Easy manicure with a sponge

Easy manicure at home

All women pay a lot of attention to their appearance. And this applies not only to clothing, but also manicure, as well as makeup. Now we are talking about a manicure. In a modern woman everything should be perfect, so let's start exploring a very simple technique.

manicure with a sponge

How to make a beautiful manicure at home?

Now there are many types of manicure. But the most original and modern is a manicure using a sponge. Some may say that this is stupid, others - difficult, but this is not so. Now you can see all this in detail and find out that you don’t need much for such a manicure: just a few different colors of varnish and a regular sponge.

Learning manicure

For starters, you can view several tutorial videos to understand how such a manicure is done correctly. It makes no sense to name any specific sources of information, as there are a lot of them now. In these videos, you can view the manicure technique, as many do.But do not forget that any specialist has his own approach to work, so you can slightly deviate from the rules and try to do something differently.

easy manicure at home

Manicure technique with a sponge

So, a manicure with a sponge is done as follows. It is necessary to apply a varnish color on nails, preferably in two layers. After the nail polish dries, you can proceed to further action. On the edge of the sponge apply varnish of a different color, which you would like to see on the tips of your nails. Gently attach the sponge with varnish to the tip of the nail so that the color is bright and saturated. And in the end it is necessary to fix everything with a clear varnish. If suddenly a little money is on the skin around the nail, it can be gently wiped off with a cotton swab and nail polish remover.

Little variety

If you wish, you can make a play of three colors, not two. The most important thing is that the shades are not very different from each other in color, otherwise such a manicure will be too catchy. You can also make a play of colors not only horizontally, but also diagonally or vertically. Everything is your choice. But you should not choose poisonous shades, as the manicure should be suitable for any clothes, and every day to repaint the nails does not make sense.Manicure looks beautifully on the nails, using a sponge made from a light color at the beginning of the nail to dark colors on the tips. But here it is better to take a few quiet shades, so that it does not look too catchy.

simple manicure at home

Enjoy a beautiful manicure!

Also do not lose sight of the fact that a manicure with a sponge made by yourself should be neat. Try to keep the varnish on the fingers around the nails. Also, make sure that there are no burrs or scratches on the varnish. Thus, the nails will look well-groomed and beautiful. And note, neatly made manicure looks very professional. Although it takes a little time, and in essence it is quite a simple manicure, at home made with his own hands. Experiment, fantasize and improvise! All in your hands! And do not be discouraged if the first time you do not get a perfect manicure. Just try again.

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