Fashionable polka dot dresses in retro style

For many people, polka-dot dresses in retro style are associated with a fluffy skirt of some bright color, a rather high waistline, a small neat neckline or a deep cleavage. Of course, such products should be complemented by a narrow beautiful bodice, which advantageously emphasizes and covers the chest of the dress's owner. In general, this view coincides with the views of designers and fashion experts. Such a cut can now be found in the current models of cocktail and tea dresses, but you will find such a style and in more strict silhouettes, only with more casual, not so saturated colors. Fashion is cyclical, and as in the sixties, the styles decorated with large and small peas were popular, so nowadays pea dresses have become particularly relevant again.

retro polka dot dress

Let's see, for what reasons, many modern women prefer a fashionable dress with polka dots in retro style? Undoubtedlythe most important of them is that this type of clothing favorably outlines any figure, making it a happy owner of a slim and elegant, despite all the imperfections.

The history of the appearance of dresses in retrostyle

From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day, fashion has been developing and changing dramatically almost every decade of years. Since the time of women's emancipation, unprecedented opportunities in the choice of clothing have opened up to ladies. The best designers of the last century, first grabbing the trend of equality, began to constantly create completely different, unlike each other directions in the styles of women's fashion. The result of the twentieth century was a great legacy of incredible dresses in its own cut and style, which entered the general category of “retro style”. Most of the models, the creation of which belongs to the past century, are very relevant today.

Many people who do not particularly emphasize the details often confuse the concept of “retrostyle” and “vintage”. They believe that these directions are synonymous and interchangeable. However, this is not the case. As for the retro style, it, unlike vintage, is a symbol of the entire period of the XX century.You can easily right now find a dress in a retro style that was popular, for example, in the 60s of the twentieth century, in almost every modern shopping center. In the photo below you can watch a polka dot dress in retro style with a sleeve.

retro polka dot dress photo

Characteristic features of retrostyle dresses

There are a number of important features of this type of clothing.

  • Product models in retro style are distinguished by their strict style with a “stand” type collar.
  • The silhouette, tight-fitting and adjacent to the body of the girl, that is, the kind of "case" - an integral feature of clothing of the past fashion era.
  • A necessary element of such a dress is a slight asymmetry in the area of ​​the notch on the chest in order to visually increase the volume of the forms. Drapery is used to enhance this effect.
  • The dress is very fitted, while it has a fluffy light skirt, often below the knee length, and a bodice that tightly wraps around the chest and has a boat-neck cutout, but there are models with a rather deep neckline.
  • All clothes of this direction are distinguished by a variety of prints and colors: floral, polka dots, stripes, bright contrasting colors,but there are also muffled ones - you will meet this whole set in retroplanes.
  • Retro-style polka-dot dresses with sleeves are often sewn with a standing or turndown collar.
  • The popular Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe and her most famous photo, where she flirtatiously holds her soaring skirt with her hands - the clearest example of a fashionable dress with an open back and V-neck of that time.

retro polka dot dress

Where can I wear this dress

Variants of events and celebrations for which such models are suitable, a great many. Here are just a few examples of activities:

  1. The dress is wonderfully suitable for a date.
  2. The party is the perfect place for a polka-dot dress in retro style with a fluffy skirt and rich pattern.
  3. This outfit can be put on a wedding.
  4. Walk - not the last event in the list of events for which such a dress is intended.
  5. To go to work, you can also choose a similar outfit, only in more soothing colors.

Of course, the most important thing is what style, length, texture, fabric is used for a certain model of the dress. At work not to wear a daring and flirty attire, but there are products, carved specifically for business women.Choosing the right model is quite an energy-intensive matter, because, as you understand, it is impossible to wear a dress with drapery and lace to the office every day. Therefore, we have selected for you photos of fashionable styles of polka-dot dresses in retro style that will suit all occasions.

retro polka dot evening dress

Who is suitable for retro

In general, the styles of polka-dot dresses in retro style make it possible to wear this type of clothing to literally everyone. The owner of any shape will look great in it, but there are a few nuances. Girls who can boast a slender, taut figure will suit models with a length slightly above the knee and always with a visually highlighted waistline. Ladies with curvaceous, especially with wide hips, should purchase dresses with skirts below the knee with a striped print. They will help align and stretch the silhouette of a representative of the beautiful half of humanity. The direction of the strips should be vertical - this is one of the most useful tips from the fashion world.

If we talk about age, there are no obstacles to wearing this outfit as young coquettes, and women in age. Only it is not necessary at the age of 30 years and above to wear a dress with a mini skirt.Below you can see a photo of a polka dot dress in retro style, which was popular in the 60s of the XX century.

retro polka dot dress styles

Retro Dress Accessories

As you already know, retro includes fashion trends of several decades. When buying a dress, the style of which was popular in the twenties of the last century, accessories should be chosen based on the fashion of that time. It should be borne in mind that fashion then changed very quickly, so that the combination of most of the elements from more than one epoch became absolutely impossible. The photo shows a polka dot dress in retro style and accessories that are very well chosen in this kit. The bow on the girl's head is the best complement to her image.

retro polka dot dress styles

Chic 20s and 30s

Twenties and thirties distinguished dress "Chicago", which became incredibly popular at the time. The First World War influenced the designers rather strongly, and women's clothing began to have more and more items from the men's wardrobe. Femininity at the same time faded into the background, so the silhouette has ceased to be delineated, and the figure is often camouflaged for elegant layering. Chaotic draperies began to appear more and more regularly in all models.Also in these years chiffon began to be used throughout the skirt and top. All dresses were necessarily decorated with pearl laces, neat fringe and pleating. The length remained unchanged: from the knee to the floor.

Fashionable experts recommend using necklaces and beads made of white and pink pearls, any hair ornament, such as a comb decorated with precious stones and beads, shoes with a rounded shape and with a small neat square heel and a small flirty clutch.

retro polka dot dress with a full skirt

Strict but elegant 40s

The forties brought into the world not only one of the most terrible wars, but also dresses of muted tones, the most suitable for our time to work. In general, wartime dresses are an ode to simplicity and elegance. Today dresses of the 40s usually come complete with pumps, shoes or oxfords with a squat thick heel or platform, a narrow strap and a rather bulky bag. Colors can not be too bright, but polka dots, stripes and all sorts of prints are quite appropriate in these models.

By the way, many girls loved to combine this model with a hat.Therefore, if you are going to wear a polka-dot evening dress in retro style, then add a hat to it and do not forget about gloves.

fashionable retro polka dot dresses

Colorful 1950s

The bright 1950s is a period of revitalization and resurgent femininity in silhouettes. Models are ideal for everyday wear to school, university and work in the office. The most current colors: all neutral colors, cell, polka dot, floral, stripe. As mentioned above, the feminine trends of these models transformed any shape into an hourglass shape silhouette.

The main signs by which the fifties can be distinguished are the bodice, the fitting chest, the visually well-defined waist and the pencil skirt up to or below the knees. You will become a real style icon if you combine this dress with heeled sandals. The ideal version of the accessory will be a solid belt and a stylish scarf. Trapezoidal bag topical.

If you were looking for dresses of incredible sensuality and luxury, which are sewn from a variety of artificial fabrics, the models of dresses of the 60s and 70s - this is the best choice. In the courtyard is the era of dresses with a three-quarter sleeve and a neat collar.If we talk about shoes, then the best options would be half boots, various ankle boots and shoes. Bright colors: rich red, pearl, pale pink, blue, immaculately white with peas - the peak of fashion of that time.

retro polka dot dress

Fateful 80s

The eighties distinguished themselves with universal, diverse and light styles. Along with the era of rock and roll, belts for a corset, long-line collars and sleeves called bat came into fashion. Nowadays, many fashion houses create their collections with the styles of the era.

To image is perfectly balanced, you should purchase boots with a high thick heel with a rounded toe. Of course, you can wear shoes on a flat course all the time, but every girl always wants to look like a gorgeous lady who does not walk the earth, but flies. Therefore, you should not wear a very bulky bag with such a dress, which will literally include everything, but it is better to give preference to neat modest models.

retro polka dot dress styles

Can I sew such a dress by myself?

At the moment, a lot of companies make such dresses. To list the names of all manufacturers, two sheets are not enough.But if you have the skills of sewing craftsmanship, then it is very easy to sew such clothes by yourself, which will allow you not to waste time. Especially for you, we have prepared a pattern of a polka dot dress in retro style. This dress will have to spend a lot of fabric. When dressing a dress with a midi skirt, a matter of at least 1.5 meters in length will be needed. Do not forget about the fabric for the bodice. The next step is to transfer the pattern to the material with additional centimeter allowances. At each stage, try on a model so that the finished product fits perfectly. Before stitching a dress on a typewriter, be sure to make a cloth, especially if it is chiffon.

retro polka dot dress pattern


Modern dresses in styleretroin the "peas" to this day are a model of classic brightness and coquetry. Such a luxurious outfit must necessarily be in the arsenal of every girl, if she needs a dress for every occasion in life, be it a wedding, a date, a walk, and so on.

There is no difference for what purpose you need such a model, because in such a dress you will be simply irresistible in every situation. What caused this effect? It's simple: by refusing the generally accepted standards of gray mass, you become incredibly charismatic and bright no matter how old you are, or what number your scales show.In addition, the peas are used in dresses for a reason, because it perfectly hides any figure flaws.

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