Fragrant karkade tea. Benefit and harm

India is considered the birthplace of this drink, but the fruits of hibiscus are also grown in Egypt, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ceylon and Mexico. Saturated red color, pleasant aroma and sourish taste - all this is karkade tea. The benefits and harms of this product are known to people from ancient times. I think you should also know a little about it. For the preparation of this tea use petals, and the most mature and beautiful, Sudanese roses or hibiscus. In Egypt, hibiscus was called the drink of the pharaohs.

karkade tea benefit and harm

Hibiscus tea. Benefit and harm

Valuable properties of this drink due to the unique substances that make up its composition. So, it contains vitamins, macro-and micronutrients, bioflavonoids, antioxidants, fruit acids, many polysaccharides and pectin. Thanks to flavonoids, the body is cleansed of toxins and other harmful substances in all kinds of poisonings; acids lower cholesterol in the blood, which is the prevention of atherosclerosis.It is useful for strengthening the walls of blood vessels, as well as for increasing the permeability of hibiscus tea. This red drink regulates the digestive tract, liver, kidneys (a good diuretic), has a good effect on the urogenital system, improves metabolism. Vitamin C is abundant in red tea, which helps to cope with colds, lowers the temperature and is a good antibacterial agent. Karkade tea with regular use will help relieve stress, calm the body, because It has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. Liked? Then go to the store for karkade. The benefits of this drink also depend on proper preparation.

carcade favorHow to brew it?

Given that karkade is not an ordinary tea at all, it is necessary to brew it differently. Ideally, of course, you should use cold water, so all the properties of the drink of the Pharaohs will remain. It will have to insist about 8 hours. But, unfortunately, not everyone is ready for such a time-consuming procedure, and therefore for those who want everything and quickly, there are other ways of welding. You can cook red petals for several minutes or for 5-10 minutes. just dip the hibiscus in boiling water.You can also put tea in cold water and then boil it. For welding, it is desirable to take china or glassware.karkade tea benefitsOn a glass of water we take 1 tsp. carcade (or personal preference). In the drink, you can add a little mint, a slice of lemon or sugar to taste. Brewing tea again makes no sense, because useful properties will be lost, but it will be possible to eat the leaves from tea leaves, they also contain a lot of vitamin C, protein and essential amino acids. Enjoy a terrific drink!

Hibiscus tea. Benefit and harm

It has this gift of nature and contraindications. For those who have high acidity or gastritis, the drink falls into the "no" category. Also, the use of tea is not recommended for patients with ulcer, urolithiasis and gallstone disease and chronic renal diseases. The optimal dose of karkade tea is no more than 3 cups a day for a healthy person.


This elixir of health - hibiscus tea - the benefits and harm of which you now know, will not only improve your health, but also give you the necessary energy boost.

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