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The inventor Percy Spencer in 1945 discovered the fact that the seeds of popcorn under the action of microwaves explode. Thus, thanks to the "explosive corn" was invented microwave.
By tradition, the tribes of Americans were filling popcorn with dried spices and herbs. They also turned popcorn into beer or soup, made corsages and hats. Women decorated their hair, creating "bouquets" of popcorn.
Some tribes of Americans believed that a tiny spirit lived in any core of roasted corn. Most often, these spirits did not touch people, but if their house was heated, then they began to lose their balance, becoming more and more evil, until they broke up with a loud bang, this very house.
In 1885, Charlie Crithors invented a special popcorn machine.
Grain bursts around the time when it reaches a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius.
Unbroken grains are called "old maidens" or "old virgins."
Ideally, when the moisture content of popcorn is about 13 and a half percent, because it means that the unbroken grains will be at a minimum.
The history of popcorn dates back several thousand years, but in Russia, the popcorn first appeared in 1991.
Nowadays, cinemas make huge profits from the sale of popcorn, and this profit is even greater than from the sale of tickets, because 90 percent of the revenue is a net profit. In addition, popcorn provokes thirst, thereby forcing to buy even more expensive drinks.
According to the cinema workers, the worse the movie, the more popcorn the audience eats. And from medical sources, it became known that fans of fried corn during the session relax more and have a better rest. It is even known that in the sensitive and touching places of the picture popcorn fans cry much more actively.
One portion of “explosive corn” contains as many ballast substances as half of a portion of oatmeal porridge with bran or a large apple with peel.
If popcorn was cooked without sugar, then it is a dietary product for those who suffer from diabetes, which is recommended as a substitute for bread.


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