General Shamanov: biography, family, children, photo

For the first time, the country heard about General Shamanov during the first Chechen company. The general was injured during the first Chechen campaign, which happens infrequently. Naturally, this caused a wide public response.

Childhood and youth

Shamanov Vladimir Anatolyevich

In the biography of General Shamanov a lot of "white spots". So, very little information about childhood and adolescence.

It is known that Colonel-General Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov was born on February 15, 1957 in Barnaul. However, the future general spent all his childhood in Uzbekistan, where the family later moved.

Volodya's father left them when the boy was still young. Very little is known about him. The boy was brought up by his mother, an athlete and repeated champion of the Altai Territory. She instilled in the child a love of sport.

School Vladimir Shamanov graduated in the city of Gagarin of the Uzbek SSR. Apparently, the boy lacked a father, so he decided to become a military man - a real man in his understanding.

On his biography, General Shamanov said that his fate was determined by the released film "Officers". There were no military men in the family, but Volodya’s friend had his father as a military commissar. Under his influence, the boy decided to devote himself to the defense of the motherland.

In 1974, the future Colonel-General Shamanov entered the TVTCU. After 2 years, he transferred to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School, which he graduated in 1978, receiving the rank of lieutenant.

Military career: from “green” lieutenant to battalion commander for 1 year

General Shamanov on BTR

The speed with which a young lieutenant was making a career still haunts the envious. After graduating from college, he was sent to the 76th Airborne Division, which was based in the city of Pskov. Shamanov took a platoon of the 61st separate self-propelled artillery battalion.

But a year later, in 1979, he returned to the school. From 1980 to 1984, Vladimir Shamanov commanded a company of cadets, and then returned to Pskov, but already to the post of commander of the 104th airborne regiment.

The path from the battalion commander to the chief of staff of the 7th airborne division

Vladimir Anatolyevich did not stop at that, and in 1989 he graduated from the Frunze Military Academy.

In 1990, Vladimir Shamanov was appointed commander of the 328 Parachute Regiment in the city of Kirovabad (now the city of Gyanzha). He held this position for 4 years - it was a period of instability and the collapse of the country. It seemed to have reached the peak of a military career.

However, in 1994, Shamanov was transferred to Novorossiysk and was appointed chief of staff of the 7th airborne division.

First trip to the Caucasus: injury

In 1995, in connection with the outbreak of hostilities in the North Caucasus, Shamanov held the post of deputy commander of the 58th Army of the North Caucasus Military District in the city of Vladikavkaz.

In May 1995, the general received the first combat wound and became known throughout the country through the media. Then this event was covered on all TV channels.

A little later, Shamanov headed the United Group of Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus region - a post thanks to which the general earned a reputation as an implacable fighter for the rights of servicemen.

After the end of the first military company in the North Caucasus, Vladimir Shamanov disappears from public view.

From 1996 to 1998, Shamanov managed to command a tank division in Kaliningrad and the 20th Army of the Moscow Military District in Voronezh,and graduate from the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The media rarely remembered him during this period.

The second trip to the Caucasus: the star of Hero

General Shamanov near the Kremlin

The country again heard about the general in 1999 in connection with the start of the second Chechen company. Shamanov returned to the post of commander of the 58th Army of the North Caucasus Military District in the city of Vladikavkaz. And directly led the anti-terrorist operation, for which he received a hero star from Vladimir Putin in 1999.

In 2000, the general was appointed commander of the Western United Group of Federal Forces in the North Caucasus region. However, in the same year, 2000, Shamanov decided to leave military service and try himself in the political arena.

Even in Chechnya, General Shamanov showed himself tough and merciless to the enemy. But he became a real commanding father for his soldiers.

The guys who were fortunate enough to fight alongside Shamanov speak of him as a strict but fair man. According to fellow soldiers, the general always kept his word and could be relied on.

However, Shamanov did not show pity for the bandits.Evil tongues say that according to his order, for a dozen Russian soldiers, the commander ordered the aviation to destroy 2 villages in which, according to intelligence, the militants were hiding.

The media often wrote at the time about the bloody sweeps that were carried out by the feds on the orders of the general. According to Western journalists, Shamanov did not see the difference between the militants and the families of the militants. At the same time, they forget that the militants were not idle.

At that time, the so-called “sweeps” were an adequate response to the bloody actions of gangsters against the civilian population and the military. Often, the provocations were committed by the militants themselves, disguised in the form of Russian servicemen.

Shamanov himself says that the main task of the commander is to preserve the life and health of his subordinates, war is not good.

The approach of the general to this issue coincided with the official position of Vladimir Putin, who ordered not to make concessions to the bandits after a series of terrorist acts on the territory of the country.

Recall that almost all field commanders were physically destroyed as a result of special operations of federal forces.

Political career: the chair of the governor

Hero of Russia General Shamanov

It is strange that the combat general decided to leave military service when his popularity reached its peak. After the end of the antiterrorist operation in Chechnya, many pushed for him as Minister of Defense.

However, these predictions were not destined to become reality. In 2000, Shamanov was elected governor of the Ulyanovsk region and held this post until November 2004. As governor, the general showed his best qualities: strength of character and ability to achieve a goal.

The main achievement of Vladimir Anatolyevich as governor can be called the write-off of communal debt of the Ulyanovsk region - this problem was particularly acute then.

However, in the general’s political career, not everything worked out as smoothly as we would like. In the upcoming elections in 2005, the United Russia party refused to support the governor and Shamanov was forced to withdraw his candidacy. Policies require some flexibility. Apparently, the military general did not suit everyone with his military integrity.

Return to military service

On May 24, 2009, Vladimir Shamanov was appointed Commander of the Russian Airborne Forces.In the rearmament and strengthening of the Russian army in the last decade, he took an active part. What is worth only the scandal of 2012 with the supply of troops BMD-4M, who wanted to exclude from the program of public procurement.

Many then predicted Shamanov ending career and dismissal. Nevertheless, the change of power with loud scandals and revelations occurred in the Ministry of Defense, and Vladimir Anatolyevich remained in his place. Apparently, the general still has a real power to be reckoned with.

In 2010, Vladimir Anatolyevich was in a terrible accident. His driver died, and he himself survived only by a miracle. Russians are used to seeing this iron man riding an armored troop-carrier, in a trench or jumping with a parachute. The photo of General Shamanov in the hospital was shocked then the whole country.

The media then wrote that the accident that Shamanov had fallen into was not accidental and could have been rigged by his opponents.

Colonel-General held the post of commander of the Airborne Forces of Russia for 7 years. And this is with the policy of personnel rotation approved by the Commander-in-Chief. During this time, the command of other branches of the military has changed several times.

On December 4, 2016, Colonel-General Shamanov left military service and was transferred to the reserve. Nevertheless, Vladimir Anatolyevich continues to actively participate in the public life of the country: since 2018, he has been elected chairman of the board of the World of Patriots Foundation.

Apparently, the resignation is not related to age. The media, citing their sources in the Ministry of Defense, argued that the general would soon head one of the committees in the State Duma. And it turned out to be true.

The personality and family of Vladimir Shamanov

Considering the biography of statesmen of this magnitude, the personal life and family of the hero are often left behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov is not only a military general and a man who restored peace in the North Caucasus, but also the head of a wonderful family.

General's wife

Lyudmila Shamanova

The general met his wife, Lyudmila Shamanova, in Ryazan, at the wedding of mutual acquaintances. It was love at first sight and for the rest of your life. Vladimir then studied in the third year.

Lyudmila accompanied her husband on all business trips, including to the Caucasus. Eyewitnesses say that once she saved her husband's life by grabbing the arm of an armed gangster in Nagorno-Karabakh.

They got married in 1978, right after Vladimir graduated from the Ryazan School.Shamanov himself says that at that time he rented a house, being a lieutenant. Lived in the private sector of Pskov.

I had to heat the stove and carry water in buckets. There were problems with the employment of the young wife of the future Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov. They managed to get to the sanatorium only being the battalion commander. Although the social package was declared, the reality was very different from expectations.

General children

Married 2 children. Below in the photo Svetlana is the daughter of General Shamanov, his son Yuri and wife Lyudmila.

Children of General Shamanov

According to the general himself, he is not a supporter of total supervision, and organizing a barracks at home is not his method. The wife of Vladimir Anatolyevich works as a lawyer in a private company, the son of the general, Yuri Shamanov, graduated from the Suvorov Military School and the military university, but did not want to follow his father. The general became a grandfather a long time ago, but there is a catastrophic lack of time to communicate with his grandchildren. The daughter of the general, Svetlana Shamanova, married a businessman.

General Shamanov with grandchildren

Vladimir Shamanov himself admits that the spouse directs the house. The only thing the general can disobey his wife is service. They tell a funny case: once, during a business trip to Nagorno-Karabakh, Ludmila just lay down at the front door and did not let her husband out on the street.Of course, Shamanov could not step over his wife, he had to jump out the window from the third floor.

Vladimir Shamanov as a man and commander

Without subordinates - the second family - the biography of General Shamanov would be incomplete. It is said that during a business trip to Chechnya, he could call on behalf of each soldier who had crossed with him at least once.

At the same time, General Shamanov is a very strong and strong-willed person. There are still legends about his tough decisions during the military campaign in Chechnya. He spent most of his adult life in a stern male team, where it is important to be, not to appear.

The general participated in both Chechen companies, the five-day war with Georgia in Abkhazia, the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh and the annexation of the Crimea.

The rapidity with which Shamanov’s military career went uphill was shocking to his imagination. Find a logical explanation for such a rapid growth is difficult. It seems that someone's invisible hand ran a string of coincidences that accompanied the success of the general.

In part, this can be explained by the political situation in the country - the military profession in the 90s was not held in high esteem and a certain personnel shortage was formed.

Nevertheless, this success became possible only thanks to the iron will of the future general, who used to overcome himself all his life. The following case will help illustrate this. Having taken the battalion in Pskov, the Shaman made another parachute jump.

At first, the main dome did not open. When Shamanov tried to use a spare, the main parachute suddenly began to unfold. The situation threatened to end in tears, but at the last moment the battalion commander was able to rectify the situation.

They say about such people: “born in a shirt”. But what did the future general almost die? He immediately made another leap in order to restore his shaky self-confidence.

The same behavior can be traced after being wounded in Chechnya, when the general fled from the hospital to his soldiers through a window.

What is it: childish or steel will to win and responsibility for subordinates? Most likely, Shamanov himself will not be able to honestly answer this question.

This habit of overcoming Shamanov’s blood. He made his first parachute jump in 1974. The general himself remembers that it was in Central Asia. It was a terrible heat. Parachutes were old and heavy.Jumped Shamanov almost unconscious.

Fear gripped so much that only when the dome opened overhead, Vladimir Anatolyevich realized what had happened. Later, the future general realized that he was jumping with his eyes closed. But the second jump was already deliberate. In total, Shaman jumped with a parachute 178 times. And so in everything, what Vladimir Anatolevich would not be engaged in.

The general himself says that he was in the landing - be proud, did not get - rejoice. To be proud, you have to shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears. You need to constantly overcome yourself, bravely endure moral and physical overload. Maybe that's why the bonds of the martial fraternity are so strong. After all, in war, one often has to give one’s life to save comrades.

Once the general was asked what qualities should a paratrooper have? The highest priority, Vladimir Shamanov, called compulsion. If you give the word, you need to make the promise in any case. In addition, you will need an iron will, a willingness to grow above yourself, to constantly overcome difficulties and never give up.

General Shamanov does not hide that he believes in God. This faith helped him to go through several “hot spots” and a difficult path in life. After the car accident in 2010, few people thought that the general will get out. The injuries were very serious.However, Shamanov quickly recovered.

The general himself says that the higher forces repeatedly helped him find a non-standard solution in a critical situation. Once in Chechnya, he was under artillery fire. The shells fell now in front, then behind. But did not hit the target.

By the way, many come to God in war. The general himself remembers how he observed the following picture: 2 soldiers stood in a line to the priest: a Tatar and a Bashkir. He asked if they knew where they were standing - an Orthodox priest was baptizing believers there. To which one of the soldiers replied that tomorrow he wanted to go into battle with God.

Let's sum up

Vladimir Anatolyevich Shamanov - a man who devoted himself to serving the Motherland. The general is an exemplary family man and adherent of traditional Christian values. The second family became his subordinates. Shamanov is actively engaged in social activities and is fighting for the rights of servicemen.

In the political arena, a combat general feels less confident than in a war. Therefore, he returned to military service. But even here, during his governorship, the general managed to resolve a number of complex pressing issues.What is worth only the cancellation of the municipal debt of the Ulyanovsk region.

Vladimir Shamanov is a man of honor and not accustomed to compromises. In 2016, the general was transferred to the reserve. Military career is over. However, it is hard to believe that Shamanov will retire.

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