Game GTA: how to become a policeman

The vastness of the virtual world called GTA has always attracted a huge number of people and allowed to enjoy the gameplay, which practically did not limit the player’s actions. You are free to do everything that only you want, starting with shootings and car thefts, ending with the performance of various tasks and assuming a professional role. For example, you can become a policeman and stand on the side of justice. Yes, this is not so familiar for the criminal GTA action movie, but it is quite possible, so it remains only to understand how to become a police officer. To do this, you do not need to perform many actions, it is enough just to understand the functionality. In addition, do not forget that you can take on this profession in every part of the game series, starting with "GTA: San Andreas."

how to become a cop

What kind of game is it?

But before we talk about how to become a policeman, at first it is worth deciding what a game is. GTA is a game series of adventures in which players were offered to take on the role of an ordinary guy with a gangster past. Now he was returning home, or came to a new city to start life from scratch.But the story turns completely different, the character gets into an unpleasant story and re-enters the underworld in order to achieve his goals, get recognition or just get revenge. At first, you have to carry out the tasks of criminal groups, and then begin to achieve your goals using money, power and connections.

And how to become a policeman in the GTA? To do this, do not need to perform any complex actions. Simply select the game part of the series and then just perform a couple of actions. Each game part has its own characteristics in terms of the implementation of the conceived idea, so you should just carefully read our recommendations.

how to become a policeman

What features does the game offer?

So, how to become a policeman, you will learn in the next few minutes, but it is worth noting that in games there are a lot of other possibilities. For example, you can become a deliveryman, a taxi driver, a hired killer or dealer. The functionality of the game project in no way limits the user, so you can easily test yourself in almost every direction. Therefore, to learn about the world of the game more, and just get a wide selection during the entertainment,rather slowly try yourself in every direction of the game, in particular, in the role of a police officer who must catch criminals.

i want to be a cop

Is it difficult to get opportunities in the game?

Understanding the game is not so difficult, and with this you will not have any difficulties, since professional orientation will require only a small development in terms of personality and the opening of all quarters of the city. Otherwise, everything will be at your complete disposal. Do not forget that in order to become any professional, it is necessary to make decisions without stars on the part of the police and not to shine with the weapon, otherwise you simply will not be given this or that opportunity.

gta codes how to become a cop

The level of realism in the game

I want to become a policeman, how realistic is this direction? In fact, you should not look for great realism in a virtual game. Yes, the project is trying to somehow bring the entertainment to realism, but this is still a virtual world, and life is not so simple. In addition, an important role is played by the fact that each part of the adventure has its own possibilities. For example, in San Andreas you can simply chase after criminals, and in the fifth part of the game series you will already need to catch and put behind bars those who are wanted.Each part of the adventure has its own atmosphere and range of tasks in terms of professional implementation.

How to become a policeman in GTA San Andreas

Policeman in "GTA: San Andreas"

How to become a policeman in the "GTA: San Andreas"? To do this, simply hijack the police car and use the on-board computer. As soon as you activate this feature, a message will appear indicating that you would not like to become part of this professional activity? It is enough to agree, and you will immediately begin to pour in various tasks to catch the criminals.

To steal a car is better than one that is parked on the side of the road or in a parking lot, if you steal a car directly from the road, the computer will be blocked and you will not be able to become a servant of the law.

Regarding your tasks, you basically just need to catch the criminals and destroy their cars. Some individuals will try to get away from you, while others will even conduct a shootout. In this case, if there is resistance, then you have the right to simply destroy the offender.

how to become a cop in gta 5

Police officer in GTA 4

How to become a policeman in GTA 4? In this case, you also need a police car. It is easy to get it, since the parking of the police station is located in the very center of the city.It is enough to come there at night, break the glass and go to a safe distance, until the guards arrive.

After you complete all the steps, it’s enough to use the computer and accept the tasks that will be coming there. This time they will become more diverse and will offer not only to catch the criminals, but also to accompany and even protect the business from raids. In general, it will be interesting to definitely, the main thing - to be prepared for the unexpected.

how in gta 4 to become a policeman

Police officer in GTA 5

How to become a cop in GTA 5? At this time, everything is much more interesting, since to obtain such a role you need to install a special mod called GTA 5 Police Mod. But do not worry about the fact that you have to use an additional mod. The fact is that it adds complex possibilities in terms of the use of this profession.

This modification adds a branch of opportunity and interaction, which includes almost complete service in the ranks of the servants of the law. You are free to move up the career ladder, get your own car and weapons, you will have statistics of your actions and many other points, even customization and costume collections will be.

As for opportunities, at first you will just be engaged in patrols, then you will need to accompany collectors and dignitaries, and at the top of your career you will have to go on raids to catch criminals who will create headquarters and fight off your attack well. In general, the last part of the adventure turned out to be quite rich in terms of opportunities, so it’s best to start with it.

Why become a cop?

Now you know what it takes to be a cop, but do you need to do it? What is the use of a new role? In fact, this question is quite complicated, since each user pursues his own goals. Someone comes just to have fun, someone enjoys the storyline and cars, and someone is always looking for new opportunities. It is for the latter that such storylines are created, which bring in diversity and allow you to get new emotions from the game.

Possible consequences of the acquisition of a new profession

Do not be surprised that the game may have consequences of a different nature, which pursue your profession. Do not forget that GTA is a criminal action movie, which means that there are many criminals in it who do not like laws.Therefore, when you drive a police car past a dangerous quarter, you should not be surprised that they are simply attacking you.

In addition, if at first the tasks for you seem simple, then in the future they will be difficult and unpredictable, with a high level of danger. Therefore, shootings, car chases, constant fights and much more will be many times more than it was in the original game.

New opportunities

Now you know how to become a cop in the GTA game series. But is it worth doing? What opportunities will be available for this profession? In fact, the new pack of functions will be available exclusively in the fifth part of the game series. As for the others, in them the opportunity to become an officer is limited only by the variety of tasks assigned. But GTA 5 offers a practically full-fledged game for a policeman, including career growth, the fulfillment of his duty, getting equipment, salary, private car, the opportunity to get a partner and much more. Therefore, if you decide to become a supporter of the law, then you should pay attention to GTA 5, where this opportunity fully embodies and justifies all expectations.

I would like to note that there is no such thing as GTA codes. How to become a policeman, how to get all the police equipment and many other issues will have to be solved independently. You can use either modifications, or any other possibilities in terms of downloading content, other options are not provided. Therefore, you should not be led to various similar offers, beware of scammers.

The real side of the question

When they get the opportunity to play in the virtual world as a servant of the law, some people start talking about what they would like to become such a professional in life. Therefore, the question may arise: how to become a police officer in Russia? In fact, this is not as easy as in the game. In this case, you will need education, preferably higher education, military service, good health and many other points related to serving in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It should be understood that this work is dangerous, it involves a risk to life, and some citizens do not particularly like this sphere itself. Therefore, before making such important decisions in your life, you should consider everything, every step and moment associated with your desire.And do not forget that service in the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not such a simple matter.

That, in fact, is all you need to know about this issue. Now the spaces of the game GTA will become for you more comfortable, recognizable and enjoyable in terms of new features. It is necessary to thank the developers for having made a good game project, allowing not only to enjoy an interesting adventure, but also to create special modifications that have grown to the level of the introduction of new professions. Most likely, the developers themselves in the future, or rather, in the new parts of the game series, will add this profession, since according to statistics it is popular, interesting, and many want to use it. We recommend that you personally try out our recommendations and try to understand whether you personally need this adventure. After all, the police department is a specific thing, and not everyone wants to become a member, since the GTA itself makes it possible to arrange wars with the servants of the law. You decide, enjoy the game!

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