Contraceptive plaster "Evra" - reviews, instructions for use and effect

No matter how many rumors, hot discussions and angry statements go on this topic, implacable statistics show: in our time hormonal contraception is the most reliable way to protect oneself from untimely conception. A huge number of products are on sale, and the Evra contraceptive patch has recently appeared.

Reviews about him show that this option works effectively and really protects a woman. However, many are worried about the presence of side effects, and most often patients are afraid of gaining extra weight. Is it all scary? What does the manufacturer of the contraceptive patch "Evra"?

plaster evra reviews

Reviews: from one to another - praise

Among the many similar products, the special new method of contraception, the Evra plaster, was not overlooked by women.In reviews, the side effects of its use are practically not mentioned. They rarely come across them, they feel good, there are no problems with the weight of complaints either. On the most well-known rating resources, ratings for this product are always at least 4.5 points out of five - and this is a really very good result.

In fact, hormonal contraceptives have been known to women for quite some time, except for being on sale in a different form. For many decades, special pills have been produced, and it was the pioneers of this sphere who provoked an abundance of side effects, which for a long time damaged the reputation of the entire product group.

Since then, technologies and techniques have improved significantly, and the forms have changed: in addition to tablets, you can resort to implants, and the simplest and most reliable option is a hormonal patch. According to reviews of gynecologists, "Evra", used by women in different countries of the world, has shown its reliability.

What does this look like?

When you open the packaging with the product, at the first moment it may seem that this is an ordinary plaster, which is used to seal the wounds. Mounted on the skin, he, too, in a similar way.The essence of the product - in the daily metered intake of women special compounds that regulate hormonal levels. Components are supplied through the skin due to the close contact of the body and the Evra patch.

Reviews show that it is more convenient pills - you do not need to take them every day literally by the hour, for fear of forgetting and skipping time.

plaster evra reviews side effects

The official name of the method is the transdermal therapeutic system (abbreviated TTC). However, this term is used only in a specialized environment.

How it works?

Why are the reviews on the drug so good? The instruction of the plaster “Evra” contains an exhaustive answer to this in the part describing the mechanics of influencing the female body. The fact is that when using a remedy the hormonal background is corrected, it affects the work of the reproductive system, the pituitary cannot actively influence the ovaries, the ovulation process is inhibited, the egg cannot leave the follicle. This makes pregnancy impossible. At the same time, uterine mucus thickens, creating a natural barrier to male germ cells.

There is an additional explanation for the positive feedback - the instructions for use of the Evra patch clarify that under the influence of the drug, the endometrium becomes significantly thinner. If, due to any failures, the egg could leave the follicle and was even fertilized, it simply cannot consolidate on the uterine wall, which makes the development of the fetus impossible.

Protection: by all means

The drug belongs to the group of combined contraceptives. This means that its use gives many degrees of protection, and the hormonal complex helps to keep the body in order. According to reviews, the patch "Evra" regulates reproductive function, but the manufacturer assures that the impact is on the work of the endocrine system.

plaster evra reviews Price

The advantage of the drug is the relative short duration of its effect. One has only to stop using the tool, and pregnancy can occur at any time favorable for this (taking into account the characteristics of the organism).

According to reviews, the patch "Evra" in this regard is much more convenient than many other options. The only equally simple method of removing contraception is neglecting the barrier method, but the hormonal system provides a much higher level of protection.

Is it worth it right away?

As can be seen from the reviews of doctors, the patch “Evra” is safe for the female body and does not in any way interfere with pregnancy after stopping its use, but you should not “rush into the pool with your head”. After a course of hormonal contraception, it is recommended to visit a doctor and go through preparatory measures, helping the body to adapt so that the pregnancy is easier, without any complications.

contraceptive patch evra reviews

What statistics say

As the manufacturer assures, tests have shown the effectiveness of the drug in 99.4% of cases. But independent expert commissions have slightly different reviews: the Evra plaster is only effective at 92%. However, both options seem to be more than reliable - very few drugs, methods and techniques currently provide a higher degree of protection. The exception can only be called complete abstinence from sexual activity.

To explain the difference in the results of research can be quite simple, the reasons for this are physiological. It was revealed: with a weight of 90 kg and more, the probability of pregnancy increases dramatically.

Application features

According to reviews, the hormonal patch "Evra" when used improperly may show inefficiency.This is really important, which means that before using it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instruction, where the manufacturer lists all the factors that negatively affect the result of the application. In particular, one should not expect a contraceptive effect in the first two days from the moment the product is applied to the skin. Only 48 hours later in the blood there is a necessary concentration for effective influence, which is then maintained for a long period of time - until the patch is removed.

hormonal patch evra reviews

It is possible to use “Evra” in different ways, in the instruction there are recommendations of the manufacturer regarding the specifics of the application. It is necessary to fix the plaster on the body, and the effectiveness is not determined by the place of application. But at the same time, it is not recommended to place it on the chest. Comfortable options - forearm, thigh, abdomen.

Worth the money

According to reviews, the price of the patch "Evra" varies about a thousand rubles. The specific cost is highly dependent on both the city and the outlet. The drug is made by only one company, so there are no complete analogues to it. On the one hand, the option is not cheap, but at the same time it provides a fairly high efficiency, so many agree that the purchase is fully justified.

What is inside?

Visually, the Evra is a 5 x 5 cm square.In one package there are three patches for a month. There is a larger volume - nine products intended for three-month use. The active ingredients are synthetic sex hormones ethinyl estradiol and norelgestromin.


It is necessary to stick the agent on the skin on the first day of the new menstrual cycle. The manufacturer recommends to write down or mark in the calendar, on what day of the week it happened. So you can control the fact of timely changing the patch to a new one.

plaster evra instruction manual reviews

"Evra" is used cyclically, the duration of one lap is 4 weeks:

  • First three weeks, patches are fixed on the female body, then a week-long break is made, accompanied by withdrawal bleeding.
  • If the first plaster is fixed on the first day of the cycle, then the second - on the eighth (removing the used specimen), and the third - on the fifteenth.
  • On the 22nd day of the menstrual cycle, the third patch is removed, but instead of it, nothing is glued, wait a week.
  • The 29th day becomes the first day of the new cycle, and the procedure is repeated.

Where to stick?

It is recommended to mount the product on the forearm from the outside, buttock, abdomen, scapula.It is necessary to carefully select the skin area so that there are no wounds or injuries on it. The product is mounted on a dry, cleaned surface without an abundance of hair, skin folds. It is advisable to prefer the zone, which usually does not come into contact with clothing closely. In no case can not attach the product on the chest.

The manufacturer recommends sticking a plaster to a new place every week. This condition is not mandatory, but it is recommended to comply with it. On the skin, where it is planned to fix the patch, it is forbidden to apply cosmetic preparations.

Important points

If you started using the remedy on the first day of the cycle, the effectiveness manifests immediately. If it was decided for the first time to use contraception on any other day, the first week should be additionally protected during sexual intercourse.

The manufacturer assures that during the period of bleeding cancellation, the contraceptive effect is fully preserved. If a woman regularly takes oral contraceptives before using the patch, the interval between the old and the new ways should be seven days or less.

If two weeks or more has passed between the use of the pill and the patch, and the period was accompanied by an intimate act without remedies,before applying "Evry" it is necessary to verify the absence of the fact of pregnancy.

contraceptive patch evra reviews

The manufacturer pays special attention to the fact that the patch does not apply during breastfeeding. This is due to the ability of the active components to penetrate into different tissues and fluids, including milk, which can negatively affect the hormonal background of the child’s body.

Difficult situations

If a woman has undergone an abortion for periods up to and including 12 weeks, a specialized hormone patch can be started on the day of the medical intervention. But if five days or more has passed, then the beginning of the application of Evra is the first day of the new menstrual cycle. If the gestation at the time of abortion exceeds 12 weeks, it is allowed to use the contraceptive only after a full four weeks from the moment of intervention.

The manufacturer warns that in the first three months of using the drug there is a chance of a brown tint. In the case when such a symptom is observed three months after the start of the use of contraceptives, it would be reasonable to seek help from a doctor to find out the reasons.

If on the day when it was necessary to replace the plaster, this was not done, and the delay was less than 48 hours, it is necessary to return to the usual cycle as soon as possible by changing the product to a fresh one. There is no danger of becoming pregnant during this time period. But if, after the withdrawal bleeding, the new patch was not glued on the day it was set, it is necessary to fix the date from which the new period of use begins. The first week after this point, use additional ways to prevent pregnancy during intercourse.

Are there any side effects?

In the opinion of doctors, the Evra plaster can trigger an increase in pressure. In some cases, with increased sensitivity of the skin, women suffer from irritation at the point of attachment. When the patch is used for the first time, there is a chance of nausea at first.

The reviews contain references to the possibility of headaches. The manufacturer assures that this happens only at the very beginning of the use of the drug, but using the medication they note that the discomfort is sometimes quite protracted.

evra plaster doctors reviews

Doctors warn that the described method of hormonal contraception may increase the risk of thrombosis. There is a chance that blood density will increase under the influence of components entering the body.

What is important, the patch in no way can protect a woman from sexually transmitted diseases, so in general it is recommended to combine hormonal contraceptives and barrier contraceptives.

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