Homemade plum wine

Wine from plumsPlum Wine

This wine has a deep taste and pleasant heady aroma of ripe fruit. If you have a plum (growing in your garden), and you want to pamper yourself with homemade wine, unleash this desire, combining it with your capabilities, and prepare a wonderful homemade plum wine!

What is needed for cooking:

  • plum - one kilogram;
  • sugar - one hundred and fifty grams.

How to prepare wine from plums

Homemade Plum Wine1. First, prepare the plums. Divide into two halves, remove the bones.

2. Put the already prepared plums in glass bottles.

3. Add sugar, taking into account that one hundred and fifty grams of sugar goes to one kilogram of plums.

4. Close the bottle with a water seal and place in a warm place.

5. Give the wine a fermentation process. It lasts from thirty five to forty five days.

6. Carefully pour the wine from the plum into the prepared bottles and immediately close them with corks.

7. The last stage - the maturation of wine.It is lightened slowly due to small particles of insoluble substances, and it is impossible to get rid of them simply by filtering the product. There may be some turbidity in the plum wine, which does not affect any taste. After all, even one-year-old wine, poured into a clean vessel, can give a noticeable sediment. This is by no means a low quality indicator.

The most common questions beginner home winemakers

What sort of plum will make the most delicious wine?

It all depends on what kind of wine you are going to make. If your ultimate goal is a white sweet wine, it is best to use yellow plums. For lovers of pink sweet or dessert wines, blue cream of the usual varieties is optimally suited. Tart varieties, such as cherry plum, blackthorn, produce table wines due to their high acid content.

When do you need to collect plums so that they are optimally suitable for making wine?

They are collected in a fairly mature state. If the irreparable thing happened, and you noticed that your plums are overwhelmed (can be determined by shriveled skin on the fruit), it is not scary.After collecting them, you should warm them up in the sun for several days, spreading out each other in the rows. Remember! From over-ripe plums, juice flows out much faster, and it is characterized by a more sugary consistency. Wine from the plum of this type is obtained with a richer taste.

What is a water seal and what is it for?

Plum WineThe water seal, or cork, is designed to discharge carbon dioxide with the mixture and block air from entering the glass containers. Make it not so difficult. A tube is inserted into the bottle, one end of which is well fixed at the neck, and the other is lowered into a jar of water, where air bubbles are drawn. Most winemakers have found an alternative to this method, and instead of a tube, an ordinary rubber medical glove or balloon is attached to the neck. Just carefully check that they are intact. They also serve as signal beacons. During fermentation, the glove (ball) will be constantly in an inflated state, since there will be air in it, and when it comes to the final stage of preparation, the glove will simply be deflated, which will serve as a signal of the product's readiness.

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