First-person shooters: what to play?

First person shooter is one of the most popular genres among gamers. Shooter allows you to relax and have a great time. Most of them are accompanied by beautiful graphics, special effects and plot inserts. In this article we will look at several interesting and popular games in this genre, having played in which, you definitely will not regret the time spent!

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Most of these projects are multiplayer and imply a competitive mode. Therefore, a single company in shooters is not as popular as a variety of network cards, class weapons and so on.

Battlefield 1

The extreme part of the popular series of first person shooters tells the player about the events of the First World War. The story company is represented by a set of missions telling the stories of different characters. You will be given a chance to play for a tanker, a girl, a spy and other heroes.

However, the plot mode is not why the players acquire this project and spend long hours behind it.The Battlefield series has always been considered one of the best multiplayer shooters. It wins the competition in all respects - the scale of the battles, a variety of techniques, tactics, beautiful maps and much more.

Many doubted the success of the project due to the specifics of the setting. However, the developers did an excellent job with the task - the meager set of weapons of the time was diluted with equipment and battles on horseback. This first-person shooter boasts excellent dynamics, beautiful graphics and variety. In addition to the usual modes in the game, you can perform an endless set of tasks and receive rewards daily.

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Released in 2016, the new Doom largely repeats the ideas from the previous parts of the series, but it looks interesting and fresh. The developers did not designate this game the fourth part, because it is more like the first games of the series. Because of this, it turned out to attract old gamers who are nostalgic for classic games, and the beautiful graphics and music allows modern spoiled players to “not spit” from what is happening on the screen.

For real fans of first-person shooters, there is a separate level of difficulty - Nightmare.At this level, you have no right to make mistakes - after one death, progress is reset to the very beginning of the passage. Overcome this version of the game Doom can only strong gamers with extensive experience in this genre. Add to this the hurricane dynamics, various futuristic weapons, creepy levels and bosses. The result will be a great return of Doom to its native genre.

Destiny 2

If you are a little ordinary shooters in the first person on the PC, then be sure to try Destiny 2. In addition to the constant shooting, the developers added an RPG element to the project and an interesting plot. The action takes place in space locations, so the game will really like the fans of this subject. A mixture of classic shooter with role-playing mechanics will appeal to many fans of the genre.

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Among all the first-person shooter games, Destiny 2 looks unusual and takes a new approach to the definition of a shooter. A large social component turns the action into a real MMORPG with clans, raids, communication and pumping characters.

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