"Fast Money": customer reviews on loans

“FastMoney” is a microfinance organization specializing in the issuance of short-term loans. She is quite famous. Offices of the company are located in almost all cities of the Russian Federation. Interest in it arises not only among those who actively use loans, but also among people who are looking for work. What financial products does the company offer? Is the atmosphere conducive to work? What do the staff say? Answers to all these questions can be found in the reviews of “Fast Money”.

Cash loans

To begin, get acquainted with the services offered by the company. One of them is the issuance of cash loans. The interest rate is set rather big - from 2% per day. For this reason, the company's services can be attributed to loans "to paycheck." Such loans are not issued for a long period, because every day the amount of return increases. With long-term use of such a loan, the client may simply not be able to cope with their financial obligations.

In MFI "Bystromengi" set out the general conditions for loans. The company provides its customers with amounts from 1 thousand to 30 thousand rubles. The term is chosen by the client - from 1 to 30 days. For pensioners more preferential conditions are established. The company offers this category of customers a reduced interest rate.

One of the advantages of the MFO "FastMoney" - regular holding of shares, making loans more profitable for customers. Suggestions are different. In reviews of “Fast Money”, people mention free loans for a few days, lower interest rates for new or regular customers.

Terms of loans in "Fast Money"

Issuance of cards

Not all clients of the company are comfortable getting loans in cash. For people who prefer cards, the microfinance organization has created a suitable financial product - a fast card. She has many advantages:

  • The card is issued and serviced completely free of charge;
  • money is credited instantly;
  • microfinance organization provides clients with fastcard loans of up to 30 thousand rubles.

A fastcard is a fairly simple way to get a loan. For the first time a client visits the office of a microfinance organization or sends an application from the official site After a while, the specialist calls back and reports the decision.When approving the application, it is required to visit the office on the appointed day and pick up the card with the loan accrued on it. The next time you will not need to visit the office, because the card does not require re-registration until its expiration date. In the future, you can continue to use the fast card, to enroll new loans on it.

Clients in reviews about “Fast Money” and fast cards note that several convenient tools have been created for them. Developed a special application for smartphones. Within a few seconds, it is possible to repay or extend an existing loan, take a new one if necessary. Another additional tool is internet banking. It is designed specifically for fastcards. Internet banking is a payment office for paying for various services.


Evaluation of own activities

Each microfinance organization seeks to build a positive reputation, declares to attract customers about its advantages and advantages. Bystrodengi is no exception. It draws the attention of borrowers to the amenities and benefits offered to them:

  1. Thanks to the loan you can cover unforeseen and urgent expenses.
  2. Borrowed money sometimes allows you to make a bargain and even save money. For example, stores often hold promotions with huge discounts. Products in such periods are much more profitable to purchase with borrowed funds, even with interest, than after a share for the full value without any discounts and for accumulated personal money.
  3. Loans are convenient because they do not require the provision of a whole package of documents. In the responses about “Fast Money” employees remind that they do not need income certificates, a copy of the workbook. Conditions for obtaining a loan - the presence of a permanent place of work and the presentation of a passport.

Among its advantages, a microfinance organization notes that it not only lends significant amounts, but also deals with small loans. Many people are not required to pay 15 thousand or 30 thousand rubles. Banks are not interested in providing loans in the amount of 1 thousand or 2 thousand rubles.

Many people think that microfinance organizations give loans to anyone, and then they charge amounts of considerable size from the debtors through the courts and have a very big profit. This view is wrong.The company is interested in cooperation with solvent customers. In a review of “Fast Money”, employees recommend contacting an MFI only if they are confident in their financial capabilities in the near future. Debt collection through the courts is an extremely unpleasant situation for both clients and the company.

Issuance of cash loans in "Fast Money"

Dispelling myths about yourself

As a result of the company, many myths have been formed. They negatively characterize the “Fast Money” services. Guide microfinance organization dispels myths. Let's look at the most common of them and those comments that the company gives.

The first myth, found in the reviews of "Fast Money". Loans are very expensive. Due to the high interest rate, customers overpay huge amounts, and some of them even fall into the debt trap. The company also claims that the current percentage is comparable to interest in other microfinance organizations. Debts can be avoided. You just need to be able to assess their financial capabilities and their needs. If, for example, a significant amount is needed for a fairly long time, then it is better not to apply to the MFI. The company specializes in pay-as-you-go loans. The correct step is to contact the bank.

The second myth.The company “Bystrodengi”, like any other microfinance organization, seeks to confuse and deceive the client, to hide in confidence some of the terms of the contract. All this is not true. Proof can serve as feedback on the work in the “Fast Money”. People who worked or are currently working in the company claim that the microfinance organization is listed in the state register of credit non-banking institutions. This means that it works within the law. Existing regulations require the company to clearly state all the conditions in the contract, not to hide additional requirements using the fine print. All this MFI complies. If “Bystrodengi” violated the law, then they would have long lost their license.

Positive customer opinions on loans and cards

Those advantages, which the company claims, are generally true, which is confirmed by customers in the responses about “Fast Money”. Borrowers distinguish the following advantages from a microfinance organization:

  • high probability of approval of the application and receipt of the required amount;
  • lack of paperwork, i.e. a minimum of documents necessary for obtaining a loan;
  • the speed of service in the offices and receiving a decision on the application;
  • the speed of issuing money when approving a loan;
  • availability of an informative site with an online calculator;
  • no hidden fees.

Many customers especially like the fast card. Judging by the feedback from the employees of “Fast Money”, it is made very quickly - in just 20 minutes. Ordering a card is not required. The fast card is still convenient because you can get loans for it several times. The application is submitted either by phone or via the Internet. After about 5 minutes, the client receives the desired amount on the card and disposes of it at its discretion.

In positive reviews, customers additionally note that, despite all the advantages and advantages of loans, you should not get carried away. A high percentage strongly hits their own budget. With small loans for a few days, the overpayment is not too noticeable, but with large amounts taken over a long period of time, customers overpay several thousand. Advice from some borrowers - it is best to contact the company “Bystromengi” in case of emergency, when it is impossible to borrow money from relatives and relatives.

Feedback on the work in the "Fast Money"

Negative reviews from borrowers

Interest is caused by negative reviews about “Fast Money” from debtors, former clients. People list those disadvantages that are inherent in loans. First of all, discontent causes a high percentage. There are companies with more attractive conditions on the market of microfinance organizations. Dissatisfied customers are advised to pay attention to other MFIs, and it is best to apply to banks, because they have much lower interest rates.

The next drawback is a bad attitude towards clients at the loan processing stage. This, fortunately, is not observed in all offices. In most departments, employees demonstrate a benevolent attitude. This deficiency becomes much more extensive in case of delays. In the reviews, customers write that goodwill disappears somewhere. The staff begins to be rude, rude, demanding a refund.

Another negative point that customers mention in the Fast Money reviews is the lack of confidentiality. When you first appeal to the questionnaire filled out information about relatives, loved ones, friends, indicate their phone numbers.After receiving this information, company employees begin to call. They notify relatives and acquaintances that such and such a person came to them for a loan, asked why they needed money. Not all people like the fact that others will learn about their intention to borrow money. If the integrity and solvency of the client is checked in this way, then there are much more effective ways - checking the credit history, calling the employer, etc.

Warnings for newbies from borrowers

Loans often save in difficult life situations, but they should not always be used. This conclusion came very many borrowers. Anything is possible in life. Sometimes a loan that is not taken on time leads to serious difficulties. Borrowers who once were debtors advise newcomers not to contact “Bystromengi” in the following situations:

  • in case of uncertainty that the issued loan will be able to repay in the future;
  • in the absence of a permanent source of income;
  • when the loan amount is more than 50% of monthly income or even exceeds it.

But even with a responsible approach to taking a loan, you can continue to be in a difficult financial situation.In such cases, you can not be silent about your problem and bring to the transfer of the right of debt collection to collectors. In the responses about “Fast Money”, people write that the company is always ready to meet and stop charging interest on the debt. A microfinance organization understands several difficult life situations - the borrower's recruitment into the army, imprisonment, loss or damage to a dwelling or property, hospital treatment, assignment of disability 1 and 2 groups, loss of work.

There is a specific procedure for freezing interest. The client must write a statement and describe his problem in it, come to the office and present documents confirming the onset of an adverse event in life. For those who cannot visit the office, it is possible to send documents by mail after a preliminary call to the microfinance organization.

Freeze interest on the application in "Fast Money"

Debtor Stories

Overdue loans provoke trouble for debtors. These very troubles begin from the first day of the delay in the return of money. The customer receives calls from FinCollect.In the responses about “Fast Money” it is stated that this is a professional collection service, cooperating with the IFIs. Employees of FinCollekt speak rudely, demanding payment of debt right today and now. It is useless for them to say why the delay occurred and when they will be able to repay the loan.

If there is a debt, calls are received not only to the debtor, but also to relatives, friends, and the employer. Because of this, a negative opinion is formed in a society about a person (a client of the company “Bystromengi”). Often, debtors lose their jobs, because employers do not want to receive calls from collectors and have malicious defaulters among their employees.

Debt collection "FinCollekt"

What happens if you fail to repay the loan?

The loan taken in “Fast Money” must be returned. In case of delay, collectors will begin to torment with calls. The amount of debt will increase every day due to interest charges stipulated by the loan agreement. To stop the growth of interest can only complete payment of the debt or the provision of documents indicating a difficult life situation.

Those who do not pay "Bystrodengam", in a review they write about the deterioration of credit history.The probability of receiving borrowed funds in microfinance organizations, banks is reduced to zero, because all information about payments is stored in the credit bureaus.

When companies and collectors fail to collect a debt, all documents are sent to court. "Fast Money" put forward demands for the return of a loan with accrued interest for each day of delay. The total amount to be paid is rather big. Additionally, the borrower, after making a decision against him, has to pay legal fees.

After the judgment is issued, it may happen that the bailiff will come home. He has the right to arrest all property, available funds in bank accounts. The following negative consequences are still possible in the future - the refusal to issue a passport for travel abroad and the restriction of travel abroad. In reviews of “Fast Money”, debtors describe such effects.

Employees "Bystrodeneg" about working in a microfinance organization

Work in the company “Bystromengi”, as well as loans, receives versatile reviews. There are a lot of offices in Russia. In one city there are usually several of them.Someone gets into a good environment, and someone is held hostage to adverse working conditions.

For example, here’s one employee’s review of work at “Fast Money”. Activities started with training. The man had to start his career in an office that had not yet opened. The training was successful. The first day of work, as well as the next ones, in the opened office were not very favorable. Work had to be 12 hours in a room without heating, water and a toilet. Clients were different. Some of them were quite decent people, while others were extremely unpleasant, uncultured personalities. The salary was small. Employee did not build a career in “Fast Money”. He quit in about six months.

When evaluating the company's activities, all employees come to a single conclusion in the reviews - the work in “Fast Money” is not built on deception. The percentage of the client is said immediately. Before the start of registration reported the total amount to be returned. If a person agrees to the conditions, the staff will proceed to the processing of all documents.

Employees have both positive and negative sides to loans.Pros - simplicity and speed of registration without cheating in the cost of the loan. Cons - a large percentage, notification of relatives and employers in the event of even a slight delay.

Reviews of the MFO "Bystrodengi"

“FastMoney” is the company you need to know about. In a difficult life situation, she can quickly help with finances. People who want to become regular clients of a microfinance organization should think about everything. Yet a high percentage is set for loans in “Fast Money”. In the reviews, customers do not in vain recommend to beginners to first solve their problems without contacting the MFI. You can ask for money from relatives, friends, or try to reduce operating costs.

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