Hotel Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * (Pineda de Mar, Spain): photo, review, service and customer reviews

Pineda de Mar is a small resort town in Catalonia, which is ideal for a relaxing beach holiday. There are almost no nightclubs or bars, but there are excellent conditions for families with children. Therefore, most often tourists with babies or elderly people come here. In the city along the coast there are a lot of hotels of different categories, including for a respectable rest. If you want to relax in the highest class in a modern hotel, then choose the Aqua Hotel Promenade complex in Spain. It is about him and will be discussed in this article.

Hotel location

The Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * complex in Spain is distinguished by its advantageous location. The fact is that it is built right on the seashore, so guests can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. In addition, on the other hand, the hotel is on the promenade.This is the embankment on which the main infrastructure facilities are located: restaurants, shops, bars and cafes. Here in the evenings entertainment shows are arranged, so tourists love to walk along the promenade when the heat subsides. Across the street, there is a Spanish restaurant. In close proximity there is a public transport stop, an amusement park and a hospital.

The nearest airport is Girona, 30 km from the hotel. However, there are few flights from CIS countries. Much cheaper flight will cost, if the ultimate goal to choose the airport of Barcelona. It is already 60 km from Pineda de Mar. Tourists can make a transfer and get on the bus. The road to the hotel in this case will take 1-2 hours.

Basic Hotel Information

Beach Hotel Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * (Pineda de Mar) is located in a small area between the beach and the promenade. It was built in 1992, but you should not be afraid of an outdated number of rooms, as the complex is regularly renovated. The last one was made in 2015. Then, not only did cosmetic repairs, but also changed some of the furniture in the rooms, updated the gym and massage rooms. Also was updated children's mini-club.The hotel is suitable for a beach and relaxing holiday, most often tourists with children come here. It has a compact area that houses an eight-story residential building, a swimming pool, a terrace for relaxing and a small garden. The total number of rooms in the hotel is 172, and the total capacity is about 400 people.

Hotel courtyard

Most of the staff in the complex speaks Spanish and English, but there are practically no Russian-speaking staff here. At the reception, sometimes there is a guide who can help with filling out the documents, but it’s best to bring along a phrase book or translator. Problems with the settlement of tourists should not arise, since the rules of accommodation at the hotel are standard. You can not come here with animals, the rooms are non-smoking. Entry and exit are made strictly according to the schedule. You can check in to your room not earlier than 14:00, but you must leave the living rooms after the rest until 10:00 strictly.

The hotel room Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 *

For the convenience of accommodating guests, the hotel offers several categories of rooms at once so that each guest can choose suitable apartments for themselves. For tourists with physical limitations, rooms are provided equipped with necessary amenities, such as wide openings and a special shower.

However, most of the rooms in the hotel are standard. They are not spacious or luxurious, but they are perfect for budget accommodation. Guests are offered apartments with single and matrimonial beds. The rooms also have a private bathroom and an outdoor balcony. Depending on the location of the room, it may go outside, the neighborhood or the sea. The area of ​​all residential premises is 24 square meters. m

Bedroom in the room

For tourists with children in the hotel prepared a family apartment, consisting of two bedrooms. They accommodate up to four adults, and the area of ​​such rooms is 38 square meters. m

For more comfortable accommodation, categories of superior rooms will suit, for example Junior Suite. This is a one-room apartment, equipped with a double bed and a sofa. They have a furnished balcony of 9 sq. M. m. Here can live 2-3 people. The living area is 30 sq. M. m

Finally, tourists can stay in luxurious two-storey apartments of the Suite Duplex category. On the first floor there is a bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom and a balcony. The second tier occupies the living room and terrace. The total area of ​​residential premises is 40 square meters. mRooms are designed for four adults.

Extra amenities in the rooms

In the apartments of the Aqua Hotel Promenade 3 * you can find a considerable list of additional equipment that helps to make your stay as comfortable as possible. True, some of the amenities provided only chargeable.

We list the main equipment of the hotel rooms:

  • central air conditioning, which is regulated by the staff of the complex; in addition, heating is switched on in the rooms in the winter;
  • a safe to store jewelry, money, documents and other valuables - available for a separate daily fee;
  • free wireless internet;
  • flat-screen TV with a connected set of cable channels, among which there is one Russian-speaking;
  • iron and ironing board - free of charge, but on request;
  • mini-bar without filling;
  • makeup mirror, built-in hair dryer and a set of towels in the bathroom.

Rooms are cleaned daily. Also, hotel staff 3 times a week are required to change linens and towels. For a fee, guests are offered an additional service, which includes 24-hour room service.

View from the balcony

Local infrastructure and service

The territory of the hotel Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * is small, but it had no effect on the quality of the service. We list the basic infrastructure facilities that this complex offers to tourists:

  • 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, currency exchange, car rental;
  • paid parking for cars and bicycles - in the presence of the guests are also offered places in the covered garage;
  • doctor's office - the doctor is called directly to the room at the request of the administrator;
  • free internet in public areas, for a fee you can visit the computer corner;
  • paid laundry.

There are also five conference rooms on site. Their capacity varies from 60 to 350 delegates. Each room is equipped with all necessary computer equipment and projectors.


What kind of food does the complex offer?

Since the Aqua Hotel Promenade is located in the center of the city’s promenade, few tourists prefer to dine on its territory. On the contrary, most of the guests like to eat in restaurants and bars near the complex. Therefore, the hotel does not offer the system all-inclusive.They can only pay breakfast, half board or full board. The hotel’s main restaurant specializes in international cuisine. Here in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening the common buffet is served for visitors. Dietary and gluten-free menus are also available on request. The restaurant has an open kitchen, which means that tourists can personally observe the cooking. In the evening, the institution has a dress code, so guests in beachwear and swimsuits are not allowed. The hotel also has a bar where you can order refreshments, snacks and ice cream.

Main restaurant

Beach and Pool Information

And although the Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * is built right on the coast, it unfortunately does not have its own beach. Therefore, tourists visit the nearby public area. The only drawback, in their opinion, are paid sun beds and umbrellas, which have to be rented every day. The beach also has a water entertainment center, volleyball courts, a bar, changing rooms and showers.

Open pool

And free sunbathing is possible on the terrace by the outdoor pool on site.For guests there are chairs and mattresses, and umbrellas. When making a deposit, you can get a beach towel. The pool itself is filled with fresh water, which is not heated, so you can swim here only in summer.

Leisure options on site

But not only a beach holiday offers its guests a complex Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 *. There are other entertainment options at the hotel, although most of them are not included in the price. For example, for a fee, you can visit the massage room or the billiards or ping pong room. After making a deposit you can rent board games. Free on-site gym and table tennis. Also for a fee, guests can rent walking bikes.

Spa at the hotel

Conditions for accommodation and recreation with small children

Hotel Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * prepared for tourists with children a standard set of amenities and entertainment. Kids up to two years old can live in the complex for free. Upon request, they are also provided with a separate cradle. The main restaurant has not only high chairs for feeding, but also a separate children's menu.

Children's room

The outdoor pool has a fenced, shallow compartment where even the smallest guests can safely swim. For children in high season, the hotel has a team of animators who entertain the guys in the mini-club. True, the staff here speak only English. In the evenings, a separate disco is held for the kids several times a week.

Positive reviews of the hotel Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * in Spain

It is safe to say that almost all the guests liked the rest in this hotel. Moreover, this complex is among the best complexes in the entire resort of Pineda de Mar. Therefore, of course, tourists recommend choosing it for your vacation. In their opinion, it is ideal for a relaxing stay.

In reviews of the Aqua Hotel Promenade, travelers note the following advantages of this hotel:

  • varied meals - both for breakfast and for dinner, several dishes and snacks are served at once, while the chef prepares all the food very tasty;
  • cheap drinks on site;
  • polite staff who tries to fulfill the requests of tourists in a short time;
  • convenient location - next to the hotel there is a bus stop, from which it is convenient to go to Barcelona;
  • sometimes parrots fly to the balcony;
  • the staff congratulates the guests with birthday and other holidays, gives the cake and fruit.

Negative reviews of guests

Unfortunately, even the best hotels have their drawbacks. The Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * complex was no exception. In the reviews, tourists sometimes describe the minuses they have noticed. And although many of the guests claim that they did not spoil their rest, it is still impossible to leave them unattended. Therefore, we list the main drawbacks that highlighted the guests of this hotel, living here:

  • not the best soundproofing of rooms, for example, loud conversations from neighbors are sometimes heard;
  • Free Internet speed is very low, so it only needs to view social networks;
  • there is a railway next to the hotel, so in rooms with windows facing it, it’s noisy because of the passing electric trains;
  • the pool is in the shade most of the day, so it is almost impossible to sunbathe and swim under the sun:
  • for lunches and dinners in the restaurant they issue a special paper card, which is quickly wrinkled and spoiled, but a fine is issued for its damage.


Thus, we can say that most of the reviews about the Aqua Hotel Promenade 4 * in Spain are positive, so this hotel can be recommended for holidays in Pineda de Mar.And although it has low-cost rooms, it is difficult to call this complex a budget one. However, the cost of living is fully justified, since the service here is of high quality. Tourists will also appreciate the favorable location, condition of the rooms and quality food.

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