Dexp TVs: customer reviews

Now many people refuse TVs, giving preference to a tablet or laptop. But still the majority has at home this familiar device. They learn the latest news, watch new TV shows or clips of their favorite artists, reports from sporting events. They show cartoons and films about nature. Modern TVs in terms of functionality are sometimes difficult to distinguish from computers. They combine the functions of several devices. The number of TVs in an apartment or house is not limited. For one room, it will fit a lot, for another, a smaller one. Consider DEXP TVs: reviews, who produces them, basic functions.

DEXP company

DEXP is located in Vladivostok. It is part of a large Russian holding DNS. The company began its activity at the end of the last century. Then at its facilities engaged in assembling computers. In collaboration with international organizations, the company developed at a rapid pace. Now the company has a complex for the production of laptops.In its assortment - modern monitors, smartphones, car gadgets, other electronic equipment.

tv dexp review

DEXP is engaged in the production of televisions of different classes. These are simple models that have a small screen diagonal and a minimal set of functions. There are more modern, and therefore expensive, devices that are controlled by Android. At the moment, DEXP is one of the largest manufacturers of this type of equipment.

The popularity of the brand is promoted by the fact that the company is guided by the financial possibilities of the ordinary buyer. Therefore, their prices do not exceed 45 thousand rubles. But doesn't the price reflect the quality level of the TVs?

Cheap models

The DEXP H32B7000E and F40B7000E TVs with a screen diagonal length of 32 and 40 inches respectively, which is indicated on the labeling, are distinguished by a simple but sufficient set of possibilities for many consumers. According to reviews, the TV DEXP 32 and DEXP 40 of this type have excellent picture quality and are distinguished by a neat assembly. They are reliable in use, they are easy to manage. Their menu is simple and intuitive.

 led tv dexp reviews

Each of the TVs of this type has 3 HDMI and one USB port. There is an exit for monitors.

Such televisions will appeal to older people. But young people will not be bored with these models. Here you can watch videos or movies from flash drives. They support most of the popular formats.

Users like other TVs DEXP. Customer reviews point out the DEXP H24B7000E LCD TV. They note the excellent image quality, a strong, though flatish sound. The ability to use flash drives, the presence of DVB-enhances its functionality. The price is about 10 thousand rubles.

Type 7200C TVs

Consider the models with a matrix of 40, 43 and 50 inches F40B7200C, F43B7200C DEXP F55B7200C with a resolution of 1080p. Televisions of this series are distinguished by high-quality image, good contrast. The screen can be viewed from any part of the room.

They also have USB and 3 HDMI ports. But the main difference is the T2 digital tuners. In addition, models with matrices 43 and 55 can be used to connect a laptop to them and use the TV as a monitor.

dexp tv reviews buyers

These models have a beautiful curved stand in the form of two legs. Brand feature is a very thin screen frame. This makes the image more alive and natural. There is almost everything except 3D and "smart management of android."

F49B8100K and U55B9000K models

Televisions of these models are controlled by "Android 4.2". This makes their possibilities almost limitless. Here you can install any Google Play application and even a smartphone.

reviews tv dexp 32

There are more ports here: four HDMI and 3 for USB. This allows you to connect to the TV a large number of gadgets.

A small narrow stand allows you to set the TV even on narrow surfaces.


Model DEXP F43B8000K different from the previous two original appearance. Its golden body looks very original. It is thin, its thickness is less than 16 mm. TV can be placed on the wall. For this he has a special bracket. Managed by Android 4.2.

DEXP F40C8000H, DEXP F43C8000H

The model applies to smart TVs (Smart TV). Wi-Fi is working here, there are four HDMI ports and two USB. DVB-T2 provides viewing of channels in digital format. Backlight type: Direct LED has a DEXP F40C8000H TV. Reviews of most buyers say that this is a good model, especially considering the low price. Most users like the image. It practically does not change from the fact that they are looking at the screen from different angles. Good sound, surround and clear. Stable Wi-Fi. Like the ability to record video on a USB flash drive.

tv dexp f40c8000h reviews

Almost the same function has a TV DEXP F43S8000H. Customer feedback suggests that they are mostly satisfied with the functionality of this model.

But there are other opinions. Disadvantages users find some slow action. Slowly turns on, switches channels. Software some users consider raw and unpromising. Indicate that in order to use a frame rate of 60fps, you need to buy a video card with HDMI 2.0.

One consumer seemed uncomfortable remote. It maintains too long pauses during channel switching. The location of the volume and channel switching buttons seems unusual. Other users, on the contrary, note that the remote control has a DEXP TV. Review says that to understand its use is very easy, even a small child.

Some consumers say that the build quality of TVs is poor, the appearance is unpresentable, they work slowly in all modes except television. And even compare it with a cheap Chinese fake.


Opinions about the quality of LED-backlit TVs are divided.Evaluating the model 22A7200, consumers call it the ideal option for the kitchen. In addition to small size, they call excellent image quality, good viewing angle, the ability to connect various devices, built-in tuner for receiving digital television. It pleases consumers that when switching to another channel at the bottom of the screen, information is displayed not only about its name, but also the program that is being broadcast there at a given time. This is convenient because it allows you to quickly navigate when viewing.

tv dexp f43c8000h reviews

In addition, the TV has a number of additional features. This is “Parental Control”, which does not allow children to watch some channels, “Watch”, “Standby Timer, automatic shutdown after a few hours. An interesting feature for people who hear poorly. It allows you to use subtitles for some scenes in the movie (such as "the phone is ringing"). There is a program menu that works in three modes. It shows information about complete information about all programs.

Model 16A3000

Consider the model 16A3000. How do you rate this DEXP led tv customer reviews? They indicate poor sound quality, which is associated with the installation of low-quality speakers.The volume itself is high. The image quality is also a claim. They note the noticeable "comb" and minor "brakes" of the image. It is claimed that the situation is not all right with the viewing angle. If you look at the screen not directly, but slightly obliquely, the image begins to darken. There are complaints about the quality of channel reception. Buyers claim that cable, digital and terrestrial have flaws. There are claims to work with connected devices. So when playing with USB, some files simply do not open. For example, the AVI format compressed with the XVID codec is not supported. When playing a list of files is displayed in the form of windows with a picture. This is convenient because you can immediately see the front pages.

TV dexp reviews who produce them

But, on the other hand, it causes certain inconveniences. The fact is that when you move through the list, the TV starts to show each of them. The decoding of one takes up to 30 seconds. And only after that you can switch to the next. If there are several films, this is annoying, and if there are dozens of them, it makes work much more difficult. The quality of the case does not match the stated. Gaps between components are noticeable, sometimes quite noticeable.Buyers suggest that it is cheap Chinese goods under the Russian brand. The only drawback they believe is that the manual control of the TV is on the back of the TV. Therefore, each time you perform manual operations, you need to get to it, turn it sideways, and then adjust it.

Model 32A3200

Users can not understand why the TV brand 32A3200 so cheap (12 thousand rubles). After all, it has a high-quality image, digital format, functions for use as a computer, video recording. The disadvantage is the impossibility of setting up digital channels. In addition, most channels do not show in wide format, but 4: 3. When adjusting an entire screen, the image is stretched to the width. Sometimes the tuned channels disappear to the wound. For a person who can do this independently, finding them again is not a problem, but sometimes it is annoying. Worse, if the TV is hanging from a grandmother who cannot do it herself.

Evaluating the led TV DEXP F43С8000H, reviews indicate its versatility. There is Internet access, you can connect several additional devices.This is facilitated by the presence of two USB and HDMI ports. Like users that there is a headphone jack. This allows you to watch TV or work with it, without disturbing others.


As you can see, for people who rate DEXP TVs, reviews depend on how high the demands they make and the degree of competence. But we can conclude that the TV of this brand is suitable for watching TV programs to an inexperienced user. And let the experts choose the equipment of this brand, based on personal preferences.

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