Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results

The rigid diet is highly appreciated by people who need to lose a certain amount of kilograms as soon as possible. For example, a trip to the sea or some significant event is coming, and the figure is still not well prepared. Today there are many toughened systems, united by requirements: in order to withstand them, you need to have excellent health and developed will power.

The name of a rigid diet went from its foundation, which laid the fundamental limitation of nutrition. This may adversely affect the health of losing weight, so the duration of compliance should not exceed two weeks, although such a period can withstand only a few. Every day a person needs to consume no more than 1200 kcal.

tight diet for weight loss


Any nutritional system, including a fast fast diet, has its positive and negative sides. The first are:

  • weight is reduced to 1.5 kg per day;
  • purgation;
  • getting rid of allergies if you have them;
  • development of eating habits;
  • improvement of metabolism and metabolic processes;
  • elimination of puffiness.


As for the shortcomings, there are also a lot of them:

  • weakness, apathy, headaches;
  • insufficient intake of useful elements in the body;
  • stress, which results in a plateau effect;
  • more effective are monodiets that are difficult to withstand due to the monotony of the products.

A very interesting nuance is the so-called plateau effect. It refers to a state when during weight loss the weight stops abruptly in place. This is explained by the adaptation of the organism to the altered load, as well as the loss of the former volume and mass. This effect should be discussed only if the weight does not change within a couple of weeks. Although there is nothing bad in it, because the indicator on the scales has become optimal and in the near future it is unlikely to increase.

tough diet for a week 10 kg


Before starting a tough diet for weight loss, you should definitely consult a doctor. This recommendation is given for any limited diet, as each organism reacts to changes differently. It is necessary to go to a specialist even with excellent state of health.

10 kg per week on a strict diet can lose many people, but there are contraindications that should not be ignored. The following categories should be cautious with switching to a restricted diet:

  • teenagers;
  • pregnant women;
  • hypertensives;
  • people prone to puffiness;
  • owners of chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys;
  • those who pass the post-rehabilitation period;
  • allergies (concerns allergies to those foods that need to be consumed with one or another diet).


If a rigid diet is frightening with its features, but you really want to try to get similar results, you can experience fasting days. They last one or two days, but they allow you to lose up to 2 kilograms. The best fasting days are:

  1. Grape. Here it is necessary to eat 3 kg of fresh grapes during the day and drink 2 liters of herbal decoctions and plain water.
  2. Chocolate.It will take 300 grams of natural bitter chocolate and eat it along with unsweetened tea.
  3. Potato. During the day you need to eat exactly 1.5 kg of potatoes, baked in the uniform. No seasonings and salt are added to it. Only parsley, dill and other greens are allowed. It requires drinking pure water and herbal infusions.
tough diet for week 10


Compliance with the basic rules of a rigid diet for weight loss will help make it as effective as possible. With their consideration you can choose the most suitable menu. These include the following points:

  1. The total calories per day should be no more than 1200 kcal.
  2. During the day, you need to drink 2 liters of liquid, including green tea, herbal infusions.
  3. Preference is better to give food with complex carbohydrates.
  4. Together with the main products you need to eat vitamin-mineral complexes.
  5. For any person, the daily dose of carbohydrates on a diet should not be higher than 220 g, and they should be consumed before 16:00.
  6. Once a week should do cleansing enemas.

Effective diets

Finding the most rigid diet among their diversity is very difficult. For each person she will be his.Below are the best rations, the results of which are similar to each other. They are considered the most extreme, so they should be treated with caution.


A rigid diet has received such an unexpected name due to the fact that it is not a mono-ration. Here there is an abundance of products that give the body all the necessary elements. It lasts only a week. Every day you need to consume certain foods:

  1. Starting a diet will be drinkable. During the day you need to drink 2 liters of water. If desired, a portion of this volume can be distinguished for kefir, broths, or green tea, but without the addition of sugar.
  2. On the second day you need to eat vegetables. They need to be consumed fresh every 2 hours in unlimited quantities. You can cook salads with vegetable oil.
  3. The next day is repeated exactly as the first.
  4. On this day, you only need to eat fruit. They can be: grapefruit, orange, apple and so on. But at the same time it is not necessary to lean heavily on bananas and grapes, because they contain fast carbohydrates.
  5. Protein Day allows you to finally taste the meat (only chicken breasts and beef low fat).However, yogurts, cottage cheese and seafood are allowed.
  6. The penultimate day is again the same as the first.
  7. The final day implies a way out. Here for breakfast you need to eat a couple of boiled chicken eggs, at lunch - meat broth and fruit, for dinner - vegetable salad.
tight diet for a week


By name it is easy to understand that protein food is at the core. With such a rigid diet, every person can lose 10 kg, as flour products, sweets and smoked meats are completely excluded. It is also not recommended to consume in large quantities strawberries, bananas, raspberries and avocados, and alcohol is completely prohibited.

Diet is permissible for no more than a week. This is explained by the fact that it belongs to the category of low-calorie, and in the case of increased duration, it can cause severe weakness. Every day the menu will be the same:

  • breakfast - scrambled eggs from three chicken eggs, a couple of small tomatoes and a cup of green tea;
  • snack - a salad of cabbage, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes in unlimited quantities;
  • lunch - 100 grams of spinach leaves, seasoned with lemon juice and 300 grams of boiled chicken breast;
  • high tea - 250 ml of low-fat kefir;
  • dinner - 200 grams of boiled fish.


Another tough diet for the week, which got its name for a reason, appeals to consumers for its instant effect. This is ensured by launching chemical processes through a combination of certain products. The main task of the diet is to transfer the body to another metabolic regime. This allows you to spend fat accumulation, and therefore - to get rid of excess weight.

The program is designed for a month, but you should not tune in right away for such a duration. Experts strongly recommend starting with two weeks, and then - already on well-being. The first 14 days will allow you to lose 8-10 kg, and the full course will be pleased with a decrease in weight by 23-25 ​​kg.

The first 14 days are required to do only two meals - lunch and dinner (if the number of servings is not indicated, then it is not limited):

  1. Apples; boiled beef (150 g).
  2. Chicken Breast (150 g); salad of tangerines and pears, grapefruit and egg.
  3. A small slice of whole-grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese (200 g) and a large tomato; boiled fish (150 g).
  4. Unlimited cherry or pears; Caesar salad (200 g).
  5. A pair of eggs and boiled carrots (100 g); light salad of sweet peppers and tomatoes, orange and steam fish in any quantity.
  6. Garnet; cucumber-tomato salad and chicken breast (150 g).
  7. Small chicken breast and carrot salad; a couple of eggs, steam vegetables, a slice of bread.
  8. Chicken Breast with Carrot Salad; steamed vegetables, eggs and orange.
  9. Similar to the previous one.
  10. The same as in day 8.
  11. Cabbage with carrots, a couple of eggs and cottage cheese (200 g); two chicken eggs.
  12. Grilled fish; a pair of eggs.
  13. Beef with tomatoes and orange; pear apple salad with yogurt.
  14. Small chicken breast and tomato; Unlimited egg pair and vegetable stew.

The next two weeks during the day you need to eat certain foods, distributing them to several meals on their own. Meals are built as follows:

  1. Fruit.
  2. Raw and steamed vegetables.
  3. Fruits and vegetables.
  4. A fish.
  5. Beef in boiled form.
  6. Apricots and plums.
  7. Avocado or persimmon.
  8. Canned tuna (no more than 200 g), meat (up to 400 g), 4 cucumbers and fruits.
  9. 3 cucumbers and tomatoes, meat (200 g).
  10. A pair of tomatoes, steam vegetables, low fat cottage cheese (100 g).
  11. Boiled chicken, grapefruit, 3 tomatoes, a slice of bread.
  12. Three tomatoes, a pair of eggs, an orange.
  13. Two boiled chicken breasts, a glass of kefir, a small rusk and a pair of tomatoes.
  14. Cottage cheese (100 g), canned tuna (200 g), toast, boiled vegetables.
rigid diet of 10 kg

Drinking ration

Hard drinking diet is no less popular, as it is quite effective. It helps to say goodbye to excess weight quickly, but not so easy. Even though water can restore energy, prevent muscle spasms and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, with long-term consumption without food, health problems can begin. Therefore, water diet does not imply the complete absence of food, but significantly limits their number. The duration of the program is 7 days, during which you need to eat like this:

  • breakfast - porridge on water with honey, fruits, nuts, vegetables / low-fat cottage cheese;
  • snack - a pair of apples / pears;
  • lunch - light soup without potatoes;
  • Snack - toast with cheese and any fruit;
  • dinner - fish / meat with vegetables in the oven.

The number of servings should not exceed 200 g. If during the week there is no strong discomfort, the program can be repeated one more time, but no more. Adhering to food should not be the owners of kidney problems.

Meals for 3 days

Going to a hard diet with heavy and junk food is very difficult, so some people choose a simpler option - for three days. Thanks to him, you can throw up to 5 kg.Meals will be the same and consist only of breakfast, lunch and dinner:

  1. The first reception - a soft-boiled egg.
  2. The second and third methods - a cup of green tea and 150 g of cottage cheese.
stiff fast diet

Out of the diet

Any rigid diet for quick weight loss must be properly over. Upon completion of the course, you should not immediately pounce on flour products, sweets, fatty and spicy foods, as this will contribute to the rapid return of the lost kilograms. Exit from the diet should be literate. To do this, it is recommended to observe the following rules during the week:

  • avoid fried and fatty foods;
  • forget about smoked foods;
  • hold weekly fasting days;
  • do not overdo it with sweets and alcoholic beverages;
  • remember the ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates;
  • engage in physical activity.

As for the drinking system of food, after it it is necessary to eat light food in boiled form for 3-5 days. It is best to eat vegetables, cottage cheese and cereals. Begin to enter the flour products and raw vegetables should be gradually and no earlier than 3 for after the end of the course of weight loss.

Feedback and results

People claim that in a week on a rigid diet 10 kg it is quite possible to throw off, which, of course, pleased them a lot.Despite the warnings of doctors about the deterioration of health, many consumers managed to cope with the problem of excess weight very quickly. Initially, they were all convinced that earlier than a month later the desired weight would not go away, which they were soon convinced of. Some slimming even managed to say goodbye to 15 and 20 kg, which for a long time did not come back to them, because these people learned to adhere to proper nutrition and enjoy really healthy food.

stiff drinking diet

Of course, consumers also note the drawbacks of rigid diets. Most often they talk about headaches. They arise, as a rule, closer to the end of the diet, but still it is extremely difficult to withstand them, especially for office workers and those who are constantly in contact with people. In addition, losing weight indicate that they were quite difficult to restructure. This is explained by the fact that previously they consumed only fast food and other junk food, and a sharp transition, of course, brought them discomfort.

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Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 41

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 33

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 13

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 81

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 66

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 14

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 75

Hard diets for fast and effective weight loss: menus, recipes, photos before and after, feedback on the results 60