Front pallet racks: technical specifications

For storage of goods in warehouses is usedmany different designs. Some of them are front pallet racks. Their design is presented in the form of a system for storing goods on ordinary pallets. Since the products are easily transformed, they can be used to store large and small items without pallets. The constructions are indispensable in warehouses.

For many goods, special spaces are required forStorage, so they do not spoil from various influences. It is for this purpose that pallet racks are used. They are placed in warehouses in accordance with convenience and safety, so that unloading is carried out quickly.

The concept of

Cargoes for easy transportation and transportationstored and fixed with straps on wooden pallets. Then they are placed for storage in a warehouse. Racks are multi-level structures that are assembled from the components of the frames and beams.

front pallet racks

The height of the shelves can reach 12 meters. The length is determined by the number of sections. They are distributed in 1 or more lines. You can also collect straight and angular designs. The bearing surface includes 2 or more beams. They put pallets with a load. On the pallets are also placed boxes, boxes and barrels. Manufacturers produce various pallet racks.


Products have a very simple design: they consist of frames and beams. They are quickly manufactured and spend a little time on installation. The racks have vertical frames and horizontal beams of different lengths. The set includes fixatives, which protect the structure from falling. The racks have a high load-bearing capacity.

pallet rack with front loading

Domestic products are no worse thanquality of the European. Galvanized steel is not a sign of unreliable products. For high-quality racks, steel S350 is used, beams are made of steel St3ps.

Scope of use

Frontal pallet racks are used:

  • in small warehouses and large enterprises;
  • on wholesale bases;
  • in shopping halls of shops;
  • in production workshops;
  • in warehouses for the storage of refrigerated or frozen products.

Thanks to such products inside the room, the order is maintained that meets the safety requirements.


Assembled products are installedfrontal view from separate parts. One line will be or two - depends on the type and area of ​​production. The number of tiers and cells is set as necessary.

The system consists of:

  • Ram, including galvanized racks. The parts are fastened by means of riveting and bolt elements.
  • Beams made of metal profile with hooks. Fastening is provided with the help of special fasteners.

Folding pallet rack for storage rooms

Applying different sizes of vertical frames,It will be possible to adjust the racks based on the required depth and height. The length of the section and the load is determined by the length of the frame. To load the front pallet racks was appropriate, special tables are used in the calculations.

Types of shelving

Products are island, which provide a load on 2 sides. Also there are wall racks. All designs are divided into 4 types:

  • Narrow passage, because between them is1,5-2 meters. This saves the warehouse space. The product is used when it is possible to install high shelving, with a rich turnover of goods. The disadvantages include the need to use expensive equipment for storage. And all this increases the turnover of goods.
  • Wide-wire. The distance between them is in the range of 2.5-3.5 meters. The product is considered more affordable and easy to install. Each product is provided with free access. These front pallet racks are not economical in the expense of the area, since they occupy about 40% of the premises.
  • Double depth. The product is obtained with the help of shifted structures. This is necessary to increase the usable area, due to the increased density of the arrangement. But in this case a stacker or loader is required. Such racks are used when a wide-pass version does not allow the warehouse to be provided with the desired usable area.
  • Mobile shelves installed on specialmobile devices. Their movement takes place on rails using an electric drive. For mobile structures, additional spending on electricity and installing a security system is required.


Pallet racks with front loading have the following advantages:

  • Large range of constructs, differing in load, quantity and parameters of the products placed.
  • The goods have free access, no need to move the pallets in order to get the necessary pallets.
  • Use of pallets of different types.

front pallet racks photo

  • Can be used to store small items.
  • Due to the marking of storage locations.
  • Products are placed in different rooms.
  • You can fill the structures completely.

The pallet rack for the warehouse is one of the most popular and practical. It is perfect for long-term storage of goods.

But the designs have drawbacks:

  • It is necessary to equip a wide passage between racks, because of what the useful area decreases by 30-40%.
  • Additional spending on electricity, as the structures work on an electric drive (mobile racks).


Distinctive features are front pallet racks. Their technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Material - rolled steel.
  • The width of the rack is 70, 90, 110, 130 mm.
  • Covering the frame - galvanized, polymer.
  • Step of rack - 50 mm.
  • The depth of the frame is 800, 1000, 1100 mm.
  • The height is 2.2-14 m.
  • Types of attachment - hooked, unmarked.
  • The load is 4000-25000 kg.
  • The length of the beams of the rack is 1000-3600 mm.

Dimensions of parts

Manufacturers create different frontalpallet racks. The dimensions of the parts may vary. Choose products based on the area of ​​the room, the weight of goods, types of equipment. The frames are produced in sizes 70, 90, 110, 130 mm. Each design has its own load limit. The load capacity depends on the number of tiers.

front pallet racks technical characteristics

An important part of the product are beams. They are of 6 types, differing in the height of the cross section of the profile. The longer the section length, the lower the payload. For each room fit their front pallet racks. The photos presented in the article show how these designs look.

Choice of racks

To purchase designs that are suitable for specific parameters, it is necessary on the basis of the following recommendations:

  • First you need to determine the load, which will determine the weight of the product and the product. By this parameter it is possible to determine the sizes of racks and beams.

front pallet racks dimensions

  • It is necessary to take into account the structural details of the traverse -they must have exposure. The weight of the goods should be equal not only to the strength of the beams, the pallets, shelves, frames must be resistant. The type of the shelf depends on the carrying capacity of the cell: frame, pallet or shelf.
  • It is necessary to determine the parameters of the cell, which should be suitable for the size of the stored cargo. Pipes require console products, and boxes - racks with square cells.

In the end, you need to double-check all the selection parameters,having increased the design load by 25%. A safety margin is necessary to increase the service life, with a maximum load the shelf will last about 6 months.

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