Hair dyeing in the style of balayazh: features of the technique and important tips

Hair painting in the style of balayazh is a very popular dyeing technique today. This is a rather complicated labor-intensive process, but the results exceed all expectations if the work is done with skill. Hair dye balayazh - a type of technology that is suitable in the case when it is necessary not to completely change the hair color, but only to make adjustments to the image.

What is balayazh?

Balayazh is a technique of coloring, which involves the clarification of selected strands. Using this technique, you can create an unsurpassed color contrast, an image of burned curls, or dilute a bored monophonic “color” with occurrences of bright colors.

A modern girl wants to constantly change images and experiment with her appearance in the hope of getting a new image: not dull, attractive to men and other women.

What is balayazh?

However, the desire to change the image is not enoughMany women are afraid to go for dramatic changes, because they believe that new-fashioned dyeing techniques lead to a deterioration in the quality of hair.

This statement is far from the truth. Yes, a few years ago, high-quality products for coloring were not available to the world, but now the market has an abundance of sparing paints and an assortment of colors that even imagine is not always possible.

The beauty lies in the fact that hair dye balayazh does not affect all the hair, but only their lower part, so the technique does not cause harm to the root zone and the main volume of hair. The technique involves the use of delicate hair dye, which allows not only to produce high-quality dyeing, but also to take care of the hair.

Shatush, ombra, balayazh - is there any difference?

There are several methods of hair coloring with sound foreign names and similar results. So, the shatush technique involves selective strands at the ends. In this case, there is a smooth gradient: dark - light. The transition from dark to light is done by lightening some strands at the ends of the hair.This variant of coloring creates an image of hair that has burned out in the sun. It differs from analogue shatush techniques in that in this case the highlighted strands are brightened.

Ombre is performed at a greater length than the previous method, and is a technique of transition from one color to another. As a rule, there is lightening, but you can use bright, colored shades, sometimes in several colors at once.

The technique differs from the shatusha in that it implies a continuous (non-selective) clarification of the tips. Compared with the technique of ombre, the bottom strands are brightened at the ombra, thus the difference between the colors is almost imperceptible.

Performing balayazh hair dye, the master applies the paint on the tips of the curls superficially. The method seems quite simple, but requires incredible accuracy, so non-specialists do not always recommend painting on their own or at home.

Difference balagazh from shatusha - applying brightening paint on solid strands. This technique differs from ombre by the fact that for its implementation it is necessary to lighten the strands from below so that the difference between the tones remains smooth, but at the same time smooth and clear.

Balayazh on hair of different lengths

On short hair

Balayazh on different lengths of hair

A feature of the technique of balayazh is that it can be performed on very short hair, refreshing the bold image of a woman. It should be noted that short hair can be dyed with a balayazh technique even at home (unlike hair of a different length). This option allows you to get a fresh trendy look. In more detail hair dye balayazh, photo results can be studied on the Internet.

Technique balayazh on short hair is as follows.

  1. The hair is divided into squares and divided gradually.
  2. By means of a special sponge, the prepared paint is applied on the ends of the hair.
  3. The tips are hidden in the foil for the required time.
  4. Using shampoo, wash off the paint from the hair.

This is the simplest method of performing staining, which is available at home.

On medium hair

On medium hair balayazh looks very relevant in our time and is often elected by the female to improve their appearance.

Classical technology balayazh on medium hair involves bleaching hair into several tones. At the same time, a darker shade remains in the root zone.

The action algorithm is as follows.

  1. Hair is divided into zones.
  2. First, the strands are brightened at the back of the head, and then in the remaining zones by means of progressive strokes along the length of the hair.
  3. The painted areas are hidden in the foil and left for the required amount of time.
  4. Hair washed from the paint with shampoo.

Carrying balayazh hair, photos with medium hair are presented in a wide choice on the Internet and demonstrate a variety of colors.

Long hair

Dyeing long hair balayazh - this is one of the many ways to refresh your image. Long hair length opens up a number of possibilities for fantasy. Any hair color - light brown, black, red - can be supplemented and improved using this technology of dyeing.

Hair coloring on the photo clearly demonstrates what kind of results a woman can expect if she chooses this procedure. Pictures of colored strands are abundantly available on the Internet.

The technique of dyeing in the style of balayazh on long curls practically does not differ from dyeing on medium hair. Is that the opportunity to lighten the strands of 4-6 tones, which will make the image more elegant.

Play with color

On dark hair

The result of dyeing on dark hair can be different, because for the owner of dark hair there are great opportunities. You can choose bright colors that will make the image more “wild” and exotic, or light shades to create the effect of burnt hair.

Bold images imply bright and contrasting solutions, but lighter shades will suit the calmer women, with which the image becomes more complete. You can create a sun glare effect that will only slightly change the appearance of the hairstyle. Romantic image fully emphasizes “honey”, “gold” or “caramel”.

Technique staining balayazh

Brunettes often choose coffee or chocolate color, but owners of cold blue-black color prefer to emphasize the seriousness of the image with silver or gray locks.

Aged bronze is also a choice of brave women who like to be the center of attention. Colors such as fall foliage or wine color will also attract the eye.

On blonde hair

For those blondes who want to make their image even brighter, balayazh is the perfect way.For performance of equipment on a fair hair use of an oxidizer with a high percentage is not recommended.

Successful tones for balayazha on blond hair are considered combinations with:

  • hazelnut;
  • dark chocolate;
  • wine tint;
  • shades of chestnut.

Bright and fancy shades, as a rule, are not suitable for bearers of light shades, however, bold personalities practice the use of red, pink tones.

Color balayazh

Classical balayazh implies coloring in two tones with an imperceptible transition. The choice of color is an individual preference, however there are some recommendations for choosing bright colors for dark and fair hair.

Blond hair is perfectly combined with burgundy, black and pink shades, often using dyeing in violet, lilac and blue shades.

Of course, dark-haired women were much more fortunate, because they received a huge selection of shades and colors. You can meet dark-haired girls with red, lilac, blue, green, purple curls.

Also, many people prefer to combine several colors at once, but here it is better not to overdo it.

Staining balayazh

It should be noted that the color dyeing technique is slightly different from the classic version: when performing work, the strands are tightened with rubber bands, because bright dyes can be printed on the hair, which will not lead to an ideal result.

Black and white, gray and gray

This type of coloring is used by women with both light and dark hair. This allows you to create a bright, unique image and remain forever in the memory of those who see it. Technique staining in gray and gray tones is not easy, and to perform it at home, alas, it is extremely difficult.

Black and white are practiced by courageous women, this allows you to be both a blonde and a brunette at the same time. The beauty of this technology is that it works in both directions - blondes dye strands of hair in black, brunettes - in white. This contrast technique requires a lot of experience from the master, because to get white, you need to understand the types of hair.

Gray and gray shades are very elegant, as they allow you to create the image of a femme fatale. It is worth noting that in this case gray and gray tones can be combined with others, creating new shades.For example, gray-pink, gray-lilac, gray-brown, wine-gray hues are very popular.

Preparation and process at home

It is rather difficult to do dyeing in the balayazh style at home, but for the sake of beauty, girls can overcome any difficulties.

Before you begin work, you need to arm yourself with an arsenal of tools: a bowl and spatula for mixing paint, brushes for application, a comb, hairpins, rubber bands, foil, gloves, paints, a towel and a cape.

Metal containers and mixing paddles are contraindicated for use!

The algorithm of action will be as follows.

  1. Preparation of the dye composition.
  2. Careful combing hair.
  3. The division of hair into zones (for short - many squares, for long - 4 squares).
  4. The paint is applied to the curls from the bottom up, each colored strand is laid aside, but they need to be separated by elongated pieces of foil.
  5. The bang is colored the same way as short hair.
  6. Curls hiding in the foil for impact.
  7. The exposure time of the paint depends on the desired effect (approximately 20-40 minutes).
  8. Hair washed from paint under running water.
  9. Hair washed with shampoo and balsam.

Tips and secrets of specialists

In order to avoid mistakes during the painting with the balayaz technique, you need to follow some recommendations.

  1. To perform high-quality staining, you need to own several staining techniques and be able to handle the brush at the master level. The slightest mistake in applying paint can ruin the whole image.
  2. The choice of paint for balayazh should be successful, in case of divergence of the main and new colors, you can spoil the image.
  3. Balayazh is a technique that usually involves the use of not different paints, but several tones of one paint. Work should be approached without fanaticism and remain within the same color.
  4. Despite the sparing effect of coloring compositions, the paint should not be kept on the head for longer than the prescribed time, otherwise the affected hair will still have to be cut.
Usually, the haircut is performed after dyeing, but not in the case of balayazh. Before performing the technique should take care of cutting hair, and in advance, as the hair must be unwashed just before dyeing.


Technique balayazh - this is a great way to improve the appearance of the haircut, highlight the merits and hide flaws. This procedure cannot be called the most complex, but it is not simple. Even if it can be done at home, it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

But if you still decide to experiment on your own with your image, it is very important to follow all the recommendations of specialists - this is the only way to do the work correctly and create a unique image.

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Hair dyeing in the style of balayazh: features of the technique and important tips 42

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Hair dyeing in the style of balayazh: features of the technique and important tips 29

Hair dyeing in the style of balayazh: features of the technique and important tips 49

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