Early menopause: symptoms and signs. Symptoms and causes of early menopause in women

Every woman in a certain period of her life feels the changes that occur in her body. Any one of them is complicated in its own way. Therefore, you need to know what to expect. Each of the representatives of the weaker sex is aware that there is a menopause phase. Do not panic while doing this; you just need to properly prepare for its manifestations. Everyone should do this, but, unfortunately, not everyone tries. And then, one might say, due to her own fault, women suffer from some unpleasant manifestations that accompany the menopausal period. This is not only external changes, but also the general condition of the body. Such persons begin to grow old much earlier than those who paid more attention to themselves.

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What are the signs of early menopause in women?

According to statistics, the onset of menopause is felt by women, whose age averages 52 years.Often there are cases when menstruation stops much earlier, at the age of 35-40 years. This phenomenon is called early menopause. Modern medicine can help eliminate this problem. The climacteric period is quite long and hard. Symptoms are standard.

Symptoms of early menopause

Such a phenomenon as early menopause, the symptoms are completely similar to the usual period of menopause, which occurs in time. It all starts with a problem like hot flashes. A woman can throw in the heat. Observed with this redness of the hands, skin of the chest, there is a very strong sweating. There may be weakness, and sometimes nausea. This can last for 5 minutes, and there can be several dozens per day of repetitions. Naturally, this greatly affects the overall condition. And at night a woman feels anxiety - this is what is characteristic of the beginning of menopause. And there is nothing pleasant in this situation.

symptoms of early menopause in women

There are also such symptoms of early menopause in women as depressive states. As a result, headaches may occur. Blood pressure starts jumping.The mood at the same time will change several times a day. If the hormonal background begins to change, it also affects the state of memory. Focusing your attention becomes much more difficult. Not bypassing the change of hormones and the cardiovascular system, and respiratory organs. As a result, shortness of breath appears.

If the sexual inclination disappears, vaginal dryness, itching appears, then know that it is the early menopause that has similar symptoms, but it will be absent for a long time or your period will change. The urge to urinate will become more frequent due to the weakening of the sphincter of the bladder and the loss of its tone.

There are many reasons for overweight women. But during menopause, it is the imbalance of hormones, metabolic disorders, chronic stresses and the sedentary lifestyle that many people are accustomed to. When menopause occurs, osteoporosis develops, and the bones begin to lose calcium much faster, as a result of which they become more brittle.

When to wait for menopause

Everything is very individual. After all, the body of each woman has its own specifics. And this can happen in both 40 and 35 years.Ladies with not very good heredity make up a small percentage. Most often, these are individuals who have certain abnormalities in the body. And when you are only 35, and you plan to do much more in the future, the most unpleasant moment will be the menopause ahead of time.

early menopause

What could be the cause of early menopause

What could be the causes of early menopause in women? This question is relevant to many. And it is better to eliminate them initially than to treat the consequences. Therefore, the reasons need to know each. They may be:

- taking contraceptives or hormonal drugs, which took place without the supervision of a physician, or if the drugs were illiterately selected;

- dysfunction of the endocrine system;

- diseases of the reproductive system;

- reduced immunity;

- infections caused by viruses;

- genetic heredity;

- disruption of the ovaries;

- bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol).

What examinations need to pass

Since the causes of early menopause in women are diverse, it is necessary to be examined by a gynecologist, an endocrinologist and an oncologist. Be sure to determine the hormonal status.Conducting a special test will reveal the true causes of tides, migraines and irritability.

To detect an early menopause, it will be necessary to donate blood for a biochemical analysis, to undergo a pelvic ultrasound, to constantly monitor blood pressure. Be sure to include a mammogram on this list. So the doctor will be able to monitor the work of all organs and to identify the true cause of the ailment.

causes of early menopause in women


It is necessary to begin it from childhood. The nutrition of the girl, the future woman and mother should be balanced. It is necessary to make more walks, do not forget about special exercises. No stress! Necessary and prevention of infectious diseases. Be sure to follow all this very carefully. And do not forget about such an important period in the life of a daughter as puberty. Then the future woman at a young age will not face such a problem as early menopause, the symptoms of which will affect her whole life.

What is he dangerous?

So what is the danger of early menopause? First of all, it makes very serious changes not only in the work of the organism, but also affects the appearance. The skin will noticeably fade.It will cover the spots and wrinkles. Due to cholesterol metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases may appear. The type of the figure will begin to change, and it will not become more attractive after that. The mammary glands lose their elasticity.

what is dangerous early menopause

From this we can conclude that it is necessary to start the fight with early menopause on time. After all, it is easier to prevent it by starting to take sedatives, vitamins and hormonal preparations.

How to treat

If we take into account the fact that the symptoms of early menopause in women appear together with changes of a different nature, in order to eliminate them, it is necessary to contact different specialists. But practice shows that the treatment of early menopause is effective when hormone replacement therapy is used. Women need to use drugs that have in their composition of sex hormones. After all, early menopause in women, whose age is still far from suitable, may appear due to a sharp decrease in the level of these substances. If you use drugs correctly, then you can prevent the appearance of many diseases.This method is effective because not the consequences are cured, but the causes.

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Drugs today use those that have a natural basis. The body accepts them and easily assimilates, without spending a lot of time and effort.

How can you prevent menopause?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict early menopause, the symptoms appear suddenly and unexpectedly. Even experts cannot make a forecast. It is better to proceed to prevent this trouble in advance. Be sure to know everything about the state of your thyroid gland. If treatment is necessary, proceed to it immediately. So you can avoid ovarian dysfunction.

You also need to take care of your health. Do not accumulate stress, fully relax and create for yourself the correct mode of the day. All processes must be conducted in a systematic and orderly manner. Pay attention to proper nutrition, work and rest in equal parts. And, of course, sex.

If your intimate life is regular, it will make the sexual system work. Age should not play any role. You can not take long breaks. If you follow all these recommendations, your body will be constantly in good shape.

In the event that the period is still quite early, there should not be a climacter for the woman, but it has nevertheless arrived, it is necessary to take care of the quality of later life. Get ready for some difficulties. The beginning can be an unstable emotional state. Hot flashes, sweating, trouble sleeping and osteoporosis are factors that should not be ignored. During the period of menopause and after it the body will age much faster. Therefore, keep yourself always in shape, eat right, do not forget about sports and avoid stress. Sport will help maintain muscle tone, and vitamins and hormones can slow aging.

Of course, such a phenomenon as early menopause is not very pleasant, but it is not a sentence. Many women suffer from such a problem, but almost all try to prevent the deterioration of their health. If you put your body in order, you can enjoy all the pleasures of life further.

Pregnancy and early menopause

Of course, if this problem has prevented all your plans, then the question of the possibility of carrying the child and giving birth to it will appear, this is undoubtedly. Many are interested in whether a pregnancy is possible if an early menopause occurs. All experts say yes.Before that, it will be necessary to consult with an endocrinologist and, of course, a gynecologist. After the prescribed treatment, it will be possible to start the fulfillment of your dream. In developed countries, use of IVF. This method has long been popular due to its effectiveness. If you do not have serious complications and diseases, then there will be no particular problems.

signs of early menopause in women

All women, without exception, must fight to preserve their beauty and health. After all, constantly being in a society, we unwittingly begin to compare ourselves with others. And we see that something is missed. Some were given entirely to the family, children, others to work. And in this daily bustle, years pass unnoticed that cannot be brought back. But you can always preserve femininity and beauty. And this will happen only when women learn to combine life and rest, start to see doctors in time, and not put it off until later.

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