Engine oil Mannol: features, characteristics. Oil "Manol": reviews, prices

The right choice of oil is an important condition for long-term car operation. allow you to increase the durability of the machine, its main mechanisms and parts, delay the overhaul, clean mechanisms from plaque and have energy-saving properties.

Engine oil selection

Manufacturers usually recommend a particular brand of oil for a particular car. But, as a rule, their recommendations for owners are not always relevant. First, lubricants can be quite expensive. Secondly, the characteristics of oils and materials also change dramatically with the time and development of technology. In addition, in some cases, a good product is not always easy to purchase on the market, as there are many fakes.

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Therefore, in this situation, car owners have problems with the correct selection of engine oils, the characteristics of which will be optimal.The wrong choice of oil at best can lead to unstable operation of the engine, reducing its power, increased fuel consumption. In the worst - damage to the engine.

When choosing products for the care of the engine from the owner of the car requires quite a bit. Initially, it is necessary and sufficient to analyze the market, study the characteristics of motor oils, find a certified manufacturer.

The main parameters that should be paid attention to first of all are: type, class of oil and its viscosity.

Good companies that produce motor oils, usually offer to buy a wide range of products. Therefore, if you opted for a particular brand, read it in detail.

Oils Mannol - a modern choice of many motorists

Engine oil "Manol" today has a large number of fans in Russia and in Europe. This is a high-quality European product that came to the territory of the CIS more than 15 years ago, the company's representative offices were opened practically throughout the Russian Federation under the name SCT & Mannol.

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The company occupies a leading position in auto repair and the production of lubricants.The company has a high-performance laboratory complex, and all products are tested and certified. Oil "Manol", reviews of which are in most cases positive, has a large line of products with very different parameters.

Mannol oil viscosity

To date, the most popular classification of lubricants is SAE. This standard is designed to determine the viscosity of a lubricant depending on the temperature of the environment.

In terms of viscosity, oils are divided into winter, summer and all season. The most popular are all-season, the manufacturer Mannol specializes in them, but there are only summer and winter products.

All-season oils

All-season lubricants Mannol applicable for different thermal conditions. Depending on the season, the viscosity can change and ensure proper lubrication of the car’s mechanisms.

High characteristics of engine oil "Manol" allow you to choose the oil that is suitable for any car for use in different regions.

oil with molybdenum

SAE classification gives car owners the opportunity not only to choose the desired temperature regime, but also points to other important parameters,such as viscosity under cold start conditions, viscosity at high temperatures.

For example, oil "Manol" 10W-40 can be applied at temperature conditions from - 30aboutC to 40aboutC. At the same time, the oil for passenger cars meets the criteria of the highest viscosity of turnability in cold weather (6980 CP at -25aboutC), and the lowest - with heat (14.34 CSt when heated to -100aboutFROM). Accordingly, the same class of oil for large-sized equipment will have indicators of 7000 CP at -25aboutC and 13.99 CSt when heated to -100aboutC. This small difference in performance arises through differences in the mode of operation of transport and in its limit loads.

Thus, SCT & Mannol specialists have separately developed motor oils for large-sized vehicles and cars, which allows you to choose an oil that is suitable for any transport.

When choosing all-season oil, you should also pay attention to the wear of the engine. Manufacturers recommend using oil 5W-30 or 0W-20 when running the car for less than 50% of the planned resource, and at longer mileage - Manol oil 5W40.

Winter oils

Winter oils are designated by the letter “w”. When calculating, it is necessary to subtract 40 from the figure in front of it, as a result we get a temperature mode at which a lubricant can be used.To find out the temperature of the engine turning, it is necessary to subtract the value of 35.

motor oil characteristics

Winter oil Mannolpresented by the brand MANNOL TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 10W and intended for use in the mechanisms of large units, agricultural and off-road equipment, recommended for temperatures ranging from -30aboutC to 0aboutFROM.

Summer oils

Summer production is indicated only by numbers (for example, SAE 30) and denotes an average parameter indicating the viscosity of the material under operating conditions at elevated temperatures.

Summer oil Mannol is also recommended for commercial dimensional transport serving the construction, mining, agricultural industries:

- MANNOL TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 30 - for temperature regime from -5aboutC to +35aboutFROM;

- MANNOL TO-4 Powertrain Oil SAE 50 - for temperature regime from +10aboutC to +50aboutFROM.

Classification of oils "Manol" at the levels of operational properties

The classification from the American Petroleum Institute (API) divides engine oils into the following groups: “S” - lubricants for gasoline engines, “C” - for diesel.

mannol oil

Lubricants have different performance properties and characteristics. The API places different demands on trucks, cars, and light-engine equipment, and oils also differ for vehicles of different production years.Lubricants are divided into classes (SL, SN, CB, CC, CH ...), the first letter indicates the type of engine, the second - the class of material. The further the second letter from the beginning of the alphabet, the better the product. Lubricant manufacturers typically produce combined products that are suitable for different types of engines.

Engine oil "Manol" has mainly the following classes.

For commercial vehicles:

- CG-4, CF-4, CH-4 - suitable for four-stroke engines, work in harsh conditions, for buses and small trucks, also reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases.

- SL, SF - for engines operating under difficult conditions, these classes have improved characteristics, antioxidant, antiwear, anti-corrosion, cleaning properties and are stable, energy-saving properties, such oils do not require frequent replacement.

- GL-4 - a less common class for transmissions and heavy equipment, which operates at high speeds and high load.

For cars:

- CF, CD - these oils effectively suppress the formation of carbon on the pistons and corrosion of copper alloys of bearings, the choice of class depends on the year of the engine.

- SN, SM, SL, SG - oils of the highest level, possess improved properties, the choice of their class also depends on the year of manufacture of the mechanism.

Types of engine oil Mannol composition

Standardly engine oil in its composition are divided into mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic.

oil manol 10w 40

Mineral oils are produced by refining petroleum products. Manol mineral oils are produced for commercial vehicles, for cargo and passenger vehicles, for ship engines, for outboard boat engines, for garden and motor vehicles. The positive qualities of mineral oils include stability, efficiency and the absence of a destructive effect on the mechanisms.

Synthetic oils are produced by a special chemical formula. The line of synthetic lubricants is suitable for commercial vehicles, for trucks and cars, for ship engines, for snowmobiles, outboard motors. Synthetic oils are more stable, as they are less dependent on external factors.

Oil "Manol" semi-synthetics suitable for motorcycles, cars and heavy equipment.

A unique line of products "Manol"

Oil with the addition of molybdenum disulfide

Researchers at SCT & Mannol have developed their own composition of lubricants. Thus, it was released oil with molybdenum, which in its properties is significantly different from other oils.

Molybdenum disulfide is able to penetrate deep into the gaps between the mechanisms, creating a protective film that increases the wear resistance and performance of the engines. With the help of a new chemical formula, a gradual penetration of the composition into the metal, the formation of a solid stable surface structure and lower layers is achieved.

manol oil Price

Today, all-season oil with molybdenum is produced for gasoline and diesel cars on a semi-synthetic basis.

Original products Mannol O.E.M.

When developing a new chemical formula for this product line, sharp temperature drops were taken into account, which is especially important for the residents of Russia. As a basis, only high-index oils are used, and the latest additives are included in the composition.

Motorists who have tried the oil Manol, reviews leave generally good, the material has a good value for money, the main thing is not to buy a fake.

The line is designed for passenger cars with modern diesel and gasoline engines and has the highest performance in API classes, suitable for a large difference in temperature conditions.

Pricing policy of the manufacturer of oils "Manol"

Motorists have been compiled rating of oils from different manufacturers for the price of 1 liter. Compared all-season semi-synthetic oil 10W-40 as the most common.

Mannol Special is in the middle of the ranking. 400 rubles on average cost 1 liter of lubricant "Manol". Oil, the price of which is not the lowest, users highly appreciated for its characteristics.

oil manol 5w40

Mineral oils are cheaper by about 100-150 rubles, and the price for original products ranges from 300 to 600 rubles per 1 liter.

Oil Reviews

Oil "Manol", reviews of which are often left by motorists, is generally very popular.

It has good cleaning properties, increases the wear resistance of the motor. When switching from another lubricant to Manol, positive results were noticeable: starting the engine was easier at low temperatures, noise was reduced, fuel consumption was reduced, even with a large vehicle mileage.Fakes are rarely found, so the oil is really in demand.

Marked high quality oils for heavy machinery. The engine copes well with temperature changes and works well in overheating conditions.


In general, oil "Manol" has positive reviews. Particularly recommended for engines that already have high mileage. The manufacturer allows you to choose a lubricant for every taste, and the price and quality are of good value.

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