Ernest Mackevicius: biography, creativity, family

Russian TV journalist, Vesti presenter Ernest Mackevicius is well known to millions of viewers. It is hard to imagine today the work of one of the most popular domestic TV channels (Russia 1) without this talented, subtle and intelligent journalist. It is also difficult to realize that Ernest Mackevicius, still a very young man, has devoted more than twenty years to working on television.

Ernest Mackevicius

Biography of a popular presenter

November 25, 1968 in Lithuania, an international boy was born into an international family, who was destined to become one of the most famous TV journalists. His father is a Lithuanian, famous director Gendrus Mackevicius, the founder of the Theater of Plastic Drama.

Ernest's mom, Marina Mackevichene, is Russian by nationality. She was a well-known journalist who had worked for many years in the newspaper Evening Moscow, in the magazine Crocodile and in the newspaper Trud.

Ernest Gedrevich Mackevicius

Ernest Mackevicius went to the first class of an ordinary school in the city of Vilnius.Already at such a young age, the boy was distinguished by his literary abilities: he wrote poems, short stories, and scripts for the school puppet theater. When Ernest was ten years old, the parents moved to the capital. In Moscow, Ernest graduated from high school.

When there was a question about choosing a profession, Ernest decided to follow the maternal path - to journalism. But before entering the institute, the young man gave his civic duty - he served in the army for two years. In 1994, Ernest Mackevicius became a student at Moscow State University, Faculty of Journalism.

Professional activity

The young journalist began his work on television in 1991 at the television company “VID”. The presenter, Ernest Mackevicius, in the “13-31” program combined his activities with the correspondent. A talented journalist was noticed, and he was invited to Channel One in the “Archipelago” program. Around the same time, Ernest Mackevicius was preparing materials for the international magazine Central Express.

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Until 1993, Ernest worked in the Panorama program on Channel One as a correspondent. In 1993, when the new NTV channel appeared, Ernest took an active part in its development. Until the end of April 2001, Ernest was a parliamentary correspondent in the information programs of NTV.

In May 2001, the television channel came under the jurisdiction of the media holding Gazprom-Media. The popular presenter, together with the team of Kiselev, moved to the TV-6 television company and until 2002 worked as a parliamentary correspondent for this television channel. Perhaps someone remembered Ernest's work in the first domestic reality show “Behind Glass” as one of the correspondents.

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Channel "Russia"

Today, presenter Ernest Mackevicius is the most recognizable journalist on the Russia channel. He has been working here for more than thirteen years. All this time he has been combining the profession of the leading and the author of the Prologue program, he has a great political program and pre-election debate.

From the middle of the two thousandth, Ernest Mackevicius is the presenter of “Vesti” and “Vesti +”. In these information programs, he works with colleagues - Tatiana Remezova, Marina Kim, Salima Zarif. From 2008 to 2011, Ernest Gedrevich Mackevičius became a permanent host of the program “Conversation with Vladimir Putin”, in which he worked with renowned TV journalist Maria Sittel.

Mackevicius is a versatile and reckless person. He gladly accepts invitations to participate in various shows and TV games.Surely, the audience remembers his brilliant performances and victory in the show “Fort Boyard”, the TV game “One Hundred to One”.


In his free time, which Ernest almost never happens, he does karate. In this sport he has a green belt. He tries to read a lot, according to his friends, he plays the guitar very well.

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In 2008, the father of the host died, without completing the book about the plastic theater that had begun. It is called Overcoming. The work was completed by Ernest, having added a chapter to it, in which he frankly and very touchingly spoke about who his father was for him.

A family

Ernest Mackevicius tries to protect his personal life and his relatives from journalists as much as possible. He is not too active and talkative in social networks. Nevertheless, it is known that the famous presenter is married, and he calls acquaintance with the future spouse "political." This joke is explained simply - while working in parliament, Ernest met a charming girl, then a tenth grade student, Alina Akhmetova, who along with her classmates came on a tour.

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Young people tested their feelings for five years. Officially, they legalized their relationship in 2003.Ernest was thirty-four years old, his wife thirteen years younger. There is no age difference between Ernest and Alina: they are happy, all decisions are made together. By his thirty-fifth birthday, Ernest became a father. Alina gave him a charming daughter Dahlia.

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