Gamepad DualShock 4: description, overview, connection

Computer games quietly entered our lives and became something inseparable from many people. Of course, not everyone supports gaming addiction. But, anyway, the game has become a culture for many countries. Not only computers take the time and lives of some users. There are also console devices, which, although less popular, are still more close to gaming than PCs. After all, desktop computers are used for everyday tasks.

Market situation

Those who have tried to find a console at least once know that there are now two main competitors on the market - Microsoft and Sony. So, the most famous latest models were the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

dualshock 4

These are two competing consoles, which are now breaking the market into two parts. Those who decided to buy a console, can hardly determine which model to choose.

Remote controller

Today we will talk about the DualShock 4. This is a gamepad, which appeared on the market along with the latest version of the console from Sony.For those who do not know what a gamepad is, it is worth explaining that this is a device that is a game manipulator. In general, it is a remote control that the player holds with two hands to control the process. Previously, only fingers were used, now embedded sensors have appeared, which also affect the movement of heroes in the virtual world. Naturally, gamepads are connected to the console - earlier thanks to the cable, now with the help of wireless technologies.


The device Sony DualShock 4 appeared on the market relatively recently. Last year it was updated to the second version, thanks to which all errors were corrected. In general, this series became known to the world in 1997. Sales of the gamepad were successful, as, in principle, and the console.

The name of the series of game manipulators was due to vibration. So, two motors are built into the device, which, depending on the situation in the virtual world, react differently. They were designed to improve human interaction with the game.

sony dualshock 4

So, while shooting, the DualShock 4 delivers brief vibrations, similar to a shake. Besides the fact that this is an excellent imitation of shots, it also disorients the gamer and makes shooting more difficult, but real.In the case of races, if the car gets into an accident and crashes into any obstacle, there is a long shake, which simulates the fact that the gamer has the steering wheel of a racing car. In general, the work of vibration motors depends on the developers and their imagination, but in general the addition to the game is very pleasant and useful.


Briefly worth mentioning is the console for which this gamepad was developed. PlayStation 4 hit the market in 2013. Our overlooked controller was also included. Last year, the company released an update to the game console. The first option received a reduced size, and the second - improved performance and 4K resolution.

Interestingly, during the presentation of the console, only Sony DualShock 4 was shown. The company wanted to point out that the innovations are more concerned with management, the new gamepad and the Share button. The prefix itself was shown only after a while. It was then that the developers heard the first negative reviews. It seemed to users that the difference in appearance of the console and gamepad is highly visible and striking.

how to connect dualshock 4

So, the prefix turned out more sharp, with straight lines and strict forms.But the gamepad entered the market rounded and even with the addition of gray color, which never appeared on the console itself.


It should immediately say that the joystick DualShock 4 was supplied with the console. But in the box it could be found separately, although not immediately. So, the packaging was no different from the previous one for the third controller. The box is made in blue. In front, through the transparent plastic, you can see the device itself, which seems to be sitting on a throne. All important information is on the reverse side. But even there many specifications are hard to find. Inside, besides the gamepad itself, there is nothing. If you need a wire, you will have to buy it additionally. Although most often it can be found in the complete set of any console.


The design of the novelty has not changed much relative to the previous model. Buttons DualShock 4 remained almost unchanged, but in general the appearance of the joystick is different. It is easy to distinguish it from the past of the controller, and the presence of new functions makes itself felt. The shape and layout of the keys remained the same. It was decided only to remove the Start / Select buttons, which really seemed a bit outdated.

dualshock 4 joystick

It is impossible not to notice the new touch panel, which now responds to gestures. In general, the thing is not just convenient, but also fast. She responds quickly to all commands. In some cases, even simplifies the game: for example, if you need to throw a grenade, you can simply swipe up. In addition, character input technology has changed. If previously you had to move from one letter to another with buttons, now you can move the cursor the way you need. Next to the sensor window there are two new buttons that have got the options “Share” and “Options”. So, the first is responsible for sharing the gameplay, and the second opens the settings menu.


Despite the fact that the DualShock 4 did not become a revolutionary joystick and apparently did not change much, it became much more convenient to use it. Dimensions and dimensions from the previous controller are indistinguishable, but the presence of new features and capabilities significantly affects the operation. The novelty has an accelerometer, which will help and especially successfully manifest itself in car simulators. Vibrodrive and gyroscope remain, which decorate the game process and make it exciting and realistic.It's cool that some crucial moments of the game become even more momentous thanks to the mechanical support of the gamepad.

usb dualshock 4

Interesting was the new luminous element on top of the joystick. The LED can be illuminated in red, blue, green or white. The manufacturer claims that his main task is that when playing together it was easy to determine where his joystick is. But developers have the right to use this option as they like. For example, in some games, if the hero has full health, the indicator is green, if incomplete - red.

The main problem with this function is that the device itself begins to lose its charge quickly, so you will have to install it all the time in the station or connect it through a cable. You can not turn off the LED.


Since the main thing is that the controller is wireless, DualShock 4 requires a lot of charging. It has a battery of only 100 mAh, and if you remember how many different options are inside, you realize that you will often have to charge the joystick. As practice shows, the wireless controller will work in a row for 6 hours.If suddenly you realize that the device is about to sit down, and you are in the midst of a game, you can use a USB cable. DualShock 4 with him feels much more comfortable, and, despite some limitations in actions, the excitement over the interrupted gameplay still disappears.


Not everyone knows that the fourth-generation joystick is designed to connect not only to the branded console, but even to pair with a PC and smartphone. As practice shows, the connection of the device with the device should not cause any problems. Although there are still users who are at a loss on how to connect DualShock 4.

wireless dualshock 4

To connect the joystick to the native console, it is enough either to insert the cable and just enjoy the game, or via Bluetooth to establish a connection with the console. To do the same with a PC or laptop, either a USB cable or a wireless connection module is also needed. In laptops, it is the default for the computer will have to buy it. To synchronize the joystick, you need to hold two buttons on it: PS and Share. Usually, the indicator starts flashing, and the PC finds the equipment with which you need to “Link”. Usually, synchronization takes several minutes, especially if there are no special drivers on the computer.The OS itself downloads and installs them.

To connect to a smartphone, you must purchase an OTG adapter. If you connect via cable, no additional installation is required, everything works correctly right away. But if you want to synchronize via a wireless connection, then we turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone, pinch again on the PS and Share controller. The phone will point to the available devices, there you must select the Wirless Controller.


The new version of the DualShock 4 joystick is already new and cannot be called, because it appeared with the release of the new console. The main competitors are still considered to be the Wii U, which turned out to be unprofitable, and the Xbox One, which appeared in 2013.dualshock 4 buttons

It is said that the joystick from Microsoft is significantly inferior to DualShock 4, although Xbox One fans will argue with that. By the way, Nintendo decided to rehabilitate itself and in March 2017 released its new product Nintendo Switch. The model is now easy to compete and in many ways superior to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The gamepad we are looking at is still quite good. It is presented in several colors, among which there are bright: blue, red, gold. There were classic: white, silver and black. In 2016, the company released the second generation DualShock 4.The device has got a large amount of battery and backup light strip on the sensor.

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