Honda Airwave: description and specifications.

Japanese designers can surprise even the most demanding driver. First, a real sensation created the Fit model of the well-known Honda company. But such a success did not weaken the manufacturer, but, on the contrary, pushed him to new actions. The Honda Airwave was developed on the basis of a noisy car. Although, according to most drivers, Fit was ideal for all criteria, but the developers still managed to do the impossible and improve what seemed to be the limit of perfection. The key points remained unchanged, but a lot of work was done on the salon.

The compact wagon was produced for five years - from 2005 to 2010. It is ideal for large families thanks to its roomy cabin. A small body size allows you to easily maneuver in a stream of cars in large metropolitan areas. The Honda Airwave review says that the designers presented the popular Fit model in a completely new look. And this is by no means a disadvantage, but a weighty advantage.

Body features

The design of the Japanese car - a distinctive feature that allows you to stand out among other cars. Most drivers have paid attention to good visibility, which is achieved by a huge area of ​​window openings. This moment plays a decorative role. Rear seat passengers do not feel stiff. Honda Airwave body has a special name - Air Cabin. Therefore, the model is not just a typical station wagon, but an “air cabin”. This is how air cabin translates from English, which is completely true.

It is worth paying attention to the changes made by the designers. In contrast to the predecessor in the new model, the wheelbase was shifted by 100 mm. This at first glance, a small figure will increase the capacity of the car, which, undoubtedly, reflected on comfort.

This change has affected the size. Now Airwave in length reaches 4360 mm. The height of the wagon - 1505 mm. Despite the fairly spacious interior, the width of the car is only 1695 mm. Speaking of dimensions, you can not keep silent about the luggage compartment. He is truly huge. If you fold the back of the back of the sofa, it turns out free space with a length of 1810 mm and a height of 1250 mm.Just imagine what large items can be transported in a trunk.

honda airwave engine

Look at the salon

At first glance, the interior is noticeable that the manufacturer is not peculiar economy. Here all the elements point to luxury and comfort. Salon Honda Airwave upholstered in soft cloth. After touching it, a very pleasant sensation arises. The back row, as already mentioned, is quite spacious. On the couch, even three adults will not feel constrained.

Be sure to say about soundproofing. She's great. With the windows closed, the outside sounds do not penetrate the salon. It is believed that a well-designed interior influenced the increased consumer demand.

honda airwave salon

Honda Airwave: Specs

Technical specifications of the car also will not disappoint drivers. First of all, it is unpretentious in terms of fuel. It is possible to refuel the car not only 95th gasoline, but also 92nd.

What is hidden under the hood of this wagon? Engine Honda Airwave is not very powerful. Maximum power thrust - 110 l. from. Installation type - injection, 4-cylinder with in-line arrangement. Volume - 1.5 liters. There is an electronic injection system.In the line there are modifications with full and front-wheel drive. The engine is paired with a CVT variator.

According to many, there are no problems with dynamics. Maximum speed wagon - 170 km / h. This indicator cannot be considered small, since the Airwave model is positioned as a city car. And in such conditions, this is more than enough. With regard to the cost of fuel, in the mixed mode will be spent about 8 liters, and this is normal for this type of body.

honda airwave specifications


Of course, this model can not compete with cars that are equal in performance to sports. But this does not mean that she has any problems with the chassis. In the reviews, drivers say that according to this criterion, the designers worked perfectly well.

Thanks to a good suspension during a trip along a bad road, all the irregularities are smoothed out. Passengers do not feel shaking, shocks and other unpleasant moments.

As for the ground clearance parameter, of course, it is too small for Russian roads. 160 millimeters is not always enough to overcome some obstacles. But if you use the car only for movement on asphalt roads, then there will be no problems.

honda airwave reviews

A few words about pricing

In conclusion, let's talk about the cost of Honda Airwave. It is worth noting that even by this criterion, the model has a weighty advantage. As for the Japanese car, the price tag on it is even more than attractive. It is clear that today it will be almost impossible to find a new car, but it is on sale in the secondary market. The cost, of course, will depend on the state. If it is good, then you can buy Airwave for 300-400 thousand rubles.

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