom" ​​(MTS). What it is? How can I activate this tariff? What is it that attracts users so much? Today all this will be discussed. Let's get down to the disassembly of today's topic as soon as possible. After all, there are some surprising and incredible surprises waiting for us.tariff call mom mts

What it is?

Well, we start with you to study the social project "Call your Mom" ​​(MTS). What is it, you ask? Let's try to understand.

Of course, it is already possible to judge by one name that there is a very favorable tariff before us, which is aimed at communicating the child with his relatives. More precisely, with parents. But why is it a whole project?

The thing is that you can not detectthis rate on the shelves of mobile phone offices. The social project "Call Mom" ​​(MTS) is an exclusive one. By purchasing it, you can easily talk with relatives for 20 minutes a day for free. Of course, if they also have an MTS number. In fact, it is very convenient. According to the tariff of MTS "Call Mom" ​​the Internet on the SIM card will also be connected automatically. You will get "Super BIT". This unlimited Internet with a monthly fee of only 250 rubles per month. The most advantageous offer that you can offer to project call mom mts

Where does it come from?

But where can you find the "Call Mom" ​​(MTS) tariff? After all, as already mentioned, this is a purely exclusive product. And not every client can get it. Why? Let's deal with this matter.

The problem is that our today'sthe object is a real social project, which was introduced thanks to the mothers of servicemen. More precisely, conscripts. After all, when a son serves, it is always important to keep in touch with him. And for this reason, there was a project called "Call your Mom" ​​(MTS). How to connect it? Now we will understand this matter.

It is enough simply to come to the military enlistment office, wheresend to the commission of your son. There and him, and you will be given sim cards, with which you can use this tariff. Thus, there are absolutely no ways to participate in this social project without the help of serving sons. Nevertheless, the tariff plan of MTS "Call Mom" ​​is similar to some other plans of this cellular operator. Which ones? Let's deal with this difficult question.

"Super Zero"

So, among all acting at the momentWe can single out tariff plans with you. They prefer to use those customers, who all relatives and friends also chose the mobile operator MTS. Why? Now you will understand.

The thing is that MTS "Super Zero" ("CallMum "- its analogue as a social project) - this is what will help you to talk to the rest of the subscribers of this operator for free for 30 minutes per day.It is very convenient, is not it? You can communicate for free with friends and close people. this possibility will have to replenish the account of your mobile phone more than 100 rubles at a time. In fact, this is not such a large mom how to connect

Now that we know the tariff "Call my mother"(MTS) and its "mundane" analog, let's try to figure out how you can connect this opportunity. In contrast to the social project "Super Zero" can be purchased by each user.

Buy a number

Well, the first variant of the development of events that can only be offered is a banal purchase of a new number with a ready-made tariff plan. In fact, this is a very good and effective way.

It's enough just to come to the nearest officemobile communication of your mobile operator and inform that you would like to purchase the tariff "Call your Mom" ​​(MTS). More precisely, its analog for the modern user. You will be given a sim card that will be registered to you. From now on, the "countdown" will take place - 30 days for free calls for 30 minutes a day. After that you have to replenish the account.

As a rule, now you can buy a SIM card practicallyis impossible. This tariff is obsolete. Instead, they can offer "Super MTS" ("Call my Mom" ​​- this is his other name). In fact, the same as "Super Zero", only with a monthly fee - 150 rubles. For this you will also receive free internet for your mobile phone. As you can see, there are not many analogues, but all of them are quite attractive.tariff plan mts call mom

Call the operator

The second scenario is a calloperator. It is with the help of a conversation with a living person that, as a rule, most problems are quickly resolved. And you do not have to puzzle over the issues of connecting tariff plans - for you all will do. Just be ready to pay for changing the tariff around 100 rubles, and also to name your passport details. Sometimes they may be required.

Dial 0890 on your phone, and thenWait until you answer. Next, say that they would like to subscribe a tariff to "Call Mom" ​​(MTS). The operator will report that there is an analog for ordinary clients (not draftees), and then will tell all the details. It will be "Super MTS". Agree with the operator, and then wait a while. If necessary, please provide your passport details.

Upon termination of conversation to you sms-notification will come,which will notify that the tariff plan has been changed. After that, wait for the message that the "countdown" of free calls for the given month has started. You can call your relatives and friends without worrying about balance.

SMS inquiries

But we continue to move with you further. If you want to connect your "Call Mom" ​​(MTS) tariff, or rather its analog for regular customers, then you can use a special command that is sent in a message to a special short number.mts call mom internet

Enter "721" in the message, and then type inas the recipient short combination 111. You can send SMS, and then wait for the results. Such a transfer will cost you 90 rubles. From your balance will write off this amount, and then you will receive an alert about the successful transition to the "Super MTS" tariff plan.

In fact, not always SMS-requests are usedpopularity among users. Often, it is customary to conduct manipulations with the change of tariff plans somewhat differently. How? Let's try to understand this difficult question.


So, our next move with you isuse of special USSD-commands. Such requests can help anyone quickly and reliably change the tariff plan, as well as connect some new new functions for the number.

For our situation it is necessary to dial * 111 * 721 #, andthen click on "dialer". If you have enough money (90 rubles) to change the tariff plan, then in response you will receive an alert that will inform you of the successful processing of the request. The tariff "Call Mom" ​​(MTS), or rather "Super MTS", is connected to your number. Now you can safely talk with your friends and family, who are MTS clients, for free for 30 minutes a day. Very beneficial for a sociable user.mts super zero call mom

the Internet

And now we will find out about one morean interesting bonus. True, only the most advanced user can use it. After all, we have a little work with the Internet and a special Internet assistant. The second object we are considering is an application that is installed on the phone.

Let's start with it from him. To begin with, you will need to find it in the installed programs of your gadget. Now start it and find the "Tariffs" section in the menu that appears. There, select the one you like, read the conditions and click on "Connect". In order to use the "mundane" version of "Call Mom", you will have to pay attention to "Super MTS". Now you can wait until you receive an SMS message about the successful operation. As you can see, so far nothing is difficult.super mts call mom

The main difficulties begin whenusers start to use the Internet for help. Go to the official website of MTS, and then log in to your personal account. Then choose there "Tariffs", find "Super MTS" and click on the necessary line. The action menu appears before you. Select "Connect" there, and then wait until you receive an alert on your mobile number. Remember that you should have enough money to make a tariff change. At the present moment - 90 rubles. That's all the problems are solved.

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