Holidays in Alanya (Turkey) with children: excursions, attractions, reviews and photos

Many compatriots, as soon as the case presents itself, try to get on the Turkish coast as tourists. Here you can relax well and cheaply on one of the many beaches, swim in plenty in the warm sea. Resort Alanya (Alanya) - exactly the place where they can afford to spend a great vacation couples who do not have a large budget. Holidays in Alanya (Turkey) is the dream of many people in Russia.

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Holidays with features

Despite the fact that it belongs to the budget options, there are hotels where not only adults but also children can relax. The only drawback of the resort is the following: to stay at the hotel, you have to get at least two hours by road from the airport. However, a completely flat road will be pleasantly surprised, all along the way you will not meet gyrus and sharp turns.And yet to overcome this distance by public transport, having a small child in her arms, is not entirely comfortable, so it is better to use an individual transfer or a taxi.

Rest in Alanya (Turkey, 5 stars) is the desire to get excellent service and organization of a buffet. But not all hotels provide transport from the airport, so please specify this item right away.

Top resting places

The resort of Alanya consists of six areas. These include Avsallar, Incekum, Karaburun, Konakly, Mahmutlar, Okudzhalar. The beaches here have a well-groomed appearance, sandy sand or a mixture of sand and pebbles right up to the sea. On them it is convenient to walk barefoot, especially nice for baby feet. Many tourists spend holidays with children in Alanya. Turkey is a beautiful country for holidays with all family members.

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For children directly in the areas adjacent to the hotels, as well as outside of them, various entertainment events are constantly organized. The resort area is immersed in greenery, many fruit trees. The beauty of the city fascinates, the tourist infrastructure is well developed, there are a large number of places for family visits.

Climatic conditions

Alanya is located at the very south of the Turkish Mediterranean coast.Consequently, a warmer resort is not found in this part of Turkey. The swimming season lasts for almost half a year: from the end of April to the middle of November. At this time, the water temperature is kept at +25.0C, and the ambient temperature is within +30 - 350With during the daytime hours. The nights are still cool - below +200FROM.

Maximum heat is usually observed in July and August. Taking into account such climate features when planning vacations with children, the best time to travel will be either the beginning of summer or the first half of autumn. Holidays in Alanya (Turkey) in September will be remembered by the warm sea and pleasant days.


The highlight is the beach with a length of 2 km, the sand of which is clean and soft. The entrance directly to the sea is shallow. All this gives grounds to assert that the beach here is one of the best. To get to the beach, the vacationer does not have to pay anything, but renting an umbrella and a chaise lounge and everything else belongs to the category of paid services.

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Everyone remembers the first holiday in Alanya (Turkey). Photos from the holidays brought picturesque and admire them throughout the winter. Vacationers have no time to miss - interesting excursions are held in the cityIn the city for children, among other attractions, there is a wonderful water park. City hotels mainly 3- and 4-star class. Each of them occupies a relatively small area. It is not very convenient to have a rest in them with children, in this case the option of suburban area hotels is provided.

Konaklı - a village located on the seashore

To get to Konakli from the airport, you have to cover a distance of 118 kilometers. Green spaces and fountains, which are very many here, are striking. In the central part of the village are organized playgrounds and a compact amusement park. For family walks, the village is considered an ideal place. The beaches are covered with sand and pebbles, in some places you can go to the sea on slabs. This circumstance must be taken into account when choosing a hotel for those vacationers who take children with them.

On the shelves of souvenir shops, in a large number of shops you can buy everything your heart desires, goods of any nature - from souvenirs and sweets to textile products. It is believed that the rest in Alanya (Turkey) ends with the purchase of souvenirs for relatives and friends.Due to the fact that Konakli is only 12 kilometers away from Alanya, swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach are perfectly combined with excursions to the city.

Avsallar and Incekum

The settlement is located twenty kilometers from Alanya and one hundred and seven kilometers from the airport. The beaches are covered with sand, which is nice to go into the sea water. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of Avsallar. In the village, in addition to numerous souvenir shops and other shopping establishments, there is a playground for children in a small park, walking paths and benches. In general, the village is well-groomed and neat, immersed in greenery, which is represented, including shrubs and delightful flowers. Accommodation will be cheaper, but tourists are most attracted to rest in Alanya (Turkey). Excursions, sights - reviews collect the most different. Someone regrets the money spent, but to a greater degree everyone is recommended to visit diving and temples.

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Incekum shares twenty-kilometer distance with Alanya. The area in which the village is located corresponds to the name. After all, it translates from Turkish as "fine sand."And this is true - the beach is sandy, it has a decent width, the entry into the sea is shallow. The coast is arched in the form of an arc with a length of 8 kilometers. The village is surrounded by a pine forest, so it can be recommended for people with lung diseases. Even after the end of the swimming season, 4- and 5-star hotels are filled with tourists.


The city is located in the western outskirts of the resort area of ​​Alanya (32 km from it), which appeared relatively recently, but despite this, it has already managed to establish itself as very promising. Its development occurs at a rapid pace. Unusual coastline relief, because it has a rugged look. Unlike the neighboring resort villages, flat sand-pebble beaches are hidden in the bays and bays. A distinctive feature of Okudzhalar is a large water park Water Planet ("Planet of Water"), which consists of 24 water slides. For the sake of extreme travel here rushing from neighboring villages. If you choose a vacation in Alanya (Turkey), then be sure to visit the famous water park.

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On the river Alara there are a number of restaurants and a farm specializing in trout. For holidaymakers organize fishing here.There is an exit bazaar - two specific days a week. Okudzhalar closest to other villages is located to the airport.

Other locations near Alanya

Karaburun (“black nose”). It is located at a minimum distance from Antalya, in the western side of the Gulf of Izmir. The village is 89 kilometers from the airport. The area is famous for being almost unexplored. The local landmark - Akdag mountain height of 1218 m - the highest point in the region of Alanya. The coast is steep, more are not intended for family swimming, but attract divers. Those lucky enough to visit Karaburun in the spring, will be able to share their impressions of the narcissus gardens. But in the summer the village is no less attractive: there are exotic trees and magnificent flowers, the Manavgat River, which is famous for its amazing waterfall.

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You can get to the village of Mahmutlar on the east side of Alanya. In relation to the airport, this is the most remote resort village (140 km), which is one of the reasons for the low prices in hotels. From the windows of hotels you can see the landscapes of the mountains, the slopes of which are covered with pine forests.In general, when visiting Mahmutlar, it is impossible not to mention one of its peculiarities - a highway with traffic flows through the village. Along it lined up buildings in huge numbers, in parallel there are only 2 or 3 cozy little noticeable streets. Due to the fact that all the way to the sea water are stones and plates, there is no place for children to frolic and enjoy bathing and games. The beaches mainly have a relaxing or romantic vacation for couples and people in love. Reviews about holidays in Alanya (Turkey) are positive. But the impression depends on the place of residence.

Best hotels in Alanya

A lot of tourists on vacation in Alanya take children with them, so they are interested in the question of which hotels are best suited for families with children. The majority of expensive hotels with luxurious apartments are not designed for complete rest with small children.

  • Tourists from Russia appreciated the hotel chainDolphin Botanic.According to Russians, the most favorable conditions have been created here for the rest of children. Although the Granada Luxury Hotel itself has excellent conditions for families with children, the beach next to it will not spoil the little ones with sand to build fabulous castles.

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No problem will be a holiday in Alanya (Turkey). Excursions can be booked directly at the hotel.

  • Two hotels -"Kirman Hotels" and "Leodiki Resort"(five stars) divides such a small distance that they are united by a common adjacent territory. Naturally, the cost and living conditions are no different. A children's club has been created here, water slides have been built, the beach is quite acceptable for normal recreation for children.

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  • Hotel "Long Beach Resort".The beach near it stretched for a decent distance. Children can spend their leisure time in a small water park or kids club. Here rest in Alanya (Turkey) with children is the brightest. Numerous entertainments do their work.
  • Hotel "Utopia World".Rarely what hotel can boast such a huge territory. The disadvantage is a somewhat inconvenient location, namely, the top of the cliff, which is why it is difficult to descend to the sea, and also to go back to the hotel. Especially such an inconvenience is felt when you have to make this way with a carriage. Concerning other conditions for family rest, there are no complaints.

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