Contactless ignition of VAZ-2106, VAZ-2107: scheme

The subject of the article is contactless ignition of domestic cars. But in order to understand the principle of the functioning of this system, it is necessary to find out what preceded this construction. And if more precisely, what systems were up to contactless. And there were several, so in short, you need to consider each. And you need to start from the very first - contact.

Contact ignition system

contactless ignition

The oldest design, which is currently not used in the automotive industry. True, the contactless ignition circuit is also outdated, it can only be found on scooters and motoblocks. But most of the cars equipped with a carburetor fuel injection system, it is precisely contactless ignition. But it is worth talking about the contact. In it, the primary node is the distributor in which the breaker is installed.

The breaker has a small size, is used to open and close the circuit supplying the coil.The disadvantages are that a spark gap is formed. Unfortunately, no arc suppression system is provided. And despite the low value of the voltage flowing through the contacts, they quickly become covered with soot. There is also a spring force, due to which contacts are gradually erased. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary not only to change this node, but also to make its adjustment.

Contact transistor

contactless ignition circuit

This design is already a little better. Of course, the contactless ignition of the VAZ-2106 is built a little differently. The system uses the same breaker, driven by the eccentric axis of the distributor. But there is a small nuance - low voltage switching occurs. For comparison: in the previous construction, 12 volts are switched, and in this no more than two. The system has not received wide distribution, although it is more perfect. Manages to get rid of the burning of the contact group.

But the main drawback remained - mechanical wear. The circuit breaker supplies a low voltage to an electronic switch made on a semiconductor transistor. The latter switches high voltage and current.Of course, now someone decides that it is possible to adapt a conventional relay for this purpose. But immediately it is necessary to dispel all dreams - it can not be installed here. The reason for this is the high frequency of the breaker. Electromagnetic relay cannot provide reliable switching.

Contactless system

contactless ignition of the VAZ 2106

And now you need to talk about what advantages contactless ignition of 2106 and other classic models has. First, it can be installed on any engine with a carburetor injection system. Secondly, there is the possibility of increasing power and stability. Thirdly, there is no need for constant adjustments and monitoring of the ignition system of the car. Perhaps, only these main advantages are enough for your choice to fall on such a structure. In addition, no rework is required. It is only necessary to replace all components with new ones adapted to your car. The installation will be described below.

Hall Sensor

contactless ignition of VAZ

This is one of the main elements that make up the BSZ. It plays a key role, since it is with its help that a signal is sent to the control system.All engine cylinders operate synchronously, the voltage on the electrodes of the candles must be submitted in a timely manner. And the moment when it is necessary to work out the next portion of high voltage is determined by the Hall sensor.

Perhaps this is one of the few readers that are installed in carburetor engines. Mounted Hall sensor in the housing distributor. It controls the movement of a cylindrical metal plate fixed to the axis of the distributor. It has four petals of the same size and shape. If simpler to put it, the Hall sensor "sees" the presence or absence of metal in the area of ​​its action.


contactless ignition 2106

The second main element is an electronic switch. It is used to amplify the signal from the Hall sensor to the operating value. At the output, a signal is formed, amplified to such an extent that it suffices to excite the primary winding of the ignition coil. It would seem that a simple contactless ignition scheme is complicated by the switch. But not everything is so bad in reality. Of course, if this component suddenly fails, the car will work unstable at best.At worst, it will stop winding up.

It is useless to repair it, since the case is filled with epoxy resin, the outside is enclosed in a plastic case, and there is an aluminum radiator at the back. And if suddenly a switch fails on your way, then you need to buy a new one. As an option - always have with you a device that mimics the operation of the switch and the Hall sensor. True, they will manage to accelerate to a maximum of 90 km / h, but you can get to the nearest service or auto parts store without problems.

Ignition coil and other elements

It is in the contactless system is somewhat different from the one used in the classical. The reason is a different value of the secondary voltage. So, when operating an internal combustion engine with a contact (including contact-transistor) ignition system, 25-30 thousand volts are required for the formation of a spark gap. But in a contactless system you need to generate over 30 kV, sometimes even up to 40 kV. Consequently, a greater number of turns is necessary in the secondary winding.

The remaining elements are completely similar in all three of the above structures.Armored wire connecting all high-voltage circuits, you choose. They can be both in silicone and in rubber sheath. Contactless ignition 2107 can work with any high-voltage wires recommended by the manufacturer. Candles must be used those recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, you can again choose the brand yourself.

Installation of the system on the VAZ 2106-2107

contactless ignition 2107

And now a few words about how to make the transition from the contact ignition system to BSZ. In fact, nothing is simpler, just buy a new distributor, switch and connecting wires in the store. And all these items are sold as a set. And along with them comes a small sheet that shows the wiring diagram of all components. You just have to read the brief instructions and make the installation.

Attach the switch to the body with two self-tapping screws. If you wish, you can weld two studs, so that later the replacement is carried out faster. Instead of the old distributor, put a new one. Also replace the coil. Armored wire connect to the cover. The switch must be connected to the ignition lock.And more specifically, with the conclusion on which the voltage appears when the key is turned. Connect the Hall sensor with the switch, from the last wire throw on the output of the primary winding of the coil.


That's all, now you know what contactless ignition of VAZ-2106 and similar models is, how it differs from previous systems. Even the rules for installing the car studied.

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