The film "The Fields of Darkness". Actors, plot and meaning of the picture

Hard times have come for Eddie Morr (Bradley Cooper), a New York-based writer and advertiser. This is noticeable even in his sloppy appearance. He lives in the cheapest Chinatown, drinks, smokes weed, hangs his hair with patla, and it is clear that no one has washed them for a long time, weekly stubble and dreary eyes - all this shows a loser or, as they like to say, a loser.


In the film “Areas of Darkness”, the actors are chosen superbly, so the protagonist has a girl, Lindy (Abbie Cornish) - his complete opposite, she contains a writer, does housework, lives with him like a wife, and most importantly, believes that Eddie will write a book and become famous. But the "talent" creative throwing, protracted for an indefinite time.darkness actors

So begins the American picture of the "Fields of Darkness". The film, where starred Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Anna Friel, Abbie Cornish, Andrew Howard and many others. The director of the film is Neil Berger, the author of the book is Allan Glynn.

What is the movie about?

"The Areas of Darkness" (film) was shot in the genre of a fantastic thriller and shows what a person can become if he uses all the possibilities of his brain. At the same time, the plot touches upon the subject of people's readiness for such an experiment. Not everyone can appreciate this gift. Amazing ability to work and sharpness always makes a person arrogant, proud and vain. Not escaped this fate and the main character.

darkness filmAccidentally met his brother's former wife (Johnny Whitworth), Eddie, knowing that he belongs to the underworld, does not want to get involved with him, but the latter offers him a drink.

An unhappy writer who has just lost his last hope (his beloved woman has left him) is completely dependent on alcohol and amenable to persuasion. As a result, the brother-in-law offers him the NZT miracle pill, but only in order to feel the power over a weak person, to make him dependent on himself.

NZT action

So it happens. Eddie, having tried the pill and felt all her charm, goes to bow to his ex-wife's brother. Further - more, the plot is twisting famously, the young man goes through all the circles of hell, is even ready to commit suicide, but, having, in fact, outstanding abilities, he gets out of a difficult situation.

The usual, at first glance, "happy ending" of American history, but if you think about it: is Eddie really getting happy? Sure, luck smiles at him, he even runs for the senator, but ... loses himself. The authors of the film emphasize this with the self-satisfied smile of the main character and ... his hairdo. For good reason, Lindy at the end of the film says that she can’t get used to his hairstyle.Bradley Cooper Darkness

The film was produced by a talented director Neal Berger, the creator of the uncommon mystical drama "The Illusionist" based on Allan Green's novel Areas of Darkness, but the film was released abroad as Limitless, which means "boundless." In the Russian hire film gave the name of the book.

The painting "The Areas of Darkness": Actors and roles

It is impossible not to mention the play of actors, especially Bradley Cooper. Initially, Shaifa Labouf was invited to play Eddie, but he broke his arm in a car accident and was unable to act. If you compare Cooper with Labaf, then, of course, these are two different types. Labaf - the idol of teenagers, who played in the "Transformers". And Cooper is a more mature actor, nine years older than him, the star of films such as “Promising Is Not Marriage”, “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, “My Boyfriend is Psycho”. By the way, he is also the executive producer in the film “Areas of Darkness”.

The actors involved in other roles, of course, seriously approached the task. Eddie Lindy's girlfriend was supposed to play the pretty Elizabeth Banks, but for some reason she did not participate in the project.areas of darkness robert de niro

Abbie Cornish, who played in Forbidden Reception, Good Forest, fully coped with the role of a serious, positive girl.

In the film “Areas of Darkness”, Robert De Niro appears in the image of millionaire financier Carl Van Luna. The actor, as always, perfectly coped with the role, although critics wrote that he looked somewhat tired, and in the scenes where he should have shown the full power of Luna’s power, was unconvincing.

The role of the Russian gangster Gennady invited Briton Andrew Hourda. In his performance, he looks convincing and impressive. Naturally, his character does not cause warm feelings, but at least does not look as caricature as the performers of Russian gangsters in other films.

As planned by the director, the inner world of the main character, his feelings are constantly shown in the picture. The task for the actor is not easy, but Bradley Cooper did it perfectly. The "areas of darkness" (film), in fact, is built on this.Particularly realistic is the transition from a loser with a dreary blue eyes, to a senator with a steel glint in his eyes and a smug look.

In 2012, in the category of “Best sci-fi film” for the award “Saturn” was nominated a picture of the director Neil Berger “Fields of Darkness”. The actors and the rest of the film group spoke warmly about working together.

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