Elena Perminova: biography of the style icon

The famous model Elena Perminova, who is nowinvite to their shows world brands, has passed thorny path to fame. However, some of the journalists, on the contrary, believe that she was lucky, like Cinderella.

Where is the truth, and where is the lie

Elena Perminova biography Probably, as always, the truth is in the middle. The main bump in the life of Helen Perminova was the story of drugs, the trade of which was set in the nightclubs of the city. Perhaps the youth of the years, and perhaps the love of the man with whom she lived, pushed her to this step. The seventeen-year-old girl was not only involved in court proceedings, but even was detained, and then convicted for six years probation for the distribution of drugs.

But it was at that time that I got to know the Russianbillionaire Elena Perminova. The biography of the beginning model is supplemented by the history of Cinderella. Elena's father sent a letter to State Duma deputy Alexander Lebedev, who was just working on drafting a bill on witness protection. The patronage of a tall face was very useful, otherwise the girl would hardly have got away with such an easy sentence.

The confluence of circumstances did not end there. The deputy not only defended the young beauty, but also fell in love with her, in addition, he was also a billionaire. What is not a fairy story, which had a happy continuation? But first things first.

Dreamed from childhood to be a model

model of Elena PerminovaThe two most significant moments in the life of a girl sometimeseclipse the rest of her life, especially the part that was held in the homeland of the model. And yet Elena Perminova does not refuse it. Biography of the podium star begins in a small town of Berdsk, which is located in the Novosibirsk region.

Elena was born in 1986 in a family with an average income. Had an older sister. Like all the girls, they dreamed of dresses, of fame, of wealth.

After school Elena entered the Kuzbass Instituteeconomy and law, but did not finish it. She preferred a career model, which began at the age of sixteen, becoming a scout of the modeling agency Modus Vivendis. With this agency, the girl even signed a contract, which was interrupted when she was under investigation.

Elena's perseverance should be envied. Already being under investigation, she is removed for the magazine "Playboy". Participates in several shows. Finally, it appears in the video of Stas Pyekha.

Success on the runways

Elena Perminova growth in weight Probably, this success would not have come, if not Alexander Lebedev, who fell in love with the future star. He also helped her to become one.

After a relatively happy endingJudicial history Elena continued the career of the model. Soon, Playboy magazine chose her as the girl of the month. And a little later, since 2009, she already takes an active part in fashion shows that take place in the cities of Europe, fashion legislators - Milan, Rome, Paris. The Russian model with brilliance demonstrates new collections of "Viktor & Rolf", "Lanvin", "Armani" and others.

Elegant and fragile Elena Perminova (height, weight - 174 cm and 50 kg respectively) with bright features won her many admirers both in Russia and in Europe.

Style of model - avant-garde

This style does not stop Elena from remainingromantic and feminine. It would seem that it bears incompatible things simultaneously with grace and simplicity. On others, this clothes would look if not funny, it is inappropriate, but the model feels great in it. Maybe that's why it causes so many conflicting opinions. And yet, no matter how cursed individuals may be, they are the first to always see a new image of the model, and Elena Perminova's photo is so often seen in magazines.

As a model the girl participates in the shows of manyfamous fashion houses, but for himself, in his daily life, he prefers the work of designers of young and still little-known. Some journalists call this her style "the city's crazy". Because among her things there are no ordinary shirts, blouses, jeans. Elena chooses outfits that are memorable, noticeable, in which she always remains an eye-popping beauty.

Wife and mother Elena Perminova: the biography is replenished

photo Untitled photo With Alexander Lebedev, Elena created a happya family where two boys grow up. However, officially their marriage is not registered. But, apparently, the couple does not bother, since they will soon expect the appearance of another baby.

The first son Elena Perminova gave birth in 2009. The boy was called Nikita. The second son Yegor was born at the end of 2011. The family does not have enough daughter. However, the model is sure that both she and Alexander will be happy if another boy is born. About this through "Instagram" Helen Perminova were able to find out her fans.

By the way, Alexander Lebedev still has the eldest son Eugene 1980 born. He lives in London. Although his mother Natalia, Lebedev's first wife, lives in Moscow and works at Moscow University.

Alexander Lebedev is a versatile person. Known as a businessman, philanthropist, politician, doctor of economic sciences. The owner of the National Reserve Bank, Russian and British newspapers "Moscow correspondent", "Novaya Gazeta" (49%), "Independent", "Evening Star" and others. At the end of last year he turned fifty-four.

The career continues

Instagram of Perminovaya The family of Elena Perminova and Alexander Lebedev lives in London. Despite motherhood, Elena leads an active lifestyle. She participates in fashion shows, it happens in almost all social gatherings.

In addition, she is a business partner of her ownhusband. A young active woman has already managed to get an economic education at Moscow State University and owns a part of the British Evening Standard. In 2011, Elena began working as an editor of the magazine "Rohr".

The circumstances are such that the couplePerminova-Lebedev has to live not only in two houses, but even in two countries. This requires a business that is located both in England and in Russia. However, Elena and Alexander do not complain. After a good work, they have the opportunity and a good rest.

As Elena admitted, before the birth of children, theyher husband traveled a lot and visited the most exotic countries: in Colombia, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and others. Her favorite vacation spot for her is the Maldives with their warm sea, snow-white sand, fresh food. Now the family prefers to rest in one of their estates in Umbria, near Perugia.

This is the model Elena Perminova, whose biography, according to many, is similar to the story of Cinderella.

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