Game of Thrones. Few of them were on TV!

Probably, I am the last person in the world who did not watch “Game of Thrones”. Even old women on the benches talk about this series. Hiding is useless.
Yesterday, the invented world broke into reality and found itself in the center of Moscow. The city organized an unusual festival for fans of the series - Fair of the Seven Kingdoms. And that's how it was.
1 Everything happened on Saturday. All day in the Hermitage garden the festival “Games of Thrones REN TV” was held, organized on the occasion of the launch of the series on the TV channel.

2 All July in all TVs in Russia will show all seasons of the series. On Sundays, all day long, they will broadcast the epic saga that has conquered millions.

3 Fans nyaryadilis to match the images of heroes. So I learned about the phenomenon of cosplay - people specifically dress up as heroes of their favorite movie / computer game and portray them in everyday life.

4 Perched in slaps on the Iron Throne. Tron - the main artifact of the series,for him endlessly fighting kingdom. The fight turned on the festival. To sit on it, you had to stand - a lot of people came.

5 It turns out that in the film they not only fight, but also eat. Eat a lot. So it was in the real Middle Ages: war and feasts are the main attractions. At the festival one could taste the dishes of the kingdoms, from the North, where Starks live, to the Royal Harbor, where the Lannisters rule.

6 Each house was presented with its own kitchen. For example, in the Freev shop from the Narrow Sea, they sold lemonade, smoothies, mojito and exotic fruits. Starkey offered ram and pig on a spit, a favorite cake of John Snow.

7 At the festival, I became acquainted with the world of the series, which has not yet watched. You know, it's interesting!


9 And do not think that this is just plov. This is the signature dish of the Lannister house!

10 Everything was well organized, which is not so often for such festivals. Yes, there were queues, but this is Moscow. The main thing was that the people were happy, there was enough food for everyone, and no pancakes with shovels.

11 Here is the menu of one of the shops.

12 All around ate.

13 Especially for the festival they made a sculpture of a dragon, next to which everyone posed, piercing the beast with a sword.I propose to leave it in the park, because who forgot - this is the emblem of Moscow.

14 There were so many activities. A master class in archery has become one of the most popular. Who knows when this skill will be useful to him.

15 As a rule, children approached the potter's wheel. The patient girl taught how to sculpt the pots, the guys were delighted, and took home a souvenir made with their own hands.

16 Blacksmiths showed how to make chain mail. There were also glass blowers and coin engravers.

17 Coins with the emblem of the beloved kingdom, for memory.

18 Random weddings that did not know what was going on here wandered into the park. Some also took pictures with dragons and swords, and left satisfied.

19 One of the main “chips” of the festival is the doubles of the actors with whom everyone took pictures. They were all snapped up. The girls did not get stuck from the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. Although he is not very similar.

20 But John Snow looks one-on-one, like on TV. And now I know in honor of whom my friend so named the dog.

21 REN TV all day led a direct broadcast from the festival. It was the best advertisement: people watched TV, gathered and came to the center.

22 Some came to the festival in homemade costumes. Surprisingly, there were not many.

23 I was told that this girl is very similar to one of the heroines of the film.

24 Although “The Game of Thrones” is not the most children's series, little viewers also love it.

25 There were contests for the victory in which it was possible to win the chocolate head of Tirion Lannister.

26 The world should know what they eat!

26 One of the exhibits, according to the idea, he should have just stood in the park. Nearby lay heavy wooden arrows with an iron tip. People thought it was working, and they constantly tried to load the gun. I had to put a warrior guard who would not let them do it, for security reasons.

27 Medieval music was played on stage. I do not know from the series or not.

28 They were given a chocolate head for winning a sword battle. There were other prizes, for example, a recipe book with dishes from the legendary series.

29 Here they explained to me that this guy is the brother of the Night Watch. One of those who guard the world of the Seven Kingdoms from the zombies. When entering the Watch the brothers take a vow of celibacy. The same guy hugged the girls and seemed to enjoy it.

30 Has someone confused the show? :) Or was there a panda too?

31 Now I think it's worth seeing this story. But I am afraid that he can get a lot of hooks, and then I will not be torn off from the TV.

32 Yes, I remind you - all of July, every Sunday, on the REN TV channel, they show five seasons of the “Game of Thrones" season.

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