Honda CB400SF: photos and reviews. Motorcycle Specifications

The cars and motorcycles released in Japan always differed high reliability. This is not surprising, since local designers at all times adhered to the highest standards in the production of various equipment. The Honda CB400SF motorbike, which debuted in 1992, was no exception. Reviews of thousands of owners of the model characterize it as one of the leaders in its class in its dynamic and driving cb400sf

Short story

Motorcycle replaced on the conveyor modification "SV-1". Unlike its predecessor, the novelty has received a modified front fork. In addition, the designers shifted the center of gravity by moving the motor down. Such innovations have significantly improved the handling and stability of the Honda CB400SF. Technical characteristics of the model also increased, which was associated with a decrease in weight. First of all, in this case we are talking about speed parameters.It should be noted and the fact that, unlike the previous version, even people whose height was 160 centimeters could now steer the motorcycle with little effort.

In general, for the entire history of the model, four stages can be distinguished, during each of which innovations were made both in appearance and equipment. The Honda CB400SF motorcycles manufactured from 1992 to 1999 practically did not differ from each other. The exception here can only be called the radius of the brake discs, the shape of the headlights and fairings. Copies released before 2002 received an updated look. Over the next year, the model was completed with a system with a chip key. At the last stage, the designers made major changes to the transmission and cb400sf reviews

Main characteristics

The main pride of Honda CB400SF - the technical characteristics of the model. In particular, the designers installed on the motorcycle a four-cylinder engine with 16 valves, the volume of which is 400 cubic centimeters. The maximum power of the power plant is 53 horsepower. The greatest indication of the tachometer is set at around 14 thousand revolutions.It should be noted, and the nuance that the motor is deforsirovannym. Despite this, the dynamics of the motorcycle is amazing, because it accelerates to the level of 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. Many models have a problem when they are very inertly gaining power when the engine is running low. Here, the developers have completely eliminated this drawback. In other words, the momentum begins to gain even at idle. As evidenced by the reviews of the owners of Honda CB400SF, the model boasts excellent handling. Even sharp turns the motorcycle overcomes very confidently and playfully reacts to all commands of the driver.

Other options

Model dimensions in length, width and height, respectively, equal to 2085x735x1080 millimeters. According to the passport data, the fuel consumption of the engine in the combined cycle is 7 liters for every 100 kilometers. When driving at a cruising speed (110-130 km / h), this figure is reduced to 4 liters. Weight Honda CB400SF equals 168 kilograms. The maximum speed of the model is 190 km / h, and the volume of the gas tank is 18 cb400sf specifications

Separate words deserve the motorcycle brake system. Compared with its predecessor, it has also been significantly improved.In particular, on the front wheel, the developers installed double-piston brackets. As of today, similar devices are used in many modern models. Moreover, thanks to dual disc brakes, the Honda CB400SF can be safely and safely stopped at a high speed in a timely manner.


Anyway, nothing ideal exists, therefore this model also has its drawbacks. First of all, in this case we are talking about the fuel system, where the developers have not provided for a coarse gasoline filter. Some domestic craftsmen even install the corresponding part from a VAZ car on the Honda CB400SF, cutting the hose in front of the filter. The positive effect in this case can be seen very soon. As evidenced by numerous reviews, a decent sediment on the filter elements will appear in a very short period of time. Another disadvantage of this motorbike is a relatively soft front fork. And this problem can be solved independently. To do this, it is only necessary to install rigid springs and pour a more viscous fluid into the suspension cb400sf motorcycles

Key benefits

The main advantage of the model can be called the proven reliability of the transmission and engine over a twenty-year history of its existence. Motobike boasts excellent dynamics and good indicators of fuel consumption in urban environments, and when driving on the highway. All owners of the model can significantly save on repairs Honda CB400SF (spare parts for motorcycles can be found on almost any car market at a low cost). In addition, the absence of overall plastic elements in the decor greatly simplifies movement through traffic jams.

Interesting Facts

The relatively modest external dimensions of the motorbike do not affect the comfort of landing not only the driver, but also his passenger.

Some fans of two-wheeled vehicles deliberately remove the speed limiter. At the same time, no one will succeed in exceeding 200 km / h.

Experts recommend adjusting the front and rear suspension of the Honda CB400SF immediately after purchase, since in the factory configuration their parameters will not allow a person whose weight is more than 50 kilograms will control the motorcycle.

People of small stature and even fragile girls can easily cope with the management of this cb400sf parts


Summing up, it should be noted that this bike is one of several legendary models that have won the love of a huge number of two-wheeled vehicles around the world. The cost of this motorbike in good condition in the secondary market is an average of 100 thousand rubles. If we take into account the reliability of the model, as well as its driving characteristics, the combination of power and economy, we can call such a price quite acceptable. This bike is truly versatile because it is great for both experienced bikers and beginners.

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