How many pounds a kilogram? Kinds of pounds

What is a pound and how much is a pound in a pound? People are beginning to be interested in this issue since high school. In pounds since ancient times it is customary to measure mass. This weight measure is widely used today. At the beginning of the XIX century in various European countries and their parts there were countless different pounds. It is therefore very interesting how much a pound weighs and whether it is used in today's life.


And today some states have their own pounds. Some countries use the classic pound - English, unless the use of another "legalized pound" (it is discussed below). This measure of weight is also applied in international operations.
For example, it is well known that in the United States, pound and other values ​​of the same weighting system are adopted at the official level. The same is true of English-speaking countries and former British colonies.

how many pounds a kilo

English pound

The English word pound has a Latin origin, the word pondus, which means “weight”. The abbreviation lb comes from the Latin libra.This word in its time was designated the Roman pound (the measure of "weight", equal to 327.45 g). The word pondus is used next to the word libra in such a phrase as "pondō [...] lībrae", which translates as "weight n [Roman] pounds".
In pounds measured by weight. Usually, the British simultaneously treat it as a unit of weight and mass, while officially there are two different units for it - a pound and a pound-force (as is known, weight is the force with which the body weighs on the immovable support - m * g where g is usually approximately equal to 9.8). Accordingly, pound-force is denoted as lbf., Where f is force.

"Legalized Pound"

Today, there are two measures of the pound: the actual English classic, and metric. The classic pound, as mentioned, is used today in the United States at the official level. The metric pound was introduced in the framework of the international system of units with two goals: first, to establish a simpler relationship between classical and metric units and, secondly, to uniquely identify classical units. How many pounds a kilogram? In metric - 0.5 kg.

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Classic is of two types: everdypoys and troy. The pound troy, in contrast to the eurypous, is also called "coin" and is used when working with precious stones and metals, as well as in pharmacology.
If you translate these measures into familiar to Russians, you can find out how much a pound is in a pound. Thus, the measure of the troy pound is 373.24 g, while av dp is equal to 454 g.
In the twentieth century, the use of the Apothecary pound remained. His measure was the same 373.4 g.
Along with this unit, there are other “classical units” (non-metric): for example, an ounce is the next subunit after a pound. If you translate pounds, av dp will weigh 454 g and consist of 16 ounces av dp (28.35 g), and Troy pound - 373.24 g and consist of 12 troy ounce (31,103 g).

How many pounds are in pounds sterling?

A pound sterling is just one coin. Of course, its weight is not equal to 373.24 g. But where does such a complex name come from? In the 12th century, there was such a coin - silver sterling. Two hundred forty such coins had a mass of one troy pound (according to other sources, Tauersky, - 350 g). So they began to pay pounds.
This equivalent of the number of coins and their mass also served as a way to check coins for authenticity and lack of wear. Of course, the pound sterling is not the most practical name, therefore, usually the British call their money simply sterling. Another modern colloquial name for pound sterling is sovereign, that is, quid.

how much does a pound weigh

Thus, there are many types of this measure.Therefore, depending on how the pound is and where it is used (in which country and in which area), it will depend on how much a pound is in a pound. By the way, this measure of weight used to be used in Russia.

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