How do I remove the door trim?

So many motorists, sooner or laterface damage to the door skin. Damage in most cases small, but quite unpleasant, so there is a need to replace the skin. Of course, you can do this in the showroom, but knowing how to remove the door trim, it's easy to do it yourself, having the right tools and a certain skill.

In most cases, cope with smalldamage can be, without removing the skin. If there is a need for restoration or replacement, it must be completely dismantled. There is a lot of control elements behind the door trim, so it's important to remove it without damaging it.

It goes without saying that when dismantling the skin in differentcar models, the procedure may differ and you may need different tools. However, the general principle of the work of this work is very similar, therefore in general terms it is quite realistic to describe.

If you have the opportunity, askexperts about the features of removing the skin from your car model. There are situations when in cars the dismantling and installation of a new door trim must be accompanied by the removal of data from the engine's fault memory. Also, in some cases, the security code of the radio receiver may be lost due to such actions.

You can start dismantling the door trim only after turning off the battery to avoid damage.

Dismantling of the door skin

On how to remove the lining of the driver's door,written a lot. There are nuances that must be taken into account in each specific case. If the mirrors are adjusted in the car by manual control, the drive lever must first be dismantled. Only after that you can start to remove the door trim. In order to surround the drive lever of the mirror without damage, use a small thin screwdriver to remove the cover first. If the mirror is manipulated differently, you do not need to perform this procedure.

After the mirror is finished, you canproceed directly to the dismantling of the skin. The next step that you need to take is removing the triangle door trim. You need to do this with a small screwdriver. In some models, there is no auto triangle, instead it is necessary, with a small screwdriver, to remove the door lock pad cover. Usually it is removed with an antistatic button.

Any of these manipulations must be performedvery carefully, since there is a risk of damage to the door skin. To avoid this, a piece of cardboard suitable for the size must be placed under the blade of the screwdriver. Usually this is enough to keep the casing intact.

If you have done everything correctly and carefully removed all the covers, you can neatly remove the lining of your door. The main thing is not to hurt her at the same time.

This is a very general instruction, how to remove the liningfront door, as for different cars this procedure can be different. If you can not do this, ask for advice to professionals or on a thematic forum.

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