How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared

Renault Laguna 2 is the second generation of the family car Renault Lagoon, which was launched in 1993. The history of the development of the model is divided into three generations.

renault laguna 2Original car

In 1993, Renault Lagoon was born, having replacedthe previous model - Renault 21, which by that time was already out of date. Two years later, a variation of the car in the body of the station wagon was presented. A total of more than two million cars were produced in the first generation.


For this car was developed manyvariations in motors, the volume of which varied from 1.6 to 3 liters, the power - from eighty-four to one hundred and ninety-four horsepower, the maximum speed - from one hundred seventy-five to two hundred and thirty-five kilometers per hour, and the time of acceleration from zero to one hundred - from 15.5 to 7.7 seconds.

laguna 2Characteristics and components

Suspension of the car, at least front,remained unchanged, but in the design of the back, torsion bars were used for the first time. Front brakes were placed disc and ventilated, and rear, depending on the configuration - either drum or disc.

The transmission is either a five-speed manual or an automatic.

In terms of design, the Lagoon is significantly different inthe best side of the previous model in the lineup, Renault 21. True, and she has flaws - visually it seems smaller than it really is. But, unlike the same "twenty-first", the car is made not as an example of a better one.

Of the merits of the model can be noted highComfortability is still a family car. Although the cabin is designed for only five people, it will be very convenient for all of them to be in the car even during long trips, this is facilitated by the impressive dimensions of the cabin and the shape of the rear seats. In addition, the suspension of the model is very high-quality, they work much softer than most competitors.

The basic equipment of the car is very scarce(which is typical for all Renault cars), but there is plenty of optional equipment. For example, leather interior, cruise and climate control, remote-controlled central locking, electronically controlled driver's seat, on-board computer with sound warning, hatch and many other additions.

renault laguna 2002Modification

In 1998, there was a small update of the Lagoon. It was not yet a full-fledged Renault Laguna 2, but only its predecessor, the Laguna 1 Phase 2. One of the most notable innovations was the fog lamps, the shape of which became rounded. Also, a number of new engines became standard equipment, and in some countries the standard equipment set was expanded.

RenaultLaguna 2

And, finally, in 2002 appeared completelyan updated generation - Renault Laguna 2. It was created on the same basis as the one that came out in a year Nissan Primera. More engines were added, and many new items appeared in the list of optional equipment. The basic equipment was also significantly supplemented. Now the opening, closing and plant of the car was carried out not with a key, but with a special card, similar to a credit card. As in the case of the first generation, more than two million models were produced.

Third Generation

After Renault Laguna 2002 of releasefollowed by the next global modification - Renault Laguna 3, released in 2007. A special feature of this generation was that this time the station wagon and hatchback appeared simultaneously.

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How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared How the model Renault Laguna 2 appeared