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FM transmitter- (in other words, FM modulator) - a radio-electronic device, which is necessary for playing audio files uploaded to a card. This device is usually used in cars as a cheap replacement for existing tape recorders, MP3 player and player of various discs.

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The car’s FM transmitter is produced in the same way as a compact device - it is connected to the car cigarette lighter socket. To make the device more convenient to use, its frame is mounted on hinges and is able to change position with respect to the plug plug. From the network of cars on the device is powered - usually 12 V.

FM transmitterA USB flash or flash card, MMS is built in (or other memory elements, this is determined by the specific type of device). With the latest brands you can connect both the iPod and the iPhone.

Many devices have keys to switch tracks, the ability to adjust the volume, select the desired channel, start recording, turn off and, of course, pause.Simple brands have the functionality to repeat a specific recording, folder or random music playback.

Devices that do not require external power or must be connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the machine, can be used not only with the car receiver, but also with any music center.

It happens that the transmitter becomes a minor functionality for gadgets of a different category, in many cases it helps to reduce the number of devices in the car. For example, instead of a simple navigator, it is better to buy a navigator that has an FM transmitter built into it.

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Dignity apparatus

One of the main advantages of this device is the ability to listen to music through the existing stereo MP3 player and from the discs. For example, you don’t need to worry about replacing an existing MP3 system, as this device is connected to an FM radio.

The next plus is that certain types of transmitters are wireless.

In the case of a sudden stop of the device, for further work, you just need to replace the fuse, which is located in the housing.

The use of these devices eliminates the momentyou need to replace the old radio with a new one that supports playing MP3 audio files, search for a car stereo with a USB port, or record your favorite music, for example, on CDs.

These devices have the ability to listen on old car stereo files that are recorded on modern, modern equipment. The frequency of these devices is implemented in the range of 88 - 108 MHz.

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The disadvantages of this device include sound, or rather, its quality. If you listen to FM radio stations in big cities where there are a lot of transmitters, you can search for a free line for quite a long time.

Another minus - the signal is lost in some places. In many cases, this happens when a car drives through lowlands or valleys.

What to look for when buying

Each buyer tries to choose the optimal model for himself. Before buying, everyone is looking for information and picking up functional characteristics using the Internet. But during the purchase of the device should pay attention to such factors:

  • the type to which the device belongs;
  • signal playback level;
  • sound property;
  • cost and price / quality ratio;
  • the frequency segment that the unit receives;
  • manufacturer of this device;
  • wired or wireless is a device.

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Devices with a digital screen

For the convenience of motorists, new models of these devices have been created that are equipped with a digital screen. One of these representatives is the RITMIX FM transmitter. This unit is equipped with a high-quality digital screen, before this accessory was installed only on expensive brands. Such a screen is very convenient for maintaining control over the main functions of the transmitter, you can not be distracted from the road, because the screen has large pointers. Connectors for USB, SD with the connection of different media and a linear connector are built for convenience in this FM transmitter. User feedback suggests that this model is popular.

The convenience of this unit is the setting of sound functions - it is possible to change the equalizer settings.

The kit includes a remote control, another fuse and cable to connect an MP3 and DVD device.

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Price range

To choose the best FM transmitter you need to know that all devices are divided into 3 digits at a cost:

  1. Cheap brands - refer to the price range from 200 to 400 rubles. Such models usually have a small black and white screen. The functions of these devices are rather limited, but they successfully fulfill the task of direct assignment, that is, broadcasting in the FM interval.
  2. The next category is from 500 to 950 rubles. In them, the skeleton and the keys are of the highest quality. The design of models is modern, perfectly combined with the exterior of new cars. Their screen is equipped with a backlight with LEDs. From the functionality, in addition to everything, the remote control is included, the device can also memorize favorite radio stations.
  3. Premium class FM transmitter has a cost of 1000 rubles and more. These devices have a large color screen, they have their own memory installed. There is also software with excellent communication apparatus and a personal computer. Audio files in these devices can be played without using flash memory cards.

The availability of the device allows each car enthusiast the opportunity to listen to your favorite music and enjoy the ride.

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