Congratulations on the Day of the officer: beautiful examples

The officers are the pride of the country. Therefore, they are more than worthy of celebrating their own holiday. In Russia it appeared not so long ago, but year after year this celebration becomes more and more popular.officer's congratulationsThe date was elected on August 21. To say congratulations on the Day of the officer personally or to write in a postcard - to make it pleasant for a person who performs such a responsible and necessary duty.

our pride

The universal text (for any age and officer rank) may be as follows.

"The word" officer "inspires pride. This is a person who has decided to devote his life to protecting the Fatherland. You are always collected, accurate, you can make difficult decisions in a short time. In our sometimes chaotic and chaotic life you bring order and organization. have good health, pass on their experience to new generations of servicemen. "

The envy of girlfriends

Congratulations on the following content will be useful for the officers who are waiting for the ladies.

"Ordinary girls and wives claim that the suit is very good for men. But the spouses of officers know how beautiful the military uniform looks! You are assigned a far more responsible mission, because you are not only husbands, sons, brothers and fathers of those who rely on your help, support and protection. The officer must take care of the whole country. I wish that strength, intelligence and experience never failed in difficult situations tions, and combat skills had to be demonstrated only at exercises! "

Dear father

Officer daughters can congratulate their fathers with these words.

"They say that girls often look for a chosen one who would remind them of their father. For me this task will not be easy, because my dad is an officer!congratulations on the day of the officer of RussiaHe is patient, that my mother and I checked more than once, sometimes stern, but still fair, reticent, but his eyes say much more. In the bosom of the family, they are filled with love and tenderness, thanks to his care, I always felt protected from harm and adversity. Finding someone like you, Dad, is difficult, but I think I'm lucky! I want to wish you to remain as loving, wise at home and collected, reliable in the service! "

My protector

Usually the sisters are very proud if their brother chooses the officer service. Congratulate your beloved brother as follows.

"To say congratulations on the officer's day is exciting, but very honorable! Especially when there is something close and intimate for you. Today I congratulate my brother on his professional holiday. When the girls dreamed of an older brother, I had a younger But over the years he has turned into a real protector, thanks to which any difficulties will surely be overcome. May you always be as strong and courageous! "

Our business is service

The officers congratulate each other on their professional holiday with the warmest and most sincere words. After all, they themselves know this service from the inside. Approximate text can be made as follows.

"Not all of us dreamed of being a military since childhood. Tastes, interests, characters ... We are very different, but once something common changed the usual course of life. Young guys, strengthening their spirit and willpower, became men and understood who you really want to become. Today we are officers, and on this day I would like to wish everyone who has chosen this profession,to be just as purposeful, not to give up under the weight of circumstances and difficulties, and always return to a cozy warm home, where the family will help recuperate and give care! "

Simple words

Universal congratulation may be so.

"We prepared our congratulations on the officer's day in prose, because there are a lot of words that I want to say. You perfectly combine severity, assertiveness, purposefulness and tenderness, warmth, care. We wish the service to be not only a duty, but also a favorite for pleasure. May frequent separation always mean a quick meeting! Know that the family is proud of you! "

Our future

Such congratulations will be suitable as parting wishes from young experienced officers from more experienced colleagues.

"Someone counts the days before the demob, dreaming of returning to a citizen, to continue the suddenly interrupted course of life.congratulations on the day of the officer in proseBut among the still young, inexperienced soldiers, there are those who consciously took this path. For them, the army is only a stage, a step that will bring them closer to a proud title — an officer! Let the aspirations of the young guys will certainly lead to the desired result, and we will make every effort to educate these men in them.This congratulation on the Day of the officer should remind how much our work means. Service to the country was and will be a noble cause! "

Happy birthday to the male officer

The following selection will help to formulate a greeting, which will be pleasant to hear for real officers.

"Your profession requires composure and organization. But today there is a reason to relax a little. We congratulate our beloved officer on his birthday and wish him restraint, strength and health. Let them help to continue to serve, and the family will always support in difficult times!"

"Today we say congratulations to the officer! Happy birthday to you! We wish you good service, a lot of health, more reasons for joy! Never forget about friends and relatives, because for them you are more than an officer and a defender!"

congratulations on the birthday of a male officer

"Today is an important day not only for you, but for our whole family, as we celebrate the birthday of a special person. Life is largely determined by the chosen profession. We are proud that you have become an officer! We wish to educate and train a new generation of worthy defenders of the country! "

It would be wonderful if on such a solemn day all officers were traditionally honored, who give a feeling of calm for our country!

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