Cool gift for the wedding with an interesting presentation

Every person in his life has a moment when he somehow comes across a wedding ceremony. And situations can occur completely different. It can be both your own wedding, and the triumph of friends, acquaintances, colleagues ... And the first thing that arises is the question: "What should we donate to this significant event?"

cool wedding gift

Souvenirs and gifts can be different in value and in size. Well, for the couple of newlyweds, who already have everything they need, the most excellent option can be a cool wedding gift. After all, it is so important that the atmosphere reigned in a cheerful, friendly, sincere atmosphere. No expensive gifts can replace this pleasant opportunity - to be happy. And guests will only be able to improve the environment, if they present cool gifts to the young for the wedding.


There are many ideas for creating a wonderful mood for all those present.These are chastooshkas on a wedding theme, where the bride and groom should be in the main roles, and you should not forget about close relatives. Also non-song songs. For example:

Give a gift is necessary,

Only one problem:

Wallet forgot in the car,

There were about twenty thousand there.

And there should be a few such neskladushek, they can be sung or spoken and pretend that the greeting is over. But then, as if to remember about the main gift, and this can be anything, starting from a sum of money and ending with expensive things ... So it turns out to combine 2 in 1 - funny congratulations for the wedding with the presentation of gifts.

Service or TV

cool greetings to the wedding with funny gifts

What other interesting ideas? What to give and how to give the original? In such cases, you always need to consider several options. There are various comic greetings to the wedding with cool gifts that can be shocking for both newlyweds and invited guests. In this case, a box of impressive size is taken out in the center of the hall, and a greeting is pronounced with a hint that a very beautiful and expensive thing is being presented.For example, a dinner service or a TV, or some other options that can break. And, as if by accident, the box is dropped. She with a loud sound of broken glass falls, leading all those present to the second fade.

cool wedding gifts with their own hands

And after some time, it is announced that everything seen is no more than a joke. And the promised gift remained whole and unharmed. And at this stage the box is brought in again, but not with broken glass, but with a real present. After presenting such gifts, as a rule, all guests laugh, and the atmosphere of the holiday only improves. But do not forget about the sense of humor of the young, as well as their guests. That is, when presenting such gifts, it is not necessary to go too far in order to avoid unpleasant situations. They must be correct and adequate so that everyone can understand them and recognize a touch of humor present. And only then the cool presentation of a wedding gift will be the best, will give unlimited will for a wonderful mood and will be remembered by everyone for a long time!

cool congratulations on the wedding with the delivery of gifts


Recently, guests are not particularly worried about the choice of a gift, but simply give a certain amount of money. Maybe this is right.Newlyweds will be able to send them on their own in the direction where they are especially needed. And if you decided to donate money, you should not present it in a trivial way, in envelope. In this direction, you can dream up and include creative abilities.

Money Tree

One of these options can be considered a money tree. For this, the young couple is invited to alternately pour a pot of soil. Then they are blindfolded. And at this moment the tree itself is brought in directly, instead of the leaves of which large banknotes grow. That will be joy for others! And this is a very impressive sight!

Book with a surprise

Another option is quite interesting and necessary souvenir. The young couple is donated by the Kama Sutra, and bank notes are attached to intimate places.

cool presenting a wedding gift


If the wedding is celebrated in the autumn season, then you can create money cabbage. To do this, take a roll of toilet paper, preferably green. Initially it is unwound, and with careful rewinding it is the green notes that are invested. Be sure to give this gift a form of cabbage.

Money umbrella

Another option for presenting money can be considered quite a beautiful and interesting gift in the form of an umbrella. Various notes are stacked in it, which, when opening an umbrella, create the effect of a beautiful firework. It is desirable that a young couple open this gift above their heads to create a more interesting picture. You can prepare in advance, take a picture of them, to capture this moment forever!

No matter what they say, but a gift in the form of money is still a necessary gift for many newlyweds. Therefore, it’s not for nothing that they say:

"If you came to the wedding and decided to give a joke.

Know what you need to bring with you and the money under the table ... "

Here such cool congratulations on a wedding with delivery of gifts can be thought up.

A vacuum cleaner

comic greetings to the wedding with cool gifts

In addition to money, you can give other gifts. Very often at the wedding give household appliances necessary to start a family life. Therefore, you can come up with a cool gift for the wedding, choosing from this direction. For example, if it is planned to present a trendy vacuum cleaner as a gift, then you can also purchase a broom for it and initially give it to her.Be sure to pack in beautiful wrapping paper and sign "Always in Help"! This can be explained by the fact that it does not matter whether there will be electricity or not, but the house will always have cleanliness with the help of this beautiful broom. And then you can proceed to the main gift. Such an approach to business, of course, will only give a positive result! And funny greetings to the wedding with funny gifts - the perfect way to create the best festive atmosphere!

Funny surprises

Such comic gifts as rolling pins, pans with corresponding inscriptions are popular. Rolling pin, respectively, serves to educate her husband. In the pan you can make the inscription - "Use only for frying." And for the groom, the current gift will be wallets, to which you can also sew comic signatures. By the way, if you dream in this direction, you can make funny wedding gifts with your own hands.

For example, wallets will be original and surprising, and most importantly, a gift in family life. Especially if you prepare the inscription - "for the family", and the second - "stash". These wallets can be made of fabric, leather, and can also be crocheted or knitted. Execution options, in fact, a great many.Suffice it to recall which types of creativity you own and in which direction you are most talented.

cool gifts for the young wedding

Turn on the fantasy!

Choosing a cool gift for a wedding, you can consider the most ordinary gift. But so that it is not boring, you can vary it in some way. For example, you can order a painting of a set or other crockery device with a painting that is especially significant for the bride and groom. The same method can be used for bed linen. Inscriptions can be completely different, but you can also print photos of lovers on it. Again, you need to think through every detail to avoid some confusing situations. A cool gift for a wedding must bring happiness, pleasure, good mood and a lot of pleasant feelings!


If cool greetings for a wedding with cool presents were prepared for the young, do not forget that everything must be done with delight, joy, from a pure heart, so that this moment will be remembered forever!

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