Hotel "Yalta-Intourist": reviews and descriptions

Yalta is the center of tourism of the entire Black Sea coast and is always popular with tourists. The beautiful resort town is filled with attractions and hotels of different levels. In our article we will discuss the hotel "Yalta-Intourist." Reviews about this institution will certainly interest those who are planning to spend their holidays on the South Coast.

About hotel

Hotel "Yalta-Intourist" (reviews will be given by us later in the article) can be safely called the largest resort center on the coast of Crimea. The complex is located at the foot of the Yalta Mountains, on the very shore. The hotel is immersed in the greenery of the famous Massandra Park. The hotel complex is perfect not only for a holiday, but also for a good weekend. In addition, the hotel often stops business guests who participate in seminars and international conferences.yalta intourist reviews

Reviews of "Yalta-Intourist" speak of him as a high-level institution,in which people from different countries of the world stayed, among whom there were even the first persons of the states, businessmen, politicians, diplomats, stars, sportsmen.

In 2017, a completely new part of the hotel called Green Park was opened. Of course, it is interesting to know the reviews about Yalta-Intourist in the new format. Modern buildings "Green Park" Built in the heart of the Massandra Park.

Number of rooms

Reviews of "Yalta-Intourist" say that the institution has a very large and diverse number of rooms, which presents the apartments of various categories. It is worth noting that at present the complex consists of two parts: the main building and the Green Park, which is open to guests only this year.

The Green Park room fund consists of apartments of three categories:

  1. Standards are the one-room numbers equipped with big double beds, a case, a sofa, the conditioner. The bathroom is equipped with shower.
  2. Suite - a great room consisting of two rooms, which is suitable for a family.
  3. The studios are made in bright colors, such apartments differ from the standards in that they have a working area, and if necessary, you can accommodate a baby cot in the room.hotel yalta intourist reviews

In the main hotel there are the following types of rooms:

  1. Standards (area 19.5 sq. M.) Are made in bright colors with an emphasis on bright details. The rooms are equipped with high-quality appliances and modern furniture. Rooms feature balconies and large panoramic windows overlooking the coast.
  2. Improved standards (an area of ​​19.5 square meters) have the same equipment as the rooms of the previous category.
  3. Family rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, mini fridge, wireless internet, safe, cable TV and other amenities.
  4. "Junior Suite Studio" (area of ​​36 sq. M.) Is equipped with a sleeping and rest area. The room has a balcony with wicker furniture. Panoramic windows of the apartments provide an opportunity to admire the sea view.
  5. The suite (area 71 sq. M.) Is visually divided into a sleeping area and a living room. The room is equipped with a terrace.
  6. Presidential Suite - luxury apartments, which consist of two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, dining and work area.

The large range of apartments of the Yalta-Intourist Hotel (reviews will be provided later in the article) allows you to choose the most convenient option for living in one of the two buildings, even to the most fastidious customers. All rooms are kept in perfect order and clean. In each room you will find white linen, new bathrobes and towels.Fine textiles will not disappoint you and will leave the most pleasant impressions.

Based on the reviews of the hotel "Yalta-Intourist", we can say that the interiors of the apartments are made in a modern style, thus creating an atmosphere of comfort. Absolutely all the rooms are equipped with the latest technology, which works well and does not cause trouble to the guests. The entire number of rooms is equipped in such a way that you can create the most comfortable environment.yalta intourist hotel reviews

The highlight of the place can be called large panoramic windows, from which you can see mountain landscapes or the sea coast. Hotel reviews about “Yalta-Intourist” are spoken of as an institution, which is located in a very picturesque place. No matter where your windows come out, you will not be disappointed with the opening landscape.


Reviews of the hotel "Yalta-Intourist", like any other institution for recreation, always concern the issue of food, which excites all tourists. The cost of living in the hotel includes three meals a buffet in the main restaurant of the restaurant.

It is worth noting that the hotel has a large number of bars and restaurants, so guests always have a decent choice of where to go for a meal or just have a good time.

The hotel is a unique place in which there are a variety of institutions offering dishes from different cuisines of the world:

  1. Restaurant "Ai-Petri" is located on the sixteenth floor of the building. Being at an altitude of 180 meters, you can enjoy a stunning view from the windows. Gorgeous Yalta Bay and Massandrovsky Park will give a special mood to the meal. The restaurant serves European dishes.
  2. Institution "A-Tavola" will give you a romantic dinner or a good family celebration. The Italian restaurant offers the best national dishes: from pizza to pasta. All visitors have the unique opportunity to taste the best Italian desserts. Visiting a restaurant, you will get a lot of pleasure from real homemade food.
  3. A restaurant with the delicious name “Mother's Pelmeschki” was opened in the complex quite recently. However, the institution has already managed to attract the guests. Here you can taste the wonderful homemade Ukrainian dishes.
  4. Restaurant "Marble" is the main restaurant of the restaurant, where meals are served according to the concept of a buffet. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the main building, which is convenient for guests who visit it three times a day.The restaurant offers themed evenings daily. It is worth noting that the institution is perfectly prepared not only European dishes, but also traditional Russian. The chef prepares excellent pastries, which all visitors love.
  5. "Skullcap" is a lovely institution, saturated with Crimean flavor and hospitality. In the restaurant you can taste all your favorite dishes - pilaf, pasties, lula kebab and other oriental dishes.
  6. Restaurant "Crimea" is a good place not only for dinner, but also for a banquet. The cozy atmosphere gives a special atmosphere to the institution. Large panoramic windows allow you to admire the beauty of nature while you eat.
  7. Karate-bar "Pathphone" was created for those who intend to have fun in a noisy group of friends. Here you can not only show your vocal abilities, but also enjoy fine drinks and snacks. In such an institution you have a chance to feel like a real pop star.
  8. The Gazebo Bar is located in the hotel’s swimming pool area. You can order delicious cocktails - alcoholic and non-alcoholic. In addition, bartenders will certainly offer you grill dishes, fruit, ice cream and other desserts.The bar has a stage where concerts, parties and shows are organized in the evenings.
  9. Cafe-bar "Mandarin" in the park alley. The restaurant serves Asian cuisine. All guests can enjoy seafood, original soups, bonfire veal, cocktails and desserts.
  10. The complex has a small cafe "Amelie", where you can drink a cup of tea with wonderful desserts.

Bars of the complex

The hotel has at least a large selection of cafes and bars:

  1. The sky bar called “Bed Place” is a venue for concerts and incendiary parties. The institution has professional bartenders who turn the preparation of any drink into a real show.
  2. Cinema-bar is a thematic institution whose interior resembles a large film set.
  3. Sports Bar "Whistle" - this institution, made in the style of a classic English pub. Here you will be pleasantly surprised unobtrusive interior, delicious food, pleasant and cozy atmosphere. There are always going to a lot of fans watching football matches. Cafe "Orange" is located on the beach.
  4. The institution is decorated in bright sunny colors, which creates a festive mood. In the cafe you can always eat or quench your thirst.

Yalta Intourist reviews holidaymakers

A huge choice of food establishments is a big plus of the Yalta-Intourist hotel. Guest reviews characterize bars and restaurants of an institution only from the best side, noting a good choice of dishes and a decent level of service.

Conference rooms

A large number of conference rooms to suit every taste is another pride of the Yalta-Intourist hotel. Reviews of travelers who visit the hotel for business purposes, consistently appreciate the level of the business center of the hotel. Not every hotel boasts the presence of 12 different conference rooms, which are equipped with the latest technology. All of them are individually designed and focused on different events. It is worth noting that in the arsenal of the hotel there are rooms even for meetings of the highest level. All premises have their own original name: "Star", "Vistula", "Crystal", "Adalary", "Three Trees", "Olympus", "Yalta Bank", "Fiolent", "Gamma", "Beta", " Alpha, Omega. Business customers are given the opportunity to independently select the appropriate venue for the event. All premises of the business center have beautiful interiors, comfortable furniture and modern equipment for business meetings and negotiations.It is worth noting that reviews of "Yalta-Intourist" (Crimea) characterizes the complex from the best side, as an institution where events of any complexity can be organized.


Reviews about the rest in "Yalta-Intourist" are overwhelmed with delight about the guests visiting the spa center places. The hotel complex, as a high-level institution, has its own spa. It includes: a salt cave, a mud center and a massage parlor. Hotel guests can visit any of these places of relaxation. The spa offers a wide range of wellness services.yalta intourist in october reviews

Salt cave will allow you to enjoy the rest in the fertile microclimate. The walls of the room are lined with salt blocks, due to which the salt ions literally soar in the air and enter the respiratory organs, exerting a healing effect. To visit the cave should those people who suffer from respiratory ailments. Salts are also useful for general strengthening of the body, as they enhance immunity.

The massage center offers a wide range of massage options: aroma, anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, sports, modeling and others.After a massage, you get a charge of vivacity, feeling a surge of strength and energy.

People have long known healing properties of mud. With their help, you can rejuvenate the skin, giving it a tone and twisting toxins. At the base of the spa center works mud. Procedures are performed using the latest equipment. And the healing mud comes from the Crimean city of Saki.

Tourists recommend visiting the spa hotel "Yalta-Intourist" 4 *. Feedback, of course, is a subjective thing, but it’s worth noting that all visitors are very pleased with the level of service and the quality of services provided.

Water Infrastructure

Reading the reviews of the complex "Yalta-Intourist", you will certainly be interested in Vorontsov baths. This amazing structure enthralls all visitors. The architects realized an interesting and daring design. In a traditional Russian bath, the ceiling is nothing but the bottom of the pool. On the one hand, the bath is made in the characteristic Russian style, and on the other hand, the completely unusual design of the ceiling is striking.yalta intourist 4 latest reviews

The hotel has a large selection of pools. One of them is a professional hopping pond.The pool is equipped with a 10-meter tower for professional training, but it can also be used by fans of extreme sports. It should be noted that the latest technologies were used to equip the pool, allowing them to dive comfortably and safely. Airbag technology makes jumps safe.

Around the hopping reservoir is a water ensemble, which all tourists like without exception. It consists of an overflow pool with hydromassage effect, a bar and a sun terrace overlooking the sea. This place is loved by all vacationers of the hotel complex "Yalta-Intourist". Reviews of the water complex cause an overwhelming desire to visit it. The administration of the institution did not forget about the young guests. For them, the hotel also has two pools with heated sea water. One of them has a depth of no more than forty centimeters and is intended for the smallest. The second one is equipped with slides and fountains, older children have fun there. Next to the complex is a children's town, immersed in the southern greenery. On its territory there are trampolines, cabins, swings and other entertainment for young guests of the Yalta-Intourist hotel 4 *. Children's feedback largely depends on the level of entertainment.So the little guests of our hotel are satisfied with the incredible amount of water and other attractions, as well as the animation in general.


According to the latest reviews about the hotel "Yalta-Intourist" 4 *, we can say with confidence that staying at the hotel has become even more interesting. Being guests of a luxury complex, all residents can automatically enjoy the benefits on its territory, including the new water park. And what else is needed for a good summer vacation? Of course, the sea and the water park. A new water park is a real water world in which there is the most amazing entertainment:rest in foreign travel Yalta reviews

  1. Extreme slides for lovers of sharp entertainment. In total, the attraction consists of four dizzying slides with steep turns, which are only allowed for people over 14 years old.
  2. The game complex "Aqua Tower", which is a pirate ship with 15 slides of different heights, interconnected transitions and platforms.
  3. Children's pool with rides also give a lot of positive emotions.
  4. The relaxation zone is a territory of rest and relaxation.

The water park is the pride of the hotel "Yalta-Intourist" 4 *.The latest reviews of 2017 are filled with delight from visiting the water attractions of the park. Tourists of different ages strongly recommend visiting this wonderful place to plunge into an atmosphere of fun and extreme sports.

Children and adults will also be interested to visit the aquarium at the hotel, in which a collection of fish, numbering more than 200 copies. Here you can look at piranha, shark, crocodile, stingray, turtle and other marine life.

Animation activities

On the territory of the hotel complex there is a team of animators. During the day, everyone can expect a large selection of events, ranging from fun contests to games, tournaments and competitions. The hotel for children is equipped with:crimea yalta intourist reviews

  1. Playgrounds.
  2. Tennis courts.
  3. Sports grounds.
  4. Mini-golf course.
  5. Futsal field.
  6. Dance floors
  7. Beach volleyball courts.

The youngest guests of the resort will certainly be interested in the game store, located on the ground floor, and the Umka center.

The first spherical cinema in Crimea operates on the territory of the hotel. This is the place that is worth visiting with the whole family.The planetarium screen is made in the shape of a dome, a panoramic view of which is 360 degrees. Modern technologies allow colorfully and convey the plots of films.

Guest reviews

"Yalta-Intourist" is a fashionable institution with a serious infrastructure and good service. If you want your holiday turned into a holiday, then you definitely should visit such a wonderful place. The complex is of interest not even from the point of view of an excellent room stock or a wide choice of catering establishments, but from the point of view of a large choice of entertainment for people of all ages, including children. And this is one of the most important moments on vacation. It is worth noting that the hotel is interesting for accommodation at any time of the year. Of course, in summer, tourists are attracted by the opportunity to plunge into the warm sea and splash in the water park, but the velvet season has a lot to do.yalta intourist hotel 4 reviews

Spa, rope park, fitness center, tennis courts - everything is available at any time of the year. Hotel "Yalta-Intourist" in October (reviews are given in the article) is no less attractive than in summer. Since the complex is surrounded by an evergreen park, the arrival of autumn is not so noticeable.The warm weather in mid-autumn in Yalta allows the tourist to appreciate the beauty of nature and local sights.

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