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You are faced with the question "How to open a .ppt file?", Then you just need to read this article.

Brief characteristics of a .ppt file:

  • File description: PowerPoint Presentation.
  • File type: data file.
  • Detailed description: slide show or presentation, to be edited and created in the office application Microsoft PowerPoint. The components of the presentation are separate slides, which can contain text information, images, sound effects, video.

So, we pass directly to the answers to the question: ".ppt than to open?"

Programs that support the .ppt extension:

Microsoft PowerPoint

The ppt extension

Office application for viewing and creatingpresentations. Contains the most complete size of tools for data processing. The application will allow you to create dynamic slideshows using both complete and fragmentary sound file, visual media files (including high-resolution video). The program allows you to use smooth transitions between slides, apply special effects to individual components of the slide.

The list of the main effects of the program:

  • Apply different color schemes to slides.
  • Selective templates for creating slides.
  • Effects of animation: simple (darkening, fading, shadow), medium (compression, lifting, reflection), complex (titles, magnification, boomerang effects).
  • The ability to apply animation effects to individual components of the slide, for example, only the inscription or the enlargement of the picture only.
  • Ability to set a time interval for changing slides.

With this program for you it will not be harder to launch the .ppt file than to discover a new world of amazing special effects of slide show.

Nuance OmniPage Professional, which will easily answer the question "ppt, than open?". Professional powerful program for optical character recognition and symbols.

Than to open ppt

Main features of the program:

  1. Recognizes texts in Asian languages ​​(Japanese, Korean, Chinese).
  2. The program has improved support for Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. The control panel of the program is quite simple and convenient to use when working with office applications.
  3. It has a simple loader, the file system is displayed as a system explorer.
  4. The program can be attributed to a number of high-speed. Supports quad-core processors. Opening, changing, saving and closing files takes minimal time.
  5. Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

.ppt than open

Free program from Microsoft. With this program, typing text is not more difficult than opening a .ppt file. It allows you to view full-featured presentations. The only not very convenient feature of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is that editing presentations is not subject to it. But with the main problem: ".ppt, than to open?" - she will manage.

Main features of the program:

  1. Overview of presentations in full-screen and windowed modes.
  2. Stop, start and control other presentation processes.
  3. Printing of presentations.
  4. Support for extensions .pptm, .pptx, .ppt, .ppsm, .pps, .ppsx,. potx,. pot.

And, at last, the most simple program.

PPT Reader

Easy to use and absolutely freeutility. The program allows you to open, print and simply view documents with the extension .ppt, as well as office .txt and .rtf. PPT Reader does not require the installation of Microsoft PowerPoint. has the ability to work autonomously, so to speak, as a desktop application of the system. In this program there are functions for zooming and panning, turning and reflection, sending files by e-mail.

Than to open a file .ppt

This is the main list of programs thatsupport files that have .ppt extensions. Now, the question of how to open .ppt can be considered closed. Believe me, it's sometimes more difficult to open a normal picture than to open a .ppt file.

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