Honda Integra and its specifications

What words can most fully characterize such a car as “Honda Integra”? It would be best to say that this is a compact and attractive car that may well meet the requirements of an ordinary driver.

Honda Integra

1st generation

On the first issue of “Honda Integra” actually can be a little something to say. The car began to appear in 1985, it was produced four years in a row. In the United States of America, this model was not sold under its own name - it was given another, more appropriate, in the opinion of the Americans. There, this car was known as Acura Integra. And the model was released in three versions - sedan, coupe and hatchback. And since at first the car was not particularly attractive, twice the manufacturers made a facelift - in 1988 and in 1989, after which it was decided to stop production and begin production of the second, more modern generation.

About the second generation

Honda Integra, which began publishing in 1989, has become more popular, unlike its predecessor. Although it also sold for four years.What is remarkable about this “Honda Integra”? Well, the first thing I would like to note is the fact that it was on this version that it was first decided to install a powerful and popular engine, known as B16A. That he could boast of a system such as VTEC. Why is he so remarkable? The fact that this is the first in the world aspirated serial engine, and quite powerful. He is able to develop 100 horsepower - and this is with a liter of working volume!

Unlike its predecessor, this model was produced only in two versions - it is a four-door sedan and a three-door coupe. More attractive comments received, of course, sedan “Honda Integra”. Customer reviews claimed that this version is much more spacious, comfortable, convenient and practical, unlike the coupe. And indeed it is.

 Honda Integra photo


And now it is worth paying special attention to the characteristics of the Honda Integra. So, on the second generation, several types of engines were installed, and to be more precise, four. The first is the ZC with a horizontal dual carburetor. The power of this unit was 105 "horses", and the volume - 1.6 liters.The second engine could boast direct fuel injection. Its capacity was 120 liters. with., but the volume has not changed. The third version is the B16A of the first generation (this engine was mentioned above). One of the most powerful - 160 l. from. at the same volume! And in 1993, the second-generation B16A was added to the engine range. Its capacity has increased to 170 liters. from. By the way, as in the case of the first generation engine, this engine could work under control of both a mechanical and an automatic transmission. True, in the second version, the engines were weaker. Under the control of the machine were versions with only 88-horsepower engines.

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About technology

The Honda Integra, whose photo shows us a long and rather interesting car, is still attractive because some of its modifications can combine the simplest ordinary engine with a stunning interior. This is one of the key features of this model. The list of equipment can be said to be endless. Looking at him you understand that the Honda Integra specifications are stunning.

So what can be noted attention? Adjustable steering wheel in height, climate control, air conditioning, electronic control of mirrors, position indicator selector “machine”.And this is just a small list of what Honda Integra boasts! A photo of the salon shows us that the equipment inside is quite rich. Nevertheless, everything is very convenient. No surplus or anything that can distract the driver. Also, the car is equipped with a digital quartz watch, two glove compartments, levers for opening the fuel tank lid (directly from the salon!) And the luggage compartment lid, a mass of pockets for small things, the function of a signal of an off light and much more. As you can see - really rich equipment. It is no wonder why this car so quickly became popular.

Honda Integra Specifications

About the third generation

The third series of these cars was published from 1991 to 2001 - 10 years, that is. There were two bodies - a sedan for 4 doors and a hatchback for two. The developers have tried and decided to transform also the exterior of the car. They made a choice of two front - one "big-eyed", and the second - with long headlights. Motors also became better - at 105, 120 horsepower, and then began to appear on the 140 and 190 “horses”. Production did not stand still, went forward by leaps and bounds, and “Honda” was changing not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of appearance.Little by little the car was modernized, and in the end it became one of the most prestigious in Japan! Just an unusual looking sedan with an engine of 200 horsepower, with a comfortable spacious interior and stylish interior design could not help but attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of car enthusiasts. But once the first generation of this model was doomed to failure. It is difficult to believe in our time - in the heyday of the Honda Integra.

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Cost of

And finally, a few words about how much such a machine will cost. The price depends on the year of manufacture, engine power, condition of the car and other factors. But you can take it for a small amount. The car version of 1990, for example, in good condition, will cost approximately 160 thousand rubles. Model 2001 will be more expensive - 350 000 p. But here the engine is more powerful, and the state is newer. In general, there are many options. And which car to take - the 90s or the mid-2000s, with a gun or mechanics - this is an individual matter.

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