The drug "Artrofoon": reviews of doctors and patients

The wide range of drugs on the shelves of pharmacies in many sick people is not credible. Too often in the prescription of doctors there are potent drugs that not only do not give a positive effect of recovery, but also often cause the development of new diseases. Such a picture is observed very often, so people are looking for alternative methods of treatment compared to chemical pills, which can be bought, but whether it is advisable or not, many do not know.

Modern Homeopathy

While ignorant people are guessing, competent doctors are not asleep and are proposing today to experience the properties of homeopathic medicines. They represent a combination of natural components that can support immunity during diseases, increase it if taken for prevention, and replace chemical drugs and their standard counterfeits.

About homeopathy started talking relatively recently. However, doctors do not miss the opportunity in the initial stages of many ailments to recommend still taking homeopathic medicines that sparingly affect the adult and children's human body.

Very many homeopathic medicines are prescribed in combination with chemical medicines. When using these, it should be understood that homeopathic medicines are not a panacea. Their influence is often observed at the very beginning of the development of the disease, but with complications, they may have no effect.

Homeopathic medicines are applicable in the treatment of colds, pneumonia, diseases of internal organs and even joints. So, about the drug "Artrofoon" reviews of patients suffering from arthrosis and arthritis, are very flattering.

artrofoun reviews

Anyone who has encountered diseases of the joints in his life knows that it is very difficult to achieve the normalization of the physiological functions of these. Diseases are accompanied by aching, severe pains, which can be eased when taking natural medicines.

Effective treatment of arthrosis

So, let's look at the characteristics of the homeopathic drug "Artrofoon",reviews of which are very positive, and see if this medicine really affects the human body as effectively as they say in the district.

In modern times this remedy is very often prescribed by doctors to patients who have joint problems. We are not talking about a specific group of them, but we mean the entire list of joints of the human body.

artrofoun doctors reviews

The shoulder, elbow, neck, leg, hip joints tend to inflame and collapse, which leads to enormous discomfort and restriction of movement of the human body. These symptoms indicate the presence and progress of joint diseases such as arthritis and arthrosis of varying severity.

So, the tool “Artrofon” (reviews of many people focus attention on this moment) is today considered the most effective in treating these ailments. The long-term practice of observing the state of patients during the taking of certain medicines gives doctors the right to draw positive conclusions regarding the actions of homeopathic medicines on the body of sick people.

The drug "Artrofoon": instructions for use

The homeopathic remedy that is considered in this article has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect. The drug "Artrofon" (feedback from experts pay attention) can significantly reduce the dose of reception during the course of the severe stages of arthrosis of other chemicals.

Artrofoon instructions for use

Often, when used in prescriptions for this homeopathic medicine, it is possible to reduce the duration of therapy several times. This medicine improves tissue trophism, inhibits inflammatory pathogens, stopping the painful process that prevents a person from moving normally and taking a freely comfortable body position.

If many homeopathic remedies are prescribed in the initial stages of the disease, the Artrofoon medication is recommended for use in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints, which include rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, spondylarthrosis.

The composition of the drug and the form of production

The medicine Artrofon is being produced, reviews of which are discussed in this article by the Russian company Materia Media Holding in the city of Moscow.Recently, pharmaceutical domestic companies rely on the production of homeopathic medicines, which are much cheaper than chemical medicines, and justify their influence during various ailments, without causing any side effects from the already shaky health of patients.

Available in tablet form medicine "Arthrofoon". The composition of the drug includes affinity purified antibodies to human tumor necrosis factor alpha (homeopathic diluted mixtures of C12, C30, C 200 and 0.003 grams), as well as auxiliary substances in the form of lactose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose.

Indications for admission

The drug "Artrofoon" instructions for use (patient reviews also talk about it) recommends taking with acute inflammatory symptoms during chronic diseases of the joints.

Admission is the resorption of one pill at a time. It is undesirable to swallow the whole homeopathic pills. Adult dosage can be from six to eight tablets per day. No medication is taken with food.If the patient's condition improves, it is enough to switch to a three-fold daily intake of pills.


Since the pill “Artrofon” (reviews about this are repeated) is a homeopathic remedy, that is, natural, containing in its composition a significant proportion of natural elements that are not capable of causing harm to the human body, the instruction does not indicate any specific contraindications to reception.

Components can cause mild allergic reactions, which are observed in rare cases and manifest as a slight itch.

artrofoon patient reviews

Appointments for children and pregnant women

Homeopathic remedies are often prescribed to the pediatric audience of patients and women in the position. It is these drugs that reduce the risk of undermining the health of children's immunity as such.

Careful research on the effect of this medicine on the fetus being carried out has not been carried out; if the doctor prescribes this remedy to a pregnant woman, he carefully weighs the possible risks.

 arthrofon analogs

The drug “Artrofon” is not recommended for children under 18 years old, although it is homeopathic. This is stated in the instructions for medication.

Side effects

In addition to allergic manifestations, the homeopathic remedy does not present any surprises regarding the deterioration of the well-being of sick people. Therefore, it is often advised to take the drug "Artrofoon" reviews of doctors.

Where to buy the drug?

The homeopathic medicine “Arthrofoon” (patient reviews pay attention to this moment) is on sale without a prescription. You can find it in any pharmacy. The drug is not a deficiency, since it is produced by a domestic manufacturer, and each person has the opportunity to purchase it at a reasonable price.

However, this does not mean that the medicine can be dosed independently. Many experts often advise to combine treatment with the drug "Artrofoon" with other effective therapeutic agents. In combination with other drugs, the best effect of relieving pain and inflammatory physiological processes is achieved.

There is one pack of homeopathic tablets in the amount of 20 pieces - 280 rubles. On sale you can find medicine in polymer cans, containing from 50 to 100 pieces of pills. Their cost is naturally higher compared to the first option.

Interaction with other drugs

In combination with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the properties of the drug are very pronounced. To this day, there have been no cases of incompatibility of drugs with other medicines.

Patient Reviews

Despite the positive results of improving the health of people, which are observed after a therapeutic course with the homeopathic medicine "Artrofoon", patient reviews do not always contain positive characteristics about it.

 arthrofon formulation of the drug

Someone is observing positive changes within a few hours after taking the pills, but the monthly homeopathic course does not help someone either. Individually, the human body is an individual, and there is no guarantee that this particular tool can necessarily help solve problems with the joints forever.

Since people suffer from various lesions of the joints, the reviews about the medication are very contradictory.

Some talk about alleviating their condition and rejoice at the possibility of being more mobile. Others, on the contrary, say that relief did not happen at all, and the situation, instead of improving, was even aggravated.

Some patients do not feel any analgesic effect or anti-inflammatory. Since the instruction itself says that the duration of treatment is rather long, then it’s not worth waiting for a quick effect from the homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic medicines should be prescribed by the doctor, since he assesses the feasibility of taking them and, according to the patient’s analyzes, expects a certain effect. If you plunge into self-treatment of the joints, you may not improve your health, but worsen your well-being several times.

Medical reviews

A little higher it has already been said that doctors welcome the prescription of the drug Artrofoon. Reviews of doctors emphasize that this medicine can in no way harm, but only pushes the body to normalize physiological processes. However, this opinion is absolutely not all medical luminaries. There are those who are categorically against homeopathic remedies. Such specialists believe that they have no place in medical practice, since very often thanks to homeopathy, patients start up their health, and they have to deal with complications using potent drugs with a chemical content of components.

artrofoun usage instructions reviews

Joint diseases are serious physiological abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system, the treatment of which in no case should not be started. It is necessary to undergo therapy only under the supervision of a competent doctor who will prescribe the optimal dose of the medication being considered in combination with other means that, in a single tandem, give positive shifts towards recovery without surgical interventions.

The drug "Artrofoon": analogues

Whether or not to accept this remedy to the patient should be decided by the attending physician. Today, in addition to this, pharmacies are filled with similar drugs. To say which one is better is impossible because of the individual intake of each individual patient. Everyone has their own medical history, and the result of the influence of the medicine cannot be the same for everyone who took it.

Contradictory not only about the drug "Artrofoon" reviews. Analogs of this means are also characterized ambiguously. Nevertheless, the sale of homeopathic medicines is gaining momentum, and more and more they are used by many who have not found a more effective treatment.

The analogs of the drug "Artrofoon" include such drugs as "Alflutop", "Osteoartizi", "Zinaksin", "Arthurure", "Nizalid", "Artron", "Revma", "Rumelon", "Traumel", "Hondroksid" , "T Purpose."

These tools have similarities with the main drug under consideration, both in the generic name and in the ATC code. Analogs have a larger list of side effects than the medicine “Artrofoon”.

In modern times, a lot of drugs are sold in pharmacies for the treatment of diseases of the joints. In order for the therapy to be effective, the treatment must be prescribed by a competent doctor. If you want to get the desired result of relief, you should look for not an effective drug and use it yourself, but a professional doctor who will give you the correct diagnosis and provide all the conditions for returning to a full life.

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