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Cruiser Honda Shadow 1100 saw the world in 1985. The model began to be delivered that year to the American market. For those years, the Honda Shadow 1100 was very powerful (78 horsepower). The motorcycle also had a dual front wheel disc brake and a new-fashioned hydraulic clutch. The manufacturer designated the model as the Honda VT 1100 Shadow C. Let's look at the model more closely and in detail. After all, this bike deserves attention.


Two years later (in 1987) the bike was finalized. This affected both the appearance of the Honda Shadow 1100 and the technical component of the motorcycle. The model has grown wheelbase. Silencers, which are located on the sides, moved to the right side of the motorcycle. At the same time, the power of the model was cut, now the motor produced only 67 horsepower. It should be noted that the engine has decreased operating speed, this has led to an increase in traction characteristics at the bottoms and the middle. New-fashioned hydraulic clutch gave way to the standard cable version.

It was this modification of 1987 that marked the beginning of the road to legendaryness, which the Honda Shadow 1100 motorcycle finally achieved. The first versions of 1985 and 1986 are extremely rare today; they did not have good sales ratings at the time.

Cruiser Honda Shadow 1100


Varieties Honda Shadow 1100 existed a lot over the years of production. Let's call the main modifications of the motorcycle:

  • Honda VT1100C Shadow (produced from 1987 to 1996). This is the basic initial version of the bike. The features of the model are its alloy wheels, dual exhaust on the right side, the model's tank had a volume of 13 liters, the modification was equipped with a four-speed gearbox. Rear drum brake was installed.
  • Honda VT1100C Spirit (produced from 1997 to 2007). It is to some extent a successor to the aforementioned modification of the motorcycle. Visually, the bike is very similar to its predecessor. The main difference is the shape of the exhaust, as well as the fuel tank and some other visual things. From the technical features and differences it is worthwhile to single out the volume of the tank, which has grown to 15.8 liters, and the presence of not a four-speed gearbox, but a mechanical five-prong.
  • Honda VT1100C2 ACE. (It was produced from 1995 to 1999). It can be said a classic version of this motorcycle. ACE stands for American Classic Edition.The model is distinguished by stylized spoke wheel rims, elongated stylish wings (front and rear), the wheel tires themselves are also different, they are wider, and a disc brake is installed at the back. Of some of the features of the engine can be identified crankshaft with a single connecting rod rail (this is necessary to enhance the vibrations), the engine power was 53 horsepower.
  • Honda VT1100T A.C.E. Tourer (produced from 1998 to 2001). This is a touring version of the bike modification just reviewed. The difference lies in the presence of special plastic wardrobe trunks, as well as the windshield. The wheels had alloy wheels and other tires, the exhaust is implemented according to the “two in one” scheme.
  • Honda Shadow VT 1100 Aero (produced from 1998 to 2002). This is similar to the aforementioned ACE version, but this version has deeper wheel wings, an increased large headlight and exhaust with a two-in-one scheme.
  • Honda VT1100C2 Saber (produced from 2000 to 2007). This is a similar modification of the ACE version. The characteristics of the Honda Shadow Saber 1100 were different, because the Spirit was installed on this version of the engine, and the difference was in the special form of the wheels.
    Honda Shadow 1100 Bike

After 2003

Almost all of the modifications reviewed over time have gone down in history.After 2003, the manufacturer released only the basic version of the VT1100C Spirit, as well as the VT1100C2 Saber. It must be said that both of these models reached 2007 without any major changes. Later, these models were removed from production. When this happened, the Honda company offered a successor in the form of the Honda VTX 1300. It was the sunset of the legendary era of the Honda Shadow of that performance. Representatives of the company themselves said that they had removed the model from production with great longing and sadness. But this is a business, there is no sentimentality here, it was necessary to impose a struggle on competitors with a new relevant model.

Black Honda Shadow 1100

Fuel consumption

Officially indicated in the papers, the fuel consumption from the manufacturer on the Honda VT1100 Shadow is 5.2 liters per 100 km of distance traveled. In practice, it goes out at least one liter more, and the exact value of fuel consumption depends on the style and manner of your ride and the quality of fuel.

But as a rule, fuel consumption on such motorcycles is close to the declared. After all, such devices are bought for measured travel in harmony with oneself, and not for crazy races from a traffic light under the screech of rubber, sticking on the asphalt.

Honda Shadow 1100 Motorcycle

Honda Shadow 1100: reviews

Immediately begin with the question of fuel.You should not save on it when talking about this bike. Up to a certain point, the bike will easily absorb low-grade fuel, but then there will be big problems with the fuel system, which will result in large financial spending. It is for this reason that reviews recommend avoiding such trouble by refueling at decent gas stations.

Also, the owners of this bike say that he loves care. If the bike is timely serviced with high-quality components and consumables, then there should be no problems with the motorcycle.

Honda Shadow 1100 at the show

Landing and comfort

We must pay tribute to the creators of the model. Sitting on this bike is nice and comfortable. After long trips, nothing hurts and does not numb. Even tall and very heavy people can find a comfortable position. Long base bike is doing its job. It should be noted and passenger seat, here, too, to sit very comfortable. It is pleasant to travel on such a motorcycle, including for long distances.

Cruiser and should be comfortable, but this model is comfortable, like a sofa in your living room. Add to all this the smoothness and softness of the course, as well as the pleasant rumbling of the motor - and you get the perfect option for long-distance travel for your pleasure.

"Honda Shadow"


The price of this motorcycle in decent good condition and without run across Russia begins from a mark of three and a half thousand dollars. If we talk about the options in our market, then you can find a variant from one hundred and sixty thousand rubles.

And in our country you can find a well-groomed good bike, and abroad you can run into the "dead" option. As a rule, versions without a run in Russia have a better technical condition, but there is always an exception to the rule. Carefully before buying, check the technical condition of the instance, so that you do not invest serious money in troubleshooting the previous owner.

As for the prices for spare parts, everything is approximately predictable. Not too cheap, but not prohibitively expensive. A kind of "golden mean". But we must pay tribute to the original parts. They are very high quality and go long.

Honda Shadow 1100: technical specifications

It all depends on the specific modification. Characteristics of the Honda Shadow 1100 vary slightly depending on the version of the bike. But something still can be called somehow averaged. The mass of the motorcycle ranged from 245 kilos on the VT1100C version (release years: 1985-1986) and up to 284 kilos (VT1100T version).

The smallest tank had a motorcycle VT1100C (1987-1996 years of release), the volume was thirteen liters exactly. The largest fuel tank with a volume of nearly sixteen liters had versions of the latest model years. The maximum speed of all models was 172 km / h, and the acceleration to the first hundred averaged six seconds.

As a drive, the manufacturer chose a universal joint; in the entire history of the model, a four-speed manual gearbox and a five-speed “mechanics” were offered in later versions. Cooling was always fluid, on all versions and modifications.

Motors were offered with two cylinders (four-stroke, V-shaped) from 53 "horses" to 78 horsepower on the very first model lines of the motorcycle. The working volume of the power plant - 1099 "cubes". The frame was made of high quality steel.

The front suspension was a telescopic fork with a stroke of fifteen centimeters. The rear suspension was a pendulum with a pair of shock absorbers (there was a preload adjustment), the suspension travel was ten centimeters. Thanks to the long base, the bike was very nice, smooth and soft on the go.

Honda Shadow 1100 Aero

Competitors model

This Japanese cruiser had two main competitors in the class. These include the Japanese Yamaha XV 1100 Virago (Yamaha XVS 1100 Drag Star) and the Japanese Kawasaki VN1500 (Vulcan 88, VN-15). The fight was purely Japanese. But the main "samurai" in the class became exactly "Honda", although the struggle for leadership was sometimes tied up with serious, if you rely on the sales ratings of these motorcycles in different years of release. There were other competitors, but we called the most basic, which made the manufacturer of this motorcycle nervous and worried about leadership in its class.

The result

The Honda Shadow 1100 motorcycle is a worthy representative of the class. It can be safely attributed to the category of legends, and random motorcycles do not fall into such a list. The appearance of the bike is very calm and classic (for its class), all the characteristics are balanced and sufficient. Add to this the Japanese reliability and the comparatively low cost of the model in the secondary market, and you’ll have a very, very decent option for lovers of cruisers. On such a motorcycle, you can drive around the entire planet, or you can just ride in your own city and beyond at the weekend.

Motorcycle love and respect bikers around the world. This is a classic that is eternal.Simple hunky in a stylish guise. He will never let you down and will always deliver to your destination. This is the model of those years when motorcycles were alive, and not stuffed with various modern electronics and a variety of computer systems. This bike can be repaired in garage conditions on your lap. Model for those who appreciate the old school. A decent copy of the garage to the owner, who understands these motorcycles.

There is an opinion among motorists that you need to grow up to such a motorcycle in terms of motorcycle "philosophy". This phrase has its own share of truth, because the cruiser is almost never chosen as the first motorcycle, but very often experienced motorists stop at the cruisers and no longer change the class.

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