Drew Barrymore: Hollywood's “Little Lost Girl”

Hollywood is hard to win, but even harder to retain stellar status. Endless parties, intrigues and turbulent social life are not possible for all adults, let alone children. Drew Barrymore started her career at the age of 6 and immediately attracted the interest of viewers and film studio bosses. Wonder child brought huge profits to the pictures in which it was filmed, so the girl was invited to new and new projects.

She did not escape the fate of starlets attending presentations and festivals, often ending in nightclubs. At the age of 9 she first felt drunk, and at 12 she smoked marijuana and used heroin.

Stolen childhood and drug use changed the character of Drew for the worse. She became touchy and harsh, but she was not paid attention to while she could work and still guaranteed the paintings good fees. In the late 80s followed the inevitable crisis, coping with which the girl returned to full-fledged life and filming.Only Barrymore herself knows what it cost her. She, like Phoenix, rose from the ashes and now, without looking back, looks only into the future.

The early years of the future star

The early years of the future star

Drew Blyth Barrymore was born on February 22, 1975 in California. Her father-in-law relatives were famous British actors. Grandfather, John Blythe, took the sonorous stage name Barrymore, who suited the silent film star. Under him, his brothers, sisters and wife Jade became famous.

Their Anglo-Irish clan was also popular in America, although the old-timers of Hollywood frowned, believing that Barrymore had too many actors. Drew's mother, Ildiko Jad Mako, is of Hungarian origin. Godfathers of the younger generation Barrymore became Sophia Loren and Steven Spielberg.

The girl's father suffered from alcoholism, and pregnant Ildiko left him to raise a child in a relaxed atmosphere. The official divorce of the spouse formalized only in 1984, since Drew's mother until the last hoped that he would return to normal life. In other marriages, John Barrymore had a son and two daughters.

The beginning of a creative career

By the 43rd year when Drew was born, her father’s position in the film industry was no longer as brilliant as in his youth. John Barimore was a handsome and extremely gifted actor.He worked a lot on television, for which he received a star on the Walk of Fame. His father suffered from alcoholism, so it was difficult for John to resist his addiction.

During periods of sobriety, he visited his wife and daughter. He also introduced the family to many directors and producers. Drew with diapers grew up in the actor's environment, whose representatives admired Barrymore's pretty daughter. At 11 months she was shot in advertising, and the director of the video told everyone that the baby worked great.

In 1980, the girl played a small role in the film “Others use it,” but fame came to her in 1982 after filming with Stephen Spielberg in Alien.

The most famous films with Drew

The most famous films with Drew

The young actress adored roles in horror movies. This gave her the opportunity to feel superhuman for a short moment. With age, she gave preference to romantic comedies and became a producer of many of her films of this genre.


A film about the appearance of an alien on Earth and his friendship with children received a huge response, first in the USA and then all over the world. People lack kindness, and the alien relationship with Elliot, his brother and sister touched the audience.Drew emotionally played the main character's sister.

The film was nominated for many prizes and awards, including 9 nominations for an Oscar, and won 4 of them.

"Poison ivy"

Drew considered the role in "Poison Ivy" different from her former children. She appears in the image of a sly and seductive girl who has infiltrated a wealthy family and is trying to stay at any price in a luxurious mansion. Her plans fail at the last moment, and she is waiting for the revelation.

Watching the intrigues of the heroine Barrymore is interesting, although her victims evoke tremendous sympathy.


The creators of the horror “Creek” offered Drew the main role, but she refused and chose a minor one. In the outset of the picture her character is terrorized by a telephone maniac who killed her boyfriend, and after that the girl herself.

The murders in Woodsboro continue, and none of the residents feel safe. Both adults and teenagers fall under suspicion.

"The story of eternal love"

Director Andy Tennant created his own version of the story about Cinderella, played by Drew Barrymore. Her heroine is gentle, but at the same time bold and resolute. In “Stories of Eternal Love” there are almost no special effects and magic inherent in fairy tales.The victory over the evil stepmother and life circumstances is only the merit of Cinderella.

"The singer at the wedding"

Couple Barrymore and Sandler - one of the most sought after comedy lovers. They played together in the films: “50 First Kisses”, “Wedding Singer” and “Mixed”. In all the bands, the artists play completely unsuitable people, who are subsequently bound by love.

In "The Singer at the Wedding," the hero of Sendler seeks the sympathy of a waitress preparing for the wedding. As a result of the mass of ridiculous situations, he attracts her attention, and then wins her heart.

"Charlie's Angels"

The comedy thriller "Charlie's Angels" shows the adventures that superspy are played by Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. Spectacular shooting did not leave the audience indifferent and on the wave of success the second film was shot, and then the same-name series. The villains in the films alternately played Sam Rockwell and Demi Moore.

Production and directorial activities

Producer and directorial activities

In 1999, Barrymore together with her friend Nancy Javonen founded her own production company Flower Films.

The actress was very young, but she still feared that there might not be any roles for her at some point.Many directors still wanted to see her as a teenager, although she would soon have turned 25 years old. With the participation of Flower Films, such hits as “Not Kissed”, films and the TV series “Charlie's Angels”, “Donnie Darko”, “To Promise Is Not Marriage” and others saw the light.

Alcohol and Drug Scandals

Drew's mind was crippled by drugs. At the age of 12 she became heroin-dependent and often felt unwell. This resulted in scandals on the set, because the girl seemed to be unfairly nagged.

At the age of 14, the actress was twice treated in a drug treatment clinic after attempted suicide. In her free time, she led a bohemian lifestyle, often quarreling with her mother and lovers. As a therapy, at the age of 15, a girl wrote a book called “The Little Lost Girl” about the beginning of her career.

Because of the break in the filming in the late 80s, she had to prove to the directors that she was still interesting to the audience. Having starred in several minor roles, Drew returned to work on the images of the main characters.

Personal life

Since birth, Drew lived with her mother, who signed contracts for filming for a minor daughter and with might and mainthe money she earned. Ildiko Jad herself or Jade, as she called herself in the American manner, did not look for work.

Becoming a teenager, Drew demanded a report on the amounts received from the producers. Soon she realized that they were no longer there, and her mother continued to manage her finances. The girl filed a lawsuit with the custody of the case and won the case. At age 15, she became independent. Their relationship with Jade finally deteriorated when a woman in 1995 put her daughter’s children's items at an online auction to earn money.

With father Drew talked a little. In 2004, John Barrymore completely distanced himself from his relatives and lived in a hotel. He was sick with cancer, and his daughter paid medical bills for treatment. He soon passed away.

Drew Barrymore's first childhood love was Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen's brother. The girl made entries in her diary and indicated the dates of all meetings with the handsome blond. At age 19, she met the owner of a Los Angeles fashionable restaurant, Jeremy Thomas, and quickly married him. The marriage did not last 2 months.

The same short marriage — less than a year — turned out to be a second marriage in 2001 with comedian Tom Green. Drew was loaded with work and not particularly tuned to the family.Her friends Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, who played with her in the film “Charlie's Angels”, were of the same opinion.

After the second divorce, the actress was in no hurry to remarry, although she became engaged to the actor Justin Long. Their romance lasted several years and ended in 2011, when Drew became interested in art consultant Will Kopelman. She told reporters that she met her man and is going to finally be happy.

In 2012, they were married, and in the autumn of the same year, the couple had a daughter, Olive. In 2014, the family was added to the second girl, Frankie. Drew Barrymore recognizes the ability to instantly fall in love with someone and just as quickly cool.

Unfortunately, this does not allow her to establish long-term relationships with partners. In 2016, Barrymore and Kopelman divorced, but for the sake of the children remained friends.

Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations

The first award received by Drew was the BAFTA Award in 1983 for the debut of the title role in the film “Alien.” At the time of the award she was only 8 years old.

Films with Drew Barrymore are usually commercially successful projects and deserve the praise of viewers and journalists. The singer has the following awards:

  • 2 Emmy;
  • 1 Daytime Emmie;
  • 3 Golden Globes;
  • 3 of Saturn;
  • 1 Sputnik;
  • 1 Screen Actors Guild Award;
  • 1 Guinness World Record Special Award;
  • 5 Young Artist Awards.

In 2004, the actress opened her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Interesting Facts

Drew admitted to journalists that already a teenager became the owner of a bust of impressive size. Unlike the actresses who are trying to increase their forms, the girl got rid of him, not wanting her figure to distract attention from her game.

Steven Spielberg never limited himself to the formal role of the godfather and tried to participate in the upbringing of the girl. When at 19 years old she appeared nude for Playboy magazine, he sent her photos with clothes pasted on them and the signature: “Get dressed!”.

Drew barrymore now - breaking news

After the divorce in 2016, Drew recovered greatly, and reporters replicated photos of the star with information about her pregnancy. Rumors were not true. Soon, the actress introduced the new lover David Hutchinson. The businessman heads the cosmetics company under the Drew registered brand "Flower Beauty".

The actress spends a lot of time with her daughters. They travel and have fun together.Unlike his own mother, Drew tries to protect them from kinotusovki, only occasionally appearing with Olive at social events.

Since February 2017, Barrymore has been busy filming the comedy series “Diet from Santa Clarita”. He is popular with Americans who love to watch funny stories about zombies.


Drew Barrymore carefully chooses scripts, but sometimes films with her participation receive the offensive Golden Raspberry award. The last time it happened with the film “Mixed”, although earlier the duet of Barrymore and Adam Sandler was loved by fans of family comedies.

The actress did not panic, but quickly navigated and found a new project “Diet from Santa Clarita”, which restored her popularity. She grew up on the court and is well versed in the selection of actors, the process of filming and winning plot twists. Sometimes Drew turns for advice to the godfather, who is always happy to help her.

A talented child has become a charming and self-confident woman. Even if she is not such a hooligan as before, but Barrymore has enough enthusiasm and energy for producing films, shooting, and, of course, playing games with wonderful daughters."The Lost Girl" defeated the pernicious addictions and took pride of place in Hollywood.

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