How beautiful to make a patch on jeans by hand?

Everyone likes to wear clean and tidy clothes, but not everyone likes to care for her. But proper care helps to prolong the life of things, and thus reduce the cost of acquiring new things. The rules are common: washing things no more often than they require, and timely repair.

Why throw out a good thing that can last more than one season? Most often, defects that appear on clothes can be eliminated on their own. Today, few people remember that clothes can be patched or patched. But today patches are in trend.

Consider the possible options with patches to fix the jeans. These methods will be available even beginner needlewoman.

Technology works

Technology works

Jeans tend to wipe or tear in a variety of places, and hence the technology of work will change. If you sew a patch on your knee, it will be noticeable even in the case of the most accurate execution, but the patch on the jeans between your legs can be put so that no one will notice.

For the highest quality work, the patch is best sewed with a sewing machine. It allows you to neatly and without problems gash holes in the seams of the product, which is very convenient. With the same accuracy, you can put a patch on jeans and manually. It can be made a little noticeable, and you can do the work so that it is clearly conspicuous.


First of all, you need to understand how to make a patch on jeans, what patches are, what are the differences and advantages of each of them. Let's start in order.

  • Double-sided - used to repair jeans, sleeves, scuffs on the knees and elbows. It consists of two parts of the same shape, but of different size. At the first stage it is necessary to sew an element with a smaller size from the wrong side of the problem area. At the second stage from the face impose a detail of the larger size. The seam can be done secretly by hand, because if you do it on a sewing machine, it will be obvious.
  • Vtachnaya - more decorative option, can be of any shape. With the use of such patches, you can decorate not only places on the sleeves or knees, but also patch up the front part of the product.With the help of such elements, some creatives restore zones between their legs on jeans. And if you add more similar applications to the legs, you can get an interesting option.
  • Consignment - not very reliable type of work, but the easiest. With a correctly performed work, such an element will be almost imperceptible, but in terms of its operation it will not be able to please for a long time. The job is to sew a suitable flap from the front side to the surface of the product with a secret seam.


Most often, there is no desire to part with your favorite jeans, even when they begin to show through scuffs or holes. But with the help of patches you can extend the life of your favorite thing.

And how to patch the holes in those places in which they are especially inappropriate? Most often the first scuffs and holes in jeans appear between the legs. Carefully made a patch on jeans will provide an opportunity to extend their life. We offer one of the methods of such repair.

How to make a patch on the jeans between the legs by hand

Patches between legs

What should be a patch on jeans between the legs? If there are no separate samples of fabric that match the color with jeans, you can choose a patch that matches the color or texture and perform the following:

  • First of all, it is necessary to cut protruding threads from the edges of the hole.
  • Then process its edges by hand around the perimeter with frequent stitches. This will avoid spilling the fabric.
  • Now you need to decide on the size of the patch so that it can completely hide the hole.
  • Fix the patch using safety pins. When doing work, you need to ensure that there are no creases, waves.
  • A needle to grab a patch with several stitches from several sides to secure it.
  • Stepping back from the edge of about 3 mm, sew a patch with small stitches (no more than 3 mm).
  • On the last stitch make a tight knot to secure the sewing.
  • At the end, you can strengthen the hole itself to the middle of the patch, tightly pressed to the jeans themselves.
  • The seams should not be tight, without creases or hard protruding seam.

How to make a patch on the knee

Patches on lap

There are cases when holes appear in the knees. This is especially true of children. But every time they buy new pants - a complete waste, so come to the aid of a patch on the jeans on the knee. Such patches can be made unobtrusive, but you can, on the contrary, make repairs so that it becomes a stylish decorative element.

The second option will be considered in more detail.

  • First you need to prepare a piece of fabric with a contrasting shade. Such a cut can be cut out of a thing that no one will surely wear, and decide on what the patch on jeans will be in shape and size.
  • If you are still new to this business, it is best to first prepare a paper pattern, and then transfer it to the fabric.
  • Patch bend around the edges and tack.
  • Iron on the perimeter with a hot iron.
  • Now you need to sew a patch to the leg by hand with neat stitches or do this work on a sewing machine.
  • If desired, a similar patch can be made on the second leg.
  • After work, jeans are best to wash and let them dry naturally.

Patch material

Patch material

It is not always possible to choose a denim that matches the color of the pants. And you do not always want to spend your time buying these few centimeters. Many needlewomen managed to get out of this situation, using different versions of patches.

Native fabric

The easiest way is to patch on jeans made of fabric that matches color and texture. In order not to go to the store for a cloth, you can use a fragment cut from the trousers themselves. Such a place is a place under the back pockets.

- another dense fabric can be hemmed in place of the cut fragment, since it will not be visible anyway. It is only necessary to pick up a dense material and carefully sew jeans from the seamy side.

Adhesive fabric

It has another name - “cobweb”. The material is good when working with scuffs, not through holes. To do this, a section of jeans is steamed and with the help of an iron a “gossamer” is glued. After that, it is recommended to stitch the result obtained with a zigzag stitch on a sewing machine, after selecting the threads to match the product. In some cases, after washing, the patches can be rejected, sometimes with this section of jeans.

How to decorate ripped jeans

How to decorate ripped jeans

Ripped jeans have been at the peak of their popularity for years. And jeans, decorated with decorated patches, can look especially feminine and elegant. True, we should not forget that the riot of fantasy must nevertheless border on common sense.

  • To create an easy "worn" pants in the area of ​​the hole gently pull a pair of threads to the edges looked slightly frayed.
  • Another option is the possibility of using laces to patch holes.It will look stylish not only on women's jeans, but also on children's ones.
  • For glamorous shine, you can use a scattering of rhinestones or beads. You can repair in the form of ornate patterns on the entire surface of the leg or make a patch on the jeans between the pockets or on the bottom of the pants. In such a dress it is difficult to remain inconspicuous.

How to sew decorative patches

How to sew decorative patches

As already mentioned, the patch can be viewed not only from the practical side. Bright designer fantasies can be expressed in the decoration of children's things. Imagine some solutions that can be original and fun:

  • You can make interesting children's applications (ready-made options can be bought in specialized stores).
  • One large patch can be replaced by several small ones (using patches of fabric or leather, which are also sold in stores).
  • You can close small holes with neat embroidery using beads or sequins.

Everyone knows how to put a patch on jeans, but not everyone believes in the success of their handicraft. In fact, such work does not take much time. And the proposed applications in the store are generally easily glued with an iron.

Lace patches

Lace patches

With the help of such patches you can also close the gaps on jeans. Dressing rough jeans with lace inserts looks particularly impressive. For this purpose it is necessary to prepare the guipure that you like, it can be any color, as soon as the imagination wishes. Lace inserts are made in the same way as regular patches on the wrong side. At the edges of the hole you can make a small fringe.

The peculiarity of weaving yarns in denim allows you to make the patch on jeans almost invisible. With a quality patch, your favorite pants can last more than one month.

Most often, holes in trousers appear in the case of mechanical damage or due to friction during use. But sometimes you do not want to part with your favorite thing. To make it last for a long time, they use patches, the role of which is not only to eliminate holes or any scuffs, but also to decorate things, giving them a more original look. Moreover, it is not difficult to do this, even a beginner can handle it.

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