Is a dogmatist good or bad?

In our age, many words are interpreted differently than before. If, for example, the ancient Greek notion “dogma” in the broad sense of the word originally defined a certain teaching, then today it is perceived by people as something rigid, ossified, limiting thoughts and, accordingly, development possibilities.

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Modern man is repelled by any restrictions (such a fashion prevails in the current culture). He feels perplexed if they are trying to deprive him of something, to restrict him in some way. Therefore, predominantly negative attitudes are also caused by people of corresponding inclinations. It is about one of the representatives of this category that will be discussed in this article, exploring the meaning of the word "dogmatist".

Dogmatist as a negative character

In everyday communication, the negative perception of this concept prevails. So, if we look for the word "dogmatic" synonyms, then those will be "obscurantist" and "doctrinaire." As you can see, they do not carry anything positive. The obscurantist is defined as the principal opponent of any development and progress, and the doctrinaire is a fanatical, absolutely indifferent to people performer of a certain pattern.

Accordingly, for most people, a dogmatist is a person whose worldview is based on the observance of dogmas (theoretical propositions that are accepted as absolute and do not allow their denial).

The orthodox dogmatist relies in his judgments on one-sidedly stated, schematic, limited - not allowing the existence of others - provisions. His judgments (doctrines) operate on concepts of a permanent nature, ignoring the appearance of new data.

Dogma need society

However, the word "dogma" should not be taken as something that is absolutely not claimed in modern life. In particular, non-dialectical formal methods are widely used in jurisprudence. Common dogmas of law are legal practices, precedents, legal norms and, finally, laws.

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A person working in this field is to some extent a dogmatist. The same approach can also be extended to the field of office work. Such people accepted the professional demands of a collective consciousness and subordinated his personal consciousness. If you look, then in today's society is full of dogma.They are used to preserve the order and integrity of social foundations.

Further research inevitably leads us to the conclusion about the wide use in modern society, in addition to the dialectical, also the formally dogmatic method. Anyway, any economic activity is regulated by regulations (in fact - dogmas).

Dogmatism peculiar to people

From the point of view of philosophy, a dogmatist is one who examines phenomena and processes, ignoring the fact of their qualitative change due to development. (The definition is rather critical, isn't it?) It is characteristic that at the same time such a person adheres to a non-dialectical and non-historical way of thinking.

However, dogmatism is congenial to many people, even in modern society. This paradox is associated with the property of human intelligence, which initially is the keeper of information and only then - the mind itself.

About dogma religious

Christianity is based on dogma and restrictions. And so it is valuable. After all, this is the only formal system of views in society, according to which human life is really the highest value.(Secular legislation in this regard is extremely controversial and, rather, declarative rather than sincere.)

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Restrictions in the field of Christian morality are the commandments, in the field of discipline - canons. Moreover, Orthodox Christianity is the most dogmatic faith. After all, if in other faiths the dogmatist is adhering to the dogmas of ortopraxia (correctness of actions), then in Orthodoxy for such a person the principle of orthodoxy (correctness of judgments), i.e. mandatory judgments about God, is additionally relevant. This state of affairs is caused by the fact that Orthodoxy is a religion of love and revelation, and these categories require protection from human passions.

Church dogmas have a high purpose. Figuratively speaking, these walls are soul-preserving - not prison, but serfs.


To summarize our reasoning, referring to the opinions of writers.

Examples of the use of the word "dogmatist" in literature are not so rare. They are, surprisingly, then negative, then positive. In particular, the universally recognized classic Gabriel Garcia Marquez called the writers so, who never contradicted themselves in their works.The Soviet writer Alexander Kruglov turned out to be even more categorical: “The dogmatist understands everything, because he does not see anything.”

examples of the use of the word dogmatist in literature

However, the classic is different - Gilbert Keith Chesterton - in contrast to them, said that the teacher, who is not a dogma himself, will not be able to adequately train anyone.

Thus, the long-standing debate on the theme “dogmatics is good or bad” hardly makes sense, because in different areas of society in various proportions, methods of both dialectics and dogmatism are needed. The important thing is to use them according to the recipe for common sense.

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