Ear of salmon heads: cooking recipe and tips

Surely every housewife wondered what to cook for dinner or lunch. Liquid dishes are simply necessary for the body. They need to be consumed daily. If you are fed up with vegetable, chicken soups or borsch, then you should cook fish soup from the head of salmon. Such a dish is quite economical. Despite this, it will appeal to all your households and diversify the daily diet.

Everyone knows that red fish is very useful. Its frequent use strengthens the immune system, increases hemoglobin and has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system. So, how to prepare the ear of the heads of salmon?

ear of salmon heads

Required Products

On a five-liter pot of water, you need to take one fish head. In addition, you will need a small steak, having a weight of 300-400 grams.

Ear from the heads of salmon, the recipe of which provides for the presence of additional vegetable ingredients (carrots, onions, potatoes and dill), also requires the addition of cereals.You can take rice or barley to your taste. Stock up on the necessary spices: salt, black pepper in a pea, seasoning for soups and bay leaf.

cook salmon soup

Selection of fish heads

The ideal option would be to purchase a whole fish. In this case, you can correctly assess the freshness of the head. Look under the gills. The meat under them should be a delicate pink color. Also, the fish should not exude an unpleasant smell.

If you decide to buy a separate head, then carefully check whether it is not spoiled. Do not buy frozen food. Prefer chilled fish head. If it is cut off right in your presence, it will be the best option. It is worth noting that in this case the cost of the head may be somewhat higher than that of the frozen product.

If necessary, you can freeze the fish yourself and cook it later. In this state, the meat is stored for a long time. Re-freezing should be abandoned, since it can produce harmful toxic substances.

ear from the head salmon recipe

Fish processing and cooking broth

Ear of salmon heads will be tasty if you properly process the meat.First you should get rid of all the gills that are on the head. Otherwise, the soup will be slightly bitter. Carefully cut out the unwanted parts with a sharp knife and rinse your head under running water.

Steak must be cleaned of scales. It is better to completely remove the peel with a sharp knife. After that, put the workpiece in the pan and put the container on fire. Salt must be added at this stage, because otherwise the fish will turn out to be fresh to the taste.

When water boils, remove the froth. Do this until it stops gathering on the surface of the water. When the meat is fully cooked, remove it from the pan and strain the broth.

Cooking vegetables

While boiling the ear of salmon heads, you need to peel the vegetables and cut them into small sticks. Fry carrots and onions in a pan with the addition of sunflower oil. As soon as zazharka will acquire a golden color, put the vegetables in the broth.

Also put in the soup potatoes, which must be cleaned and cut into cubes. Add the seasoning and cook the broth until the vegetables are completely cooked. On average, it takes fifteen minutes.

cook salmon soup

Add fish meat

At the time, while preparing the ear of the heads of salmon, butcher the cooled meat. Carefully separate and discard the small bones. Cut the steak into small cubes and place in boiling broth. The head of the fish you will not need.

At this stage, add pepper to the broth. Ear of salmon heads, the recipe of which is given in this article, will acquire a bright taste if you put the pepper in water whole and continue cooking the broth for another five minutes.

Finishing touches

When the soup is almost ready, put two handfuls of cereal in it. It is worth noting that the ear of the heads of salmon with pearl barley turns out to be more satisfying and rich. If you want to cook a light version of the soup, then prefer the rice additive.

Boil the cereal in broth for about ten minutes. After that, put some bay leaves in it. Wash a bunch of dill and finely chop. Pour the green mass into the soup and cook for another two minutes. Be sure to try the ear to taste. Salt should be enough.

While cooking the cereal, you must constantly stir the soup. Otherwise, the product may stick or stick to the bottom of the pan. After cooking, let the dish stand for a few hours.In this case, the taste will be perfect.

salmon fish soup


So, you learned how to cook salmon soup from the head. This dish is ideal for lunch or dinner. You can also submit it to the festive table. Guests and households will appreciate your culinary skills.

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