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DC Comics - one of the largest and most popular publishers that produce comics. The company owns dozens of comic book series about superheroes and supervillains, which made a lot of movies, cartoons, TV series, created a large number of video games.

In the list of characters DC Comics, there are about two tens of thousands of different characters. Some of them are known even to those who have never read the original stories. For example, everyone knows Batman and Superman - in fame and popularity, these superheroes can compete with Spider-Man created by Marvel.

Fans of comic books, called geeks, often argue about who is the strongest DC Comics character. On the Internet on specialized sites you can find a large number of articles devoted to this topic: the authors of these publications compare the hero's superpowers, their physical strength and intelligence, as well as their weaknesses.


Flash is considered one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics. His superpower is the ability to develop an incredibly high speed: Flash can move faster than light.His whole body is tailored to this ability, thanks to which the superhero thinks and reacts hundreds of times faster than an ordinary person.

Flash is very hardy, because his body constantly has to cope with huge loads due to speed. Despite a very fast metabolism, Flash organism does not age and does not wear out.

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The speed of thinking of this hero is so high that even telepathy does not affect him. This makes it virtually invulnerable.


One of the most recognizable superheroes can also be called one of the strongest. According to the original story, Clark Kent is a native of a planet called Krypton, which explains most of his abilities. Despite the fact that this is the character of DC Comics and his forces have changed several times, Superman remains almost invincible.

Since gravity on Krypton is many times greater than that on Earth, Clark Kent has tremendous power on Earth: he can effortlessly move heavy objects, such as cars, and throw them over long distances. Superman is capable of delivering devastating blows to his enemies, he is almost completely protected from damage — ordinary bullets ricochets off his body, and only an artillery shell can slightly hurt Superman.

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The hero is able to develop inhuman speed. Despite the fact that in this Superman is weaker than Flash, he remains faster than most other superheroes. He can fly and self-heal from various injuries. His brain is faster than any computer. Thanks to these abilities, Superman is one of the most powerful characters in DC Comics. His only weakness is kryptonite - a special radioactive substance that can deprive it of its strength and even kill it.

Green Lantern

If the superpowers of Flash and Superman are enclosed in themselves, then the forces of the Green Lantern are in a certain Ring. With this item, the hero controls the space: possessing sufficient concentration, Green Lantern can create various objects, fly, travel through time and even subdue other characters.

With the help of the Ring of Power, its owner can cure himself of wounds and diseases, quickly regenerate lost limbs, teleport, create portals for fast movement in space, and also understand any languages. The latter ability is needed to communicate with creatures of all races of the galaxy.

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This superhero uses its enormous power only for good. In the Universe of DC Comics characters, there is the Green Lantern Corps - some kind of police that must keep order and peace in the Galaxy. Each member of the Corps makes a special oath, promising to protect the world from evil, and then charges its Ring of Power.

Wonder Woman

Among the characters of DC Comics there are not only men. Wonder Woman is the embodiment of the ideas of feminism: she is incredibly strong, enduring, intelligent and attractive.

Wonder Woman, known as Diana, has such artifacts as the lasso of Truth, Indestructible bracelets and Tiara. With the help of a lasso, she can make any person or superhero tell the truth, and bracelets protect Diana from damage. Tiara Wonder Woman carries most of the time on her head, and when the occasion demands it, uses her as a throwing weapon, as she can damage or cut any material.

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In addition to the standard abilities of superheroes (superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed), Wonder Woman has several special skills. For example, empathy is inherent in it - Diana subtly feels and understands other people's emotions.This understanding extends not only to people, but also to animals: a superheroine is able to communicate with any representatives of the fauna who obey Diana without question.


Another female DCComics character is Supergirl, who, according to the original story, is Superman's cousin. Initially, she was an assistant to her relative, but soon became an independent hero in her own storyline.

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Supergirl, whose real name is Kara Zor-El (Danvers), has almost all the same abilities as Superman, since she was also born on the planet Krypton. She is also vulnerable to kryptonite.

Captain Atom

This superhero got his abilities as a result of participation in the military experiment "Project Atom". The man was placed in the body of the crashed alien spacecraft and exploded by a nuclear bomb. The outcome of the experiment was unpredictable: the metal from which the space shuttle was made, merged with the experimental skin and formed the strongest armor. Thus appeared Captain Atom.

It is able to absorb, emit and convert energy for various purposes. Thanks to this, Captain Atom can control space and time.His power is so great that once he created an exact copy of the Earth with all the creatures inhabiting it.

Captain's only weakness is X-Ionizer, a special technology created by scientists. Only the rays of this device are able to penetrate the metal armor, which covers his body.

The world of comics for many years will be of interest to fans of superheroes.

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