Diamond painting: sets, description of equipment, reviews

A new kind of needlework has already won the love of children and adults around the world. Diamond painting is a layout according to the schemes of colorful paintings. The process is very similar to embroidery, but instead of floss used acrylic rhinestones, and the needle is replaced with comfortable tweezers. The new hobby which has come to our country from the East, gives a tremendous charge of positive emotions. The ease of execution, which even a child can cope with, the fascination of the amusing process and the amazing beauty of the finished work - these are the main reasons for the rapid recognition of needlework.

Interesting technique

Diamond painting is a new kind of creativity that requires perseverance and time. The essence of simple technology is as follows: the included crystals, having the same size, are glued to the canvas. Faceted multi-colored pebbles form a beautiful picture that can be used to decorate the interior or as an unusual gift.

Diamond painting rhinestones

The main condition of work is to be extremely attentive. It is necessary to accurately determine the desired color of the rhinestones and gently glue them to the surface of the canvas.

Works that look like real pictures

The crystals have distinctive features. Convex, they give the picture volume. In addition, each element has two different directions of the faces, and the resulting mosaic shimmers with lively glitter. Having the same size and shape of rhinestones should be put close to each other. The process is similar to the cross-stitch, when the stitches are made in a single pattern with different colored threads. In diamond painting, the name of which is fixed because of the similarity with drawing by numbers, rhinestones of various shades are laid out. Both in the one and in the other technique, luxurious works are created that look like real pictures.

How is the canvas going?

In specialized stores you can buy ready-made sets of diamond painting, containing everything you need. They include colored rhinestones in large quantities, which are laid out in accordance with the scheme, bowls and tweezers, which are used to glue the crystals.It is necessary to straighten all the breaks of the base, so that there are no problems with even application. It is advisable to put it under glass, forgetting the scheme for a few hours. When she straightened, you can begin to lay out. A strong film is applied to the glue base, which must be torn off at the beginning of work. It is necessary to bend it down gradually as the shiny canvas is ready.

Having determined the number of the color of the crystals on the canvas, we find it and pour the necessary amount into the cup. All elements of the mosaic are packaged by color in separate bags, and special characters or numbers on it correspond to the designation on the basis. For convenience, it is best to decompose all the rhinestones in separate boxes.

It does not matter at all from which edge to begin work, since there are no uniform rules for the layout of crystals.

If you need to stop, the canvas is covered with a protective film so that the glue does not dry out.

Tweezers are used for gluing rhinestones: it is very convenient for them to lay small parts on the base, because they need to be arranged as evenly as possible so as not to redo work. Each strazik should be in his cell, and only then the general view of the picture will not be spoiled.If it was not possible to glue the part exactly, you can fix it with tweezers or remove it completely from the canvas, securing it again in the right place. Rhinestones are laid out in orderly rows, otherwise they will push each other and fall off.

diamond painting sets

In the end, when all the crystals are used, you get an amazing picture, made in an unusual technique - diamond.

Partial and full display kits

Diamond painting sets offer a mosaic of two kinds. In the case of partial display of rhinestones, one object of the picture is covered, and the remaining images are a canvas printed on paper. When complete, the entire surface of the pattern is laid out with faceted pebbles. In addition, there are sets in which shiny crystals are divided into two types: round and square. The latter are much more common and are very popular. But round come across in sets with partial display, but the technique remains the same.

Rhinestones for work

Important tips when working with diamond painting

  • When the last element is pasted, it is necessary to press all the crystals with great effort to the adhesive base. You can roll the construction roller on the surface, covering the picture with a soft cloth.
  • At the end of the work it is necessary to trim the edges of the cotton base.
  • If it became necessary to roll the canvas, then it is necessary to do it with rhinestones out.
  • If desired, the surface of the mosaic to enhance the gloss is covered with aerosol glossy lacquers in cans.
  • It is advisable to place in the beautiful baguette a complete picture of diamond painting. First, it is glued to a thick cardboard, and then inserted into the frame.
Interior decoration

Special subjects

Among the huge variety of assortment, diamond painting of icons is an absolutely special area. Attitude to work in this case should be conscious and reverent. The creative process requires a person of calm and special concentration.

Diamond painting icons

The icon is a sacred object, and not an ordinary interior decoration, so it is advisable to start working with a prayer. You can discuss your intention to work with the father and get his blessing. For the finished work, which is endowed with deep meaning, it is advisable to pre-select the frame, pre-sanctify it in the temple.

More and more people are creating diamond icons at home, hoping for their special power to protect loved ones from all misfortunes.

Diamond painting: reviews

Those who began to make an icon with their own hands are very happy that for this it is not necessary to become an icon painter. Masters who have independently created a colorful portrait of the saints place it on the home iconostasis or give it to the relatives for the holiday.

Often, those who have completed one picture admit that their hands are drawn to the other. And some even work on several mosaics in parallel. The process of laying out diamond painting with rhinestones brings a lot of pleasant impressions. Both children and adults get incredible pleasure from work. This is a fascinating hobby that perfectly soothes, relieves stress, develops fine motor skills and attentiveness, as well as creative abilities. The children who collect the pictures never get bored, because they want to quickly create a sparkling pattern that causes admiration.

Diamond painting - a new kind of creativity

Online stores offer an interesting service: the future buyer uploads a unique photo and receives an individual set, made in a single copy. The ability to create an exclusive picture attracts all creative people eager for new experiences.In any case, everyone is guaranteed an aesthetic pleasure from the work itself and the result obtained.

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