Guest houses Goryachinsk: overview, features and reviews

Goryachinsk is a small village in the Republic of Buryatia of the Irkutsk region, located on the east coast of the deepest lake in the world, Lake Baikal. Every year hundreds of tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the local region and improve their health. For their stay there are hotels where there is everything you need for a good holiday. In the village there is also an eco-base and a rather large tourist complex. But most often for accommodation at the time of rest visitors choose the guest house. Goryachinsk has more than two dozen such institutions. Each of them has its advantages and positive aspects.

State Duma "Goryachinsk"

Today the Baikal region has become a place of mass tourism. More and more people come here instead of spending their holidays in some exotic country. Many of them choose the guest house "Goryachinsk" as the place of their location for the period of rest.In this institution there are only 7 rooms of different categories:

  • "Budget" for 2 persons;
  • economy class for 2, 3 and 4 people;
  • triple;
  • family "suite".

Each has a satellite TV, bathroom, toilet, refrigerator, work desk and wardrobe.

guest house goryachinsk

Visitors are also provided with free Wi-Fi. A homemade breakfast is provided for them in the morning. Although if you wish, everyone can cook their own food. For this, the rooms have a specially equipped kitchen. Guest house "Goryachinsk" is a place where you can not only spend the night. Employees try in every way to diversify the rest of their visitors. For them, organized fishing tours and all sorts of hiking trips to the most picturesque places of the local region. True, it is worth rest in this institution about 2 thousand rubles per day. But many guests, satisfied, again come to this cozy place.

A bit of history

Guest house "Goryachinsk" is located in the village, which was founded on the site of a mineral spring, opened many years ago. Legend has it that it was discovered by a local hunter. This happened after his wounded dog bathed in a hot stream and recovered unexpectedly. Scientists are interested in this fact. The first information about the source appeared in the XVIII century.Academician Georgi IG, during a long expedition, thoroughly examined the healing keys and conducted a complete chemical analysis of the water. On the basis of his conclusions, the governor of Irkutsk decided to equip a small medical bath here. Only 4 years later, a village grew up around it, which later became known to the whole country as a spa resort. In addition, local residents also engaged in fishing. In 1940 there were a little more than 800 people. They created a fishing collective farm, which for a long time was the main supplier of the country of the famous Baikal omul. True, today in the local waters it is not so much.

DG "Gorkhon"

A lot of people come to Goryachinsk every year. Guest houses, camp sites and various cottage complexes are ready to receive tourists all year round. Indeed, visitors are here both in summer and in winter. For example, a good place to relax is the guest house "Gorkhon". For visitors there are different types of accommodation:

  1. Cozy house for 3 bedrooms with a kitchen, a huge living room, hallway and bathroom. There is a TV, and even a computer with which you can freely access the Internet. Residents can independently arrange their belongings.To do this, the house has a washing machine and iron.
  2. Seven types of well-appointed rooms. In each of them must have the necessary furniture and TV. True, the bathroom for some rooms is shared and is on the floor.
  3. Winter houses with a stove, designed for 5 people. You can cook here by yourself. To do this, there is an electric stove, kitchenware and a refrigerator.
  4. Family houses for 3 or 6 people with a gas stove and heater.

Goryachinsk hostels

This establishment is located just 100 meters from the famous source. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to undergo treatment with the help of healing mud and physiotherapy. Most often this is the goal of those who come to Goryachinsk. Guest houses, camp sites are also trying to organize all kinds of entertainment for tourists. Here you can rent sports equipment, order a bath or rent a place for barbecue.

DG "Compound"

Guest houses in Goryachinsk on Baikal are a great place for family holidays. After all, many today are trying to travel with their children. For such a case, the guest house “Compound”, for example, is located in the center of the resort village itself.Its territory is simply “buried” in greenery.

guest houses in goryachinsk on baikal

In the summer, it becomes a real salvation from the heat. The building can accommodate 36 people. It has 8 triple and 6 double rooms. True, the placement in them uncomfortable. But it does not bother many. In the summer, meals are provided for visitors in the dining room. On the territory there is a real Russian bath, which is heated by wood. In their free time, guests can cook barbecues on the grill and sit in a cozy alcove in the fresh air. For those who arrived in his car, parking is provided. True, it is not guarded. This kind of guest houses in Goryachinsk on Baikal are quite common. Many visitors are not interested in comfort, but the opportunity to merge at least for a short time with the unique pristine nature.

DG "Daisy"

Attention of tourists also attracts guest house "Romashka". Goryachinsk expects visitors here mainly in the summer. For accommodation in a two-story building there are rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people. In a small adjacent area is:

  • children's room;
  • dining room (three meals a day can be arranged if desired);
  • arbors and summer terrace;
  • the only heated swimming pool in this settlement (use is included in the tour price);
  • bath;
  • parking

guest house chamomile goryachinsk

Spacious rooms in the rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture. Each room has a bathroom, as well as a TV, fridge and kettle. The house also has a kitchen where anyone can cook their own food. Those who wish are invited to use the spa room. Here you can do wellness and cosmetic massage, manicure, pedicure, as well as various facial and body treatments. A trip to Baikal from here along the forest road will take only 10 minutes.

Opinions of visitors

Today, many come to rest in Goryachinsk. Guest houses, reviews of which interest tourists, the owners are asked to leave their guests for a kind of advertising places. In addition, the views of visitors help to eliminate existing shortcomings. What do the "yesterday's tenants" think about their place of stay? For starters, you can start with the flaws. Despite the fact that the resort has been operating for a long time, the infrastructure of the village has not been updated since the Soviet times:

  1. The roads are practically not asphalted, which makes it difficult to move on them.
  2. Many buildings are dilapidated and in need of repair.
  3. There are no toilets on public beaches.This circumstance creates certain inconveniences and sometimes leads to environmental pollution.

Nevertheless, do not forget about the positive aspects of rest:

  1. Amazing nature.
  2. Great sandy beaches. Nearby there are several cafes, a volleyball court. In addition, for those who wish there are all kinds of water activities.
  3. Air saturated with ozone.
  4. Hot spring with healing mineral water.

goryachinsk guest houses reviews

Against the background of these advantages, the disadvantages of local recreation seem insignificant and fade into the background.

DG "Family"

True Baikal fans often choose the Semeyny guest house. Goryachinsk is just five minutes walk from it. The building is located in a picturesque place surrounded by centuries-old pines. Visitors, depending on their desires and personal wealth, can purchase the following numbers:

  • “Comfortable” for 2 and 3 people;
  • "Semi-collar" for two;
  • “Uncomfortable” for 2, 3, 4 and 5 places.

guest house family goryachinsk

In summer, all residents are offered three meals a day. In addition, the territory has a restaurant and cafe. For guests of this recreation center in addition to the resettlement, the rooms provide the following range of services:

  • Russian sauna;
  • parking;
  • children playground;
  • rental of sports equipment;
  • gazebos with barbecue facilities;
  • transfer for communication with nearby large populated areas.

Also, all guests of this base have the opportunity to apply to any sanatorium of the city for the passage of health and medical procedures.

DG "Hot key"

The guest house "Hot Key" enjoys constant popularity among the guests of the city. Goryachinsk from it is only two hundred meters. True, the distance to the shoreline of the lake is 1.3 kilometers. But for rest, a small walking tour is only good. This place is usually called the Family Club, which means “family club”. Indeed, for children there is everything you need:

  • game room;
  • plastic slide;
  • trampoline;
  • computer gaming console.

While children are busy, adults can:

  • play table tennis or billiards;
  • visit the bath;
  • sit in the gazebo-barbecue or cook barbecue on the grill.

People who come by car can put it in a warm garage or on a guarded parking lot. On the territory there is a rental of tourist equipment, where at any time you can take skis, sleds, balls, bicycles, snowmobiles, tubing, as well as fishing equipment.The club has a large indoor pool with a length of 12 meters with waterfalls and geysers of the purest artesian water. And lovers of "relaxation" can even turn on a spectacular lighting for additional pleasure. For guests there are rooms of nine different categories:

  • "base";
  • “Comfort suite”;
  • "family";
  • "Holiday";
  • "Business suite";
  • "Junior suite";
  • "Suite romantic".

guest house hot key goryachinsk

Accommodation in them ranges from 2 to 6 thousand per day, depending on the conditions and the number of visitors.

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