Football player Igor Dobrovolsky: biography, photos and interesting facts

Igor Dobrovolsky is a former Soviet and Russian footballer who has managed to achieve considerable success in European clubs. This year he will be 50 years old, and at the moment he is a coach. When Igor Dobrovolsky was a football player, he played the position of attacking midfielder and playmaker.

Carier start

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Igor Dobrovolsky was born in the village of Markovka in the Ukrainian SSR on August 27, 1967. At first he went to a sports school in Tiraspol, but later moved to the academy in Chisinau, where he began his rise to fame. He quickly found himself at the disposal of one of the most successful clubs in the Moldavian SSR, Nistru, with which he signed a professional contract in 1984, starting his career. Igor Dobrovolsky did not spend too much time in the USSR. Since the class of his game was quite high, he soon conquered Europe.But, considering his biography of a football player, everything needs to be told in order.

Performances in the USSR

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Igor Dobrovolsky is a football player who spent only two years at Nistru. In the first season, he managed to score five goals in ten games, and in the second, at the age of 18, he became one of the team leaders, scoring 13 goals in 27 games. Naturally, other clubs from the USSR became interested in such a big talent, and far from being the weakest. In 1986, one of the strongest clubs of the entire Soviet Union, Moscow Dynamo, showed a serious interest in a footballer.

In its composition Dobrovolsky spent four and a half years. It was the longest stay of a player in a club in his entire career. He entered the field 124 times, scored 27 goals, but was never able to win a single trophy, although he made every effort possible. In 1986, Dynamo finished second in the USSR Championship, and in 1990 - the third, but in the first place was not there. In the end, this was the main reason for leaving Igor. Playmaker simply outgrew his current club, he needed a new challenge that would allow it to develop further.And in the summer of 1990, he got his chance, since he was invited to the Italian club Genoa.

Moving to Europe

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Since then, the biography of Igor Dobrovolsky has made a sharp turn. He really needed a change of scenery, a new level. Playing in one of the strongest leagues in Europe was an ideal development. However, in the “Genoa” he did not find a place in the first team, so soon Dobrovolsky went to rent in the Spanish “Castellón”, where he played 14 matches and scored three goals in six months.

Following this, Igor Dobrovolsky, whose photo has already begun to appear on the pages of the European press, went for a year to the Swiss “Servette”, in which he managed to shine. In 23 games for the season, he scored fifteen goals and earned the trust of his main Italian club.

In the summer of 1992, Igor began performing in Genoa, played four games, scored one goal, but lost the coach’s confidence again, being on the bench. It was obvious that the attacking midfielder was not suitable for the club, so in the winter of 1993 it was decided to get rid of him. However, this step went only to the benefit of the player.

European success

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1993 Dobrovolsky started in Marseilles and even played eight games for him, scoring another goal. But he could not become the leader of the club, although this did not prevent him from winning the French championship with him, as well as the most prestigious club tournament - the Champions League. So Igor became the star of the highest level, since an extremely small number of Russian and Soviet football players can boast of such achievements.

However, “Marcel” Dobrovolsky was not needed, so in the summer of 1993 it was sold only half a season later. It was then that he returned to Dynamo Moscow. In this club he spent two more seasons, only now Dynamo played in the championship of Russia. However, Dobrovolsky was not lucky anyway: in 1993 the club took the third place, and in 1994 - the second. Again the trophy slipped from the hands of the playmaker.

In the winter of 1994, Dobrovolsky moved to Atletico Madrid, where he spent a year and a half, playing 19 matches and scoring just one goal. And only in 1996 he became a member of the team of the German "Fortune", in which he stayed for a long time.

There he spent three years, playing 54 matches and scoring 14 goals, after which he announced the end of his professional career in 1999 at the age of 32.

The game for teams

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Dobrovolsky distinguished himself not only at the club level.In 1986, he was first invited to the USSR national football team, for which he spent a total of 25 matches and scored seven goals. He remained a member of the team until the very moment when the Soviet Union collapsed, and with it the national team.

At the same time, Dobrovolsky spoke for the USSR Olympic team, which he achieved success in 1988. Then the team managed to win the gold of the Olympic Games in Seoul, and Igor became the main character of that tournament. Only the first match of the national team played a goalless draw, and in each subsequent game Dobrovolsky was marked with at least one goal. In the group, he scored against Argentines and Americans, scored a double against Australians in the quarter-finals, took part in all three goals against Italy in the semifinals, scoring one goal and giving two assists, and in the final scored a decisive goal against Brazil.

Since October 1992, he played for the Russian national team, for which he played only 18 matches, scoring two goals. His farewell tournament was the European Championships in 1996, where he came off the field in a match with the Italians, and in the farewell game against Sweden, held in August 1998, Dobrovolsky entered the field with the captain’s armband for the first and last time.

Coaching career

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In 2004, the 37-year-old Igor took on the duties of a playing coach of the Moldavian club Tiligul-Tiras, and a year later he became a full-fledged coach of the team. In 2006, he resigned from his post to enter the coaching staff of Anatol Teslav, who was appointed head coach of the Moldavian national team, and six months later he took his place. At the helm of the national team he spent three years, after which he returned to the clubs. From 2010 he coached the Dacia Moldavian team, from 2013 to 2014 - Veris, in 2015 he became the coach of the Russian Sakhalin. In the same year he returned to Dacia, and since 2016 he has been training the Moldavian national team again.

In the role of coach, he was able to win the championship and the Super Cup of Moldova with Dacia in 2011. As for the last segment of his career, the success of the coach can be called far from the most impressive. Naturally, the national team itself is not at least an average level game. This is an obvious outsider. Therefore, she was able to win only teams of Andorra and San Marino. But two draws with the national team of Georgia - this is already quite an impressive result, which allows Dobrovolsky to remain at the helm of the national team.

Personal life

But enough to talk about the success of a football player, it's time to talk about something else, for example, about the personal life of Igor Dobrovolsky.He has a wife, Tatiana, in a marriage with whom two daughters were born, Darina and Nicole. They were born in July 1997, when Dobrovolsky played in Fortune. Accordingly, his daughters are now twenty years old. Information about the personal life of Igor Ivanovich Dobrovolsky is not so much. It is also known that his father died when a footballer played in Atletico Madrid in 1994. In addition, Igor is the youngest son in the family. He also has two older brothers, Yuri and Anatoly.

Interesting Facts

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You now know about the family of football player Igor Dobrovolsky, so you can safely say that you know absolutely everything about him. But for completeness, you should also get acquainted with some interesting facts.

For example, when Igor was at the disposal of Genoa, he acted in the advertising of goods produced by Simod, so the Italians of the nineties must remember his face. Even if they did not use the goods of this company, in any case, they saw Igor in an advertisement for Snickers bars.

If we talk about more serious facts, it is worth noting that last year a sports school was opened in Tiraspol, where Dobrovolsky began his career, which received his name. Now there is a sports school football and sports games named after I. I. Dobrovolsky.

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