Electric kettle Braun WK 300 Cream - review, features and reviews

Electrical appliances from the company Braun appeared on the shelves of Russian stores relatively recently. But during this time, it has already managed to establish itself as a premium product, which aims to improve and simplify the lives of its consumers. In the category of "kitchen appliances", the attention of domestic buyers was particularly attracted by the Braun WK 300 electric kettle. Its appearance and technical characteristics allow any user to choose the model he needs for himself according to his own individual preferences and design features of a particular room.

Product description

When choosing a technique, each person tries, whenever possible, to give preference to models of famous brands. This gives him a certain confidence that the product will fully comply with the stated characteristics and will last as long as possible. Therefore, many customers choose the Braun WK 300 teapots for domestic water heating. These devices initially combine the three most important qualities:

  • high functionality;
  • stylish design;
  • convenience in operation.

braun wk 300

It is difficult to imagine a more profitable acquisition. Braun WK 300 is a device that is designed for long-term use, and if properly handled will be able to serve for quite a long time. Specialists have devoted a lot of attention to the hygienic characteristics of the device. These devices are made of ecological heat-resistant plastic and stainless steel, which indicates their practicality and safety for health. And the original design only complements the overall picture.

Manufacturing company

Teapots of Braun WK 300 are one of models in the category "equipment for kitchen" which are let out by rather well-known company from Germany. Its activity began in 1921 with the release of parts for the simplest radios. Literally 8 years later, Braun grew to the production of one-piece apparatuses. She even received several honorary awards at world exhibitions. But this was only the beginning of a long journey. The company’s real world fame was not brought by radio equipment. In the fifties of the last century, the company began to produce household electric shavers with a fundamentally new system of a cutting organ in the form of a solid, but very thin mesh. This allowed her to loudly declare herself in the world market.By the seventies, the corporation was fully focused on the production of household appliances and by the mid-nineties had become a recognized leader in this direction. The Russians were able to familiarize themselves with this product much later, when a third of the shares of the German company were bought by Procter & Gamble.


Electric kettle Braun WK 300 - the perfect assistant in the house. He is able to lighten the mood in the morning and give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. With it, you can also spend a pleasant evening with friends over a cup of aromatic tea or strong coffee. This device is not only outwardly attractive, but also created with all the latest developments.

braun electric kettle wk 300

German designers have thought through every little thing:

  1. The optimum volume of 1.7 liters.
  2. With a power of 2200 W, the maximum filled kettle boils in 5 minutes, and it takes only 45 seconds to heat one cup of water.
  3. Hidden heating element.
  4. A thin nylon filter reliably prevents small particles of scale from getting into the cup.
  5. For safety reasons, it is possible to lock the device from switching on without water in the apparatus.
  6. The power on indicator alerts you to availability.
  7. When removed from the stand, the Braun WK 300 electric kettle switches off automatically.
  8. The level indicator indicates the need to add water.
  9. The cord length of 70 centimeters is optimal for conveniently placing the teapot on the desktop, and a special compartment at the bottom of the stand will help to hide excess wires.

With such characteristics, users can be completely confident in the reliability of the device.

Color solution

Many buyers when choosing a model give their preference to the Braun WK 300 Cream kettle. First of all, this is due to a good color solution. True, there are those who consider this factor unimportant. Nevertheless, a delicate cream (sometimes beige) color can perfectly fit into any interior. And this is important. After all, it is always pleasant to be in a room where everything is harmoniously arranged and selected.

braun wk 300 cream

This model, like all other brands WK 300, has similar technical characteristics. True, the volume of such a device is slightly less. It is 1.6 liters. But this is quite enough for home use. Like other devices of this brand, it has a three-level protection system. And the presence of special indicators allows even at a distance to determine the condition of the device.In addition, it has a high degree of maneuverability due to the stand, which can rotate with the kettle by 360 degrees. This provides additional comfort and ease of use.

Unbiased opinion

Many of those who purchased the Braun WK 300 electric kettle are happy with their purchase. In addition to guaranteed safety and visual appeal, the device is very ergonomic. Take, for example, the location of the control buttons. They are conveniently placed on the lid, which eliminates any danger of burn during operation.

braun electric kettle wk 300

Many buyers liked the idea of ​​the manufacturer to place the liquid level indicator on both sides. Now the device is equally convenient for both left-handers and right-handers. Additional comfort gives the free rotation of the kettle on the stand around its axis. In addition, thanks to the wide neck, it is very convenient to fill the device with water. In principle, this can be done without opening the lid. This opportunity gives conveniently located oblique spout. There is no need to constantly pull the latch, which significantly extends its longevity. Particular attention is usually paid to users boiling water speed.In WK 300, this issue is resolved by a metal plate that covers the heating coil and increases the area of ​​contact with the liquid. In addition, the flat surface is easier to clean. This, too, must be considered.

Price pleasure

How much should I pay to buy a Braun WK 300 Cream electric kettle? It all depends on the seller.

braun electric kettle wk 300 cream

In different outlets it can be purchased for a different amount: from 1,800 to 3,700 rubles. This difference in price is due to the nature of the purchases. After all, these kettles are mainly produced at Braun enterprises located in the Czech Republic. Delivery of small wholesale lots, of course, is expensive. Large commercial enterprises can count on serious discounts. In addition, the transport costs of a large consignment are not so markedly reflected in the item. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the status of the store in which such an appliance is purchased. For dealers there is a special pricing policy. Offering products directly from the manufacturer, they sell it at a favorable price for the buyer. Therefore, before you go shopping,it is necessary to carefully study the prices and only after that make a final decision.

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