Dzhankoy City (Crimea): history, description, interesting facts, sights and leisure

Black Sea, a wonderful climate, amazing nature - all this can be found in the Crimea. There are many places on this wonderful peninsula where you can have a great time. Often, tourists stop their choice on the southern coast of Crimea, but the northern part of it is no less interesting. This article will be devoted to a small but very cozy and hospitable town under the sweet name Dzhankoy.


The history of Dzhankoy is deeply rooted in the past, although it became a settlement just a hundred years ago. A small village created at the water source. Unfortunately, the well has not survived until today. Initially, the settlement consisted of small houses - dugouts. There were only 20 of them. The settlement belonged to the Tauride province.

Dzhankoy Crimea Gate

Initially, Dzhankoy was not even on the map of the peninsula, but the villages located in this territory were displayed. Then Dzhankoy called many settlements. And all because in the translation into Russian this word means - sweet village.

Dzhankoy in the XIX century

In the XIX century, Dzhankoy was considered a Tatar settlement. But since then almost all Tatars from these places moved to Turkey. The village is almost completely empty. The Germans came to the place of the Tatars. On these lands they were engaged in agriculture. Later Dzhankoy (Crimea) began to grow rapidly. The impetus for this was the construction of the railway bed. All construction work had to be done manually, which required a large labor force. People lived near the road. Thus, the first street appeared - Krymskaya, which still exists today. The road was built for three years. After the launch of the first freight car, Dzhankoy (Crimea) turned into a strategic important area of ​​the whole peninsula. The number of people in the village grew rapidly, the infrastructure developed rapidly.

Dzhankoy turns into a city

The beginning of the 20th century for Dzhankoy was marked by a change of status.From a small village it turned into an urban-type settlement. At that time, more than 1,000 people lived on its territory. Schools opened, churches and mosques were built. Local residents built their own gymnasium. Later Dzhankoy (Crimea) became a city. Immigrants from Russia and Ukraine made up the bulk of the population.

By 1925, there were 25 schools, a hospital, a kindergarten, a library, and a laboratory in Dzhankoy. New streets constantly appeared, houses were built. People were actively engaged in farming, organized collective farms. A huge contribution to the development of agriculture was made by the Jews. A Jewish commune was organized near the railway station, which was later transformed into a collective farm.

Dzhankoy Crimea

The war left its destructive imprint on Dzhankoy. The railway was destroyed, most businesses, too. Virtually no one is left from the previous population. The collective farms were almost completely destroyed, and the workers were shot. The remaining population actively rebuilt the city. New educational institutions, enterprises and hospitals opened, agricultural activity resumed.Despite the fact that Dzhankoy is a young city, its history significantly influenced the development of the whole Crimea. Today it is the main transport hub of the peninsula.

Sights of Dzhankoy

The land gates of Crimea - Dzhankoy - are rich in sights. Here you can meet many places associated with the historical past of the city. One of them is the monastery, which was founded in the mountains. Previously, there was a village of Christians who were forced to leave their homeland. They headed to the mountains. Here for them was water and mountain caves. This place was nicknamed Shuldan - the giving echo. The fact is that all sounds uttered in the valley reached this place without distortion.

G Dzhankoy Crimea

The history of the monastery

You can reach the monastery by several paths. The first road comes from the valley itself. On the second you need to climb the mountain, then down the old stairs made of wood. The Church of Christ the Savior is considered the most popular attraction of Dzhankoy. Today, the appearance of the monastery is far from the original. Its area has decreased by almost 15 times. Once the monastery captured the Turkish army, and the monks left it.Only 12 years later, the church began to actively restore. Today, 4 monks and the abbot live here. Everything that is in the monastery today is done by their hands. Anyone can visit the abode. But local beauty is better to inspect, asking permission from the monks.

Museums and parks

Another attraction that the city of Dzhankoy (Crimea) has is the Local Lore Museum. Here you can get acquainted with the history of the city, its cultural customs, way of life and traditions. The museum contains photos and expositions of past eras. The religious heritage of Dzhankoy is represented by a mosque, which is located in the city itself.

Dzhankoy Crimea city

The main attraction of Dzhankoy - the picturesque nature. There are no beaches here, but the surrounding landscapes are impressive. You can see the local beauty in the reserve "Kalinovsky". The park covers 12,000 hectares of land. There are numerous species of birds and animals.

Dzhankoy - a city of unusual wine

The city of Dzhankoy (Crimea) is famous for its excellent wine, the recipe for which the locals adopted from the Greeks. In the taste of wine you can feel the whole history of the city, since this technology is already more than two thousand years old. Wine does not look like traditional.It is thick and uniquely sweet.

What is attractive Dzhankoy?

Dzhankoy is rich in gastronomic institutions with delicious national cuisine. Local cheburechnaya enjoys particular popularity among tourists. In Dzhankoy grows a huge amount of greenery, vegetables and fruits. The favorable climate makes this place a paradise. The city has a hunting farm. This can turn anyone willing to hunt for game.

Republic of Crimea Dzhankoy city

Gate of Crimea - Dzhankoy - a town with an unusual history, interesting sights and a wonderful climate. Those who appreciate calm and measured like to come here. There is no fuss and a huge crowd of people. This is what pleases numerous guests of the city with an interesting name - Dzhankoy (Crimea).

Where is it located

The city occupies the northern part of the Crimean peninsula. It is located a hundred kilometers from Simferopol. Dzhankoy is located in the steppe zone, which causes its mild climate. There is almost no winter here, and snow falls extremely rarely. The only inconvenience is caused by the wind blowing from the steppe.

Since Dzhankoy is the main railway junction of the Crimea, to reach it is not difficult. All trains running to the peninsula from any point will certainly have a stop in Dzhankoy.There are other ways. For example, fly by plane to Simferopol, and from there by any convenient way to get to Dzhankoy. On average, the road takes about one and a half hours.

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The Republic of Crimea, the city of Dzhankoy in particular, is a great place for an excellent holiday. There are many interesting places to visit, the infrastructure is quite well developed. Visitors to the city can comfortably accommodate in hotels and small guest houses. The city has many restaurants, cafes, bars and other establishments. However, there is always calm and quiet. The city is almost never crowded with tourists. If you get tired of the measured atmosphere of this cozy town, you can easily go to the more lively areas of the Crimea, for example, in Yalta or Sevastopol. Dzhankoy very convenient in terms of movement.

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