Hair coloring on dark hair (photo)

Women are changeable natures, likeweather conditions outside the window. They constantly strive for novelty, adore new things, carry out experiments, changing their appearance. To change the hair color for them means a lot. That's where there's a chance to show your imagination, using the skillful hands of the master and his recommendations. The main question arises when dyeing hair, which shade to give preference this time? Owners of dark curls are naturally interested in changing their natural tone of hair no less than blondes. Coloring of dark curls has a lot of nuances, a little different from painting light. What features does hair dyeing have on dark hair? What techniques of coloration should be preferred? We will talk about this.

hair coloring on dark hair

Painting on dark hair

Photos in the article show the reader the mostgood coloring options. How to achieve this result? Many brunettes and brown-haired women tend to lighten the natural tone of their hair for a couple of tones. For the primary coloring of dark hair in light natural shades, different clarifiers will be needed, without this light paint on dark hair simply does not fall, the desired shade does not work. To this end, take the usual peroxide or special clarifiers. If hair dyeing is done in ordinary home conditions, then using such aggressive hair means you need to be extremely careful, thin hair can be burned very quickly. But their recovery will take a lot of time and effort. Due to the use of such potent agents, the pigment itself is lightened, which gives the hair a natural dark shade. This fact must also be taken into account when choosing clarification. Dark hair can be clarified as little as 4 tones, otherwise there is a risk of burning your hair, they will become more brittle and will get unhealthy tarnish. After the shade is close to the desired result, you can use a light, sparing paint, then it will give exactly that elegant tone that is needed.

painting on dark hair photo

Safe gradual staining

Hair coloring on dark hair, as alreadymentioned, may not end quite as desired. The result can be deplorable. The method of gradual staining is characterized by a gentle effect on the hair, in contrast to the traditional lightening, but here one must have a lot of patience to achieve the desired result. Its main principle is that it is necessary to color hair three times shades below the natural one every 3 weeks, it should belong to the range to which the coveted tone refers. Over time, the intended result is achieved. Of course, this method is much longer, but it is able to keep your hair healthy without harm, so you do not need to spend money and time to regenerate the hair that has been subjected to aggressive staining. Light colors have one insidious property: together with the necessary pigment they take away the health of the hair. To prevent this from happening, do not rush to turn into a blonde from a normal brunette. To give hair the right shade it may take 3-4 months of regular procedures.

Coloring ombre on dark hair

Photos in the article show readersoriginality of this method of staining. When using this technology, dark enough roots are obtained with lighter tips, as if sunburned on the sun. Here you can vary the tone, choosing a shade according to your preference. The owner of dark hair is perfect for this method of staining. Coloring hair in the style of ombre to dark curls is a fairly smooth transition from a saturated dark tone to a pleasant light tint at the ends. The main feature of this technique is that it differs in its non-standard and brightness.

The application of ombre to dark from nature is consideredThe most sparing variation of classic shadowing. This style can not suit every girl because of her individual features and psychological mood, age. When choosing this technique of coloring, one must take into account the style of clothing, the current life styles of each particular girl. The dyeing of the hair with ombre on dark curls is designed for bold, brave girls who want to be bright and unusual.

Make hair more voluminous, and looksAdd the brightness will help the classical ombre, here no more than two tones are applied, one shade smoothly passes into the other. Owners of beautiful dark hair of medium length, you can try the reverse ombre, when the roots are painted in a light shade, and the tips turn out to be darker. The colorized ombre is quite in demand, where the technique of classical coloring is taken as a basis. Then the dark tone of the hair can go into several suitable shades at once.

dyeing hair ombre to dark

Traditional hair coloring in dark colors

Painting hair in a dark color - quite bolddecision. After all, if the result does not satisfy, it will be difficult to fix everything. To change the light tone of hair to a cardinal darker shade is possible with the use of various paints and chemical dyes. The lighter the natural tone of the hair, the brighter the shade chosen will be, this moment should be taken into account when choosing this or that paint. Do not buy cheap paint, because it can have a detrimental effect on the condition of the hair.

If planned for the first timeindependent painting, then you should follow the precautions prescribed in the instructions. If there is no experience of dyeing hair, then it is better to entrust your precious hair to the hands of skilled craftsmen, because the slightest mistake can give a completely different tone of strands, quite different from what you want. You need to divide the strands of hair into the strands, apply the paint mixed with the fixer. It is important to evenly distribute the product in strands, then comb all the hair.

The expectation of staining of overgrown roots is20-30 minutes, then the rest of the composition is applied to the total length, withstand the paint for 20 minutes. Do not overdo the paint on your hair, otherwise there is a risk to burn the composition with your hair.

In addition to chemical means of coloring in a dark color, you can use safer folk methods to give strands a dark shade.

dyeing hair in a dark color

Safe staining methods in dark color

As improvised tools that can givea darkish shade suitable for ground coffee, basma, brewed tea, fir bark, plain walnut, oak acorns or sage. At least one of the listed means can be found in every house. But here one should not expect intensity of tone and quick result from the first application, it will take 5 consecutive procedures. But in the safety of hair coloring agents, you can be absolutely sure.

Before cardinal change of the external shapeyou can measure the wig of the desired tone, see how much it diets to face, whether it is worth going to such a desperate step or you can use the usual shades for paint.

Two-color painting on dark hair

Two-color hair coloring on dark hairlooks very original. This technique of coloring is gaining more and more turns, this is due to its weighty advantages over the one-color method. Visually increases the amount of colored strands due to the beautiful play of the selected color transitions. Strands are applied much less damage, because the basis is taken by the natural tone of the hair, and only individual ringlets are stained.

With the help of two-color paint there is a chance to refreshappearance, giving the female face a bit of freshness and attractiveness. When choosing a tone that is very similar to the natural shade of strands, the effect of using the stain lasts much longer, because the overgrown roots do not attract attention.

Until recently, the technique of two-color stainingThey were used only for the creation of melted strands, but now there are many varieties of two-color staining, among which you can choose the most suitable method, use it to create a new image.

dyeing ombre on dark hair photo

Varieties of staining in two colors

Classic ombre, where there is a clear transition between the chosen tones, is based on the combination of natural shades.

The effect of degradation is a clear or smooth line of transition of tones, it can be horizontal or vertical. Here, in addition to the desired shades of strands, the direction of staining is selected.

The technique of the rattles has much in common with the classicalmelirovaniem, only without the use of conventional foil, at the expense of this provides free air access to the painted strands. As a result, you get a beautiful effect burned in the sun ringlets. This is an excellent method of correcting the failed results of staining, visual correction of non-professional haircuts. Also, such a painting for long dark hair will look great.

The modern method of balayage is based on staining the bangs and tips in a tone that differs from the main one. This is a great way to combine natural or contrast tones.

Bringing - skillful combination of light shadewith a classic brown color. As a result, we get a magnificent brown-haired woman with the effect of burnt strands. This is a wonderful method of increasing the volume of hair.

Despite the fact that many techniques have similar qualities, they are unique in their own way, they help to create an original image.

painting on long dark hair

Basis of technique

This is a fairly new way of staining, forwhich strands are given the most natural appearance due to the contrasting staining of the tips and bangs in relation to the base tone of the hair. Staining can be done not only in traditional two tones, but the master has the right to use and three shades when staining.

The paint used for balaže is applied farfrom the roots of the hair by separate strands. Due to the lack of application of the paint on the roots, the hair will become well-groomed and neat after coloring and regrowth. When you use this method, the brush stroke occurs horizontally. Vertically, it is applied only the tip of the brush over the top layer of strands. This coloration does not require frequent visits to the salon to update the color, only a couple of visits a year.

This style of staining was created more than 5 years ago,balaj is a visiting card of many eminent stars. The idea of ​​using such a paint has evolved over the years. If earlier balayzh assumed a soft and smooth transition, now there is a tendency to use more flashy shades and sharp transitions, this technique has profitably risen to a new level.

Applying balaža to dark hair

dyeing black hair

Coloring hair balaž (photo) on dark hairlooks great on strands of almost any length. It is dark hair that is the perfect base for manifesting your imagination, trying on them both pleasant light colors, and unrealistically catchy shades. If gray or tarnished hair is taken as a basis, then additional toning or staining is required to maximize the tone of the hair to the natural.

Variants of dyeing balayazh on dark hair

Today, the coloring of balaža on dark hair exists in a variety of fashionable variations. Each girl can choose her own convenient painting option.

Style balayaz can be divided into the following methods:

  • Photo balayazh - the main trendy trend of this color. It is a complete balayage, in which the coloring of the ends is not done to white, but only a few tones. With this method there is a smooth stretching of the color, it is almost invisible.
  • Lightening of individual strands of hair in the face. This method is suitable for those who doubt whether the chosen image will suit them or not. This method of coloring is the safest. At the initial stage, you can try to lighten the strands in the face, and if the result is satisfied, you can apply color over the entire head. Such a variation of the paint will attract attention to the face, softening its features a little and hiding minor skin imperfections.
  • Gradual balage. This technique involves giving the ends of strands of extra tone. This is done with the utmost care, giving an easy effect of muffling and elegance.

Features of the procedure balage

To perform the technique, 2 or 3shade of paint. The technology of the procedure is determined by the initial length of the hair. The main color begins with the back of the head, the bangs are stained in the last place with the traditional vertical method. The hair is carefully divided into strands, special clarifiers are applied to the ends, after flushing the clarifier from the strands, they begin to paint the roots, the brightened ends are wrapped in a special foil. You can fix the base of hair with a varnish to fix the curls in the desired position and shape. On long hair, the effect of gradual transition is achieved by oxidation of the upper part of the strands, after 15 minutes the dye is distributed with the help of a comb along the entire length. To preserve the tone of the lower layer of hair, a foil sheet is fixed under each stain strand. The final stage is washing the dye, drying and giving the hair the desired shape.

Now you know what coloring hair for dark hair will do.

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